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annnnnnd the stats suck. cool. 14 impact then 1 for the other stats. there you go guys, enjoy this impact only weapon yay. 


The non-Wraith counterpart was primarily Impact damage anyhow, with the same overall damage - just a slightly different spread. I'm still excited to get my own pair - they're gorgeous, and are even more crit-happy than the original. =D

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i hope patch in wednesday will include these:


fix for crits not working for clients.

fix for immortal skins for client.

fix for scoliac's range during invisibility.


am i asking too much?

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for the next Hotfix i want to see this written:


- Jungle Maps on Earth Now available!!!!



- AI's Gun Shooting after the AI is dead.

- (Like every other Hotfix for the last 3) Fixed instances of giant fog/gas clouds appearing in main menu.



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