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Entry 5 - Dec 5/2013 Quick Update

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Do you guys think the loss of Steve's beard will impact the future development of Warframe?


On a more serious note, I'm looking forward to everything else in the next big update, I wonder if the Grineer jungle troops will have appropriate camo (and have Grineer melee units swinging from each tree).


I also wonder if we'll be seeing more "ranged" attacks from melee weapons soon.

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Looking at this as well - brutal FPS - will fix.


tried again after hotfix: 


Hotfix 11.2.1:


- Fixed issues where FPS would deteriorate in long missions due to lingering ammo pickups & drops.


fps probs def NOT fixed: 



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speaking of grineer, have you guys added the NON arid evisorators yet? theyre the only ones i have left to scan but i never find em. Even on high grineer alert misssions. Idk if its a bug but they seemed to be everywhere before U11. Please fix this so i can complete my codex.

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And i just wondered if there is ever going to be another entry in the Developers Workshop. Totaly missed this one two days ago.


I doubt you read this, but i hope you didn't excluded any gameplay changes you want to throw in the game with the update (ala the Stamina system), we should be alarmed about these beforehand. Just a friendly reminder.


So let's go by what you indicated.


- New Warframe: Will that be the undamaged version of Valkyr? I think you should throw something in the game quickly since it's a bit of a lore hole for her original not to be present. Will you ever adress how there can be hundreds of Valkyrs running around if there is only one escaped experiment according to the lore?


- New event: I hope you really didn't made it another extermination event. Running the same extermination missions over and over and over is NOT FUN. Even with the price carrot dangling infront of our faces.


- Network Optimization: Talking about connections. When will we ever get the option to either host an online mission or automatically join one? Don't know how it's on the US regions, but on europe every second mission i get thrown in is a massive lagfest, despite having switched to not joining games over 150 MS. I like playing with randoms, but when joining public games gets laggy like that trice in a row, i'd like to have the option to host rather than randomly join.


-Formad Slot Order Problem: Nice that this is being looked in. I'm currently sitting on a pile of 20 forma because of having expected problems like these to happen. Perhaps i finaly use a few (or not, leveling weapons again seems to be a bit too much pain for that little gain).


- Firing modes? Are they going to be mods you slap in weapons or new key biddings that allow us to switch between them? Because i'd like to remind you that the mod oversaturation is allready going out of hands (useless blocking mods for example) and that mod slots in experienced player builds are allready tight roped by builds that are necessary to play your game with a certain amount of fun (or less frustration when you send us 3 level 50 alerts in a row).

So if they are mods, maybe create an extra mod slot like the auras on Warframes. No points required but allowing different functionalities.

If they don't force us to waste mod points, i'm happy to see them.


- Multiple Resource drones? Sounds like farming in Warframe gets a whole new meaning ha.


- Expansion of the Gas Mining Facilities? Well Jupiter is a freaking huge planet, so having only a string of a few missions was always odd. Interested in what you come up with.


- Hope you will add some diversity in the invasion mode. As i said, running exterminations over and over and exausting and not fun. Allies or not. Would be cool if we could later assists some of these neutral colonist you mentiod in the last lifestream. These guys should finaly have an appearance in game.


- Vay Hek redesign? Well consider me interested. I hope you gave him a combat style similar to Trinity, seeing how Ruk became a Grineer mirror version of Ember. Just hope you kept his shotgun. Oh and don't overly buff him just because veterans will be able to kill him in 3 seconds. These guys can kill Ambulas the same way.


- You look okay shaved, Scott looks a bit weird without his (no offense), but yeah trimming mishaps can be annoying.


- HUD rework? Well about time. Old one is okay, but it really could need improvement. Since it still looks very placeholderish.


- Well good to hear you keep reworking the damage system. Some weapons who allready suffered in the old system are even more unusuable now. Buff melee weapons in general. Just saying, they need to be more important if you use them as one of the visual selling points of the game.


- Training section in codex? I hope you make it so that players will be automatically guided to that part after finishing the tutorial... maybe even before they have to chose one fo the starting frame. The tutorial popup is definetly not enough to inform players on what awaits them with these three.


- Well the ability mod drop has gotten better over time. I remember how i constantly got 30 Mind Controll mods in a row. But yeah could improve more.


- Improvements in melee system? Well like i said, i hope you guys boost the damage a lot more, these things need to feel rewarding, instead of frustrating us by having to spam the "e" key over and over. The best animation and style fall flat when they don't give us anything but being exposed to enemy fire for a lot long.

Maybe being finaly able to switch to them directly (with the "e" key being for quick unstyled strikes) and holding charge attacks until we release them manualy could be a nice change aswell. Either way, here is hoping the damn thing will become more usefull.


- Crazy new movement mode? If it might be a bust. DON'T MENTIOD IT!

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Guest Shibboleet

tried again after hotfix: 



fps probs def NOT fixed: 




Adding to this: Since auto resource clearing is not fixing the lag issue, could the resources be permanently on the ground until picked up again? During this run I was using the Soma with an ammo mutation and the ammo was so sparse that it made the weapon not viable unless I decided to bring 200 ammo boxes (I even ran out of Brakk ammo ;_;.

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New movement..hmm..

We already have slides, walljumps and stuff...

Maybe ceiling walking? D:

Frames that were in long ago poll:

Antymatter - Nova released

Necromancer - Nekros released

Berserker - Valkyr released

Hawk - ?

Earth type - ?


I guess since thet keep releasing Warframes that were in long ago Poll, we will get either Hawk or Earth guy.


If Hawk - we ll get floating\soaring I guess (Helions I am coming for you), Earth guy - burrowing or gravity alterations so you can make walls or celings your floor (very unlikely thou given that we have outdoors maps).


I would say grappling-hook, but seems like Valkyr got all the cookies with that.

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a new warframe?! awsome but kinda early, stil going with valkyr

I'm hoping it's not an actual frame. All the recent frames (Valkyr especially) need work. A "berserker" frame has NOT been released. She's far from a berserker. I hope they fix her.

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Not the beard!


No worries. I will not trim my beard, in loving memory of your beard.




Thanks for updating us on all these new cool things. a new warframe? certainly you're just pulling our leg rite? it's too soon for that imo. (however, I'll welcome it with open arms and an open heart if true.) I loved the Day of the Dead skin pack for weapons and I will look forward to new weapon skins as well.


also very happy that the damage model 2.0 is still being worked on. good to know that its not something you guys implemented, and are now, just leaving it in a corner. this is why I love you guys. good job.


and I certainly cant wait for the new melee combo system. hoping this makes 11.5 as I so want to *Hate* on some infested right now.


see what I did there.


anyways. thanks again. keep up the self-less work.

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