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Will we ever get a new prime mod?



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Primed ammo stock and primed sniper ammo mutation came out less than a year ago.  I think it is going to be harder to push out newer primed mods given the pool of potential candidates is constantly being whittled down but having alternatives like the Archon mods or Galvanized mods has provided a nice different style of modding than just equipping primed mod over regular mod to see bigger number.


Hard to tell what the next primed mod will be but I am sure there is something out there that could use a primed version.

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5 hours ago, quxier said:

This & I wish to get "Prime short roll". Maybe Natural talent ver. prime.


I like the shortened roll animation from Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and +Parkour Velocity upgrades (Arcane Consequence, Amber archon shards, etc), but the fact that they increase roll distance as well is just... silly. I just want to do a quick short reposition, not to break the sound barrier and end up on the other side of the map 😭

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