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Update 14: The Mad Cephalon


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New UI is way too bright lots of white on white or light grey in a ship that has a lot of white and light grey, too many "clear" backgrounds makes thing hard to read. The chat window in certain views turns invisible cause of the "clear" background. Let me turn off the AI in the ship, he is already annoying after spending just 30 min in there. The UI itself needs a complete layout restructuring so things are intuitive, info that has been removed like total component number in foundry need to be put back in. It been said before this is very flashy and arty but its very poor UI design. It actually gives me a headache to use it for too long. I don't mean to hurt feeling but you REALLY need to hire a new UI designer. This is the second UI failure in a row.I still don't like the new HUD we got a few updates back. UI should be easy and intuitive, it really doesn't matter how flashy they are, info should be laid out so related things are easy to find and close enough to make for easy linking of that info. If you can remove steps to get to a window or group things that work then do it, this new UI is scattered all over the place. The Navigation screen nothing is labeled, you don't know what planet is what without hovering, the nodes you don't know if they are Grineer, Corpus or infested without hovering. Also finding alerts is a pain in the butt, why would you remove the one click to bring up an alert feature???? Or the invasion readouts??? This UI needs less flash and more functionally badly.


Everything else good job, its a little buggy but as to be expected of an update this big.

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Ohoho, this is the BIG update I was waiting for! I admit, I didn't expect it all to come at once! The Hysteria re-work, Player Ships, and FREAKIN' KUBROWS?


Frankly I expected all three of those things over a long, drawn out process of patches and hotfixes, but you dropped them all at once.


This is my Christmas in July...!

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Thank you DE, I've genuinely lost all interest to play this game now.

With every new update, all I see if the devs unnecessarily overhyping things. Nothing but a bunch of empty words.


Also sick and tired of your business practices as well.


Good bye.

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I'm not trying to be a jerk, please do not take this baddly.

I did liked the update in parts, the new animations, the new colours, missons, warframe, and the idea of having a pet is awesome,

but there is one thing that is confuising and boring me, making the game not enjoyable, Is this new layout, the idea of you having to walk from one side of the ship to the other only to change the frame you using makes me sad. In the market and in the forge is hard to see the firts itens, because the shoulder of your frame is in the way, imagine if you have a edo armo on, harder....
Please guys, i don't know whom, But someone bring back the old layout, It was pretty and easy to use, easy to see the planets, just beatiful....

Thank you 

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I recently went on the Forma alert and realised I had my Hobbled Key and decided to abort, however after that the alert disappeared. Is this a new design choice? I've never faced it before. 


Edit: the alert came back on after a while. Posted hastily. sorry

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Minor issue: There appears to be a white highlight in basically every Energy-colored effect, like Melee Channeling or abilities.

Could this please be reverted? It makes even the blood reds from the Halloween pack look pink, which was exactly why I stopped using the Saturated pack for red energy.

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Here, have a complete review:


Things that are great:

-More established tenno lore, individual player spaces that define how tenno exist currently, simple things like that.

-Minor AI fixes to enemy individuals and groups, making stealth more viable and appealing, at least solo.

-Reworked, actiony prologue, great for new players, allowing them to test various weapons before choosing

-New Content, warframe, weapons, companion and quests

-insanely shiny new graphic user interface, entire reworking of the main menu.


Things that are not:

EDIT*: Other Players tenno turning into wierd holograms.

-Not allowing established players to keep prologue items, including the chosen starter frame and weapons, not even as a gift :c

-Melee weapons still not identified or classified in market to match up to found stances, something so small but so important. As a new player I made the mistake of buying the obex for a 'fists' type stance, the first stance I found, and was severely displeased that they wouldnt accept it.

-The massive lens flare from the tenno ship cockpit. Ow. My eyes.

-Minor movement bugs that have been around not getting fixed, getting caught on tiny ledges, corners and things

-Other, less than minor movement problems like the transitions into wall runs, being very tempermental and harder than before to pull off.

-Loki no longer offered as a starting frame, shifting gameplay focus from stealth potential to crowd control.

-As much as I hate to say it: the various game bugs and glitches. Something this big shouldn't have been dangled in front of the playerbase as long as it seemingly was. I only have 111 gameplay hours and the first time I saw region chat people were talking about waiting for the update. As such it should be tested and tested and tested a million times over before being released, but I can understand pressure, and it was quite the update for a pressured job.


Things that Id like to see fixed/changed soonest:

-Oh god that lens flare, I /do/ want to enjoy the view Ordis, I just can't though.

-Those melee weapons categorized, for the sake of new players.

-Upgrade screen within the arsenal /really/ needs some concaving, I can hardly see my mods all the way to the left.

-Enemies dropping ablility mods for frames I dont have. Oh god, so many abilities for frames I dont have, and none dropping for the ones I do. Please reverse this. Please.

-Options for 'space radio' because we want to hear corpus comms too.

-Much, MUCH more instruction for new players, specifically between quests and in the tenno ship.

EDIT* While the wierd tenno holograms do make other players more visible, this could have been acheived with something less obtrusive. It's strange and sticks out too much.

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The update is pretty cool, but I'm not sure about the UI. It feels more like a tech demo that has removed pertinent information and some usability in favor of flashiness. Kind of like smashing Win8's Metro together with Borderlands 2 or UT3's Scaleform UI.


When viewing mods, your Warframe obscures the image, but not the border of leftmost cards. So you get a framed silhouette of your Warframe instead of the text or image of the mod card. Also, having to move my mouse around to see all of the UI isn't great either.


I had no clue where the "Leave squad" button was until I opened the main menu several times and ran my cursor over random parts of the screen.


The mission difficulty branch is gone. Now, Vor's assassination and the former first mission, Terminus, are almost side by side. You have to hover over them to get the difficulty level. (This is like when the Squad counts were made to be mousehover-only).


Just what do blinking sectors mean? I've completed them, but they still blink and the "locked" sectors don't unlock. Also, perhaps I missed it in the patch notes, but I can only access about 3-4 planets now and they aren't even connected. I had the entire system finished prior. (Might be that temporary progression bugfix I read about earlier).


The tall, sans serif font used in pretty much everything makes the UI look stretched vertically. Additionally, there's something about the UI in general that makes it look like a stretched image instead of generated gradients for each resolution/aspect ratio.


The UI animations look like they were meant to be viewed at a slower speed, but were sped up to keep the UI from feeling sluggish. I think they look choppy or unnecessary.


Submenus, slide ins, and popups everywhere. If I'm supposed to be a space ninja, why is it difficult to see the information I want all at once?


Building items in the Foundry still freezes, pops, and flickers the item UI elements. Is the issue in the engine code and not the UI then? Because this is what appears to be a complete overhaul and the issue still remains.


Resizing Aresnal UI elements is rather unnecessary. I don't see a reason for it to expand vertically. If anything, it should expand or shift horizontally to indicate selection. That'd help eliminate clicking the same item twice because, surprise, the previous entry is now bigger.


Removing the close button on the login screen. What? Granted, it was patched right back in, but, seriously?


Alerts appear and disappear at random even if they're still live on both the navigation console and solar system view.


Bouncy squad member status notifications in game. I'm not digging the social media-ness of it.


New Tutorial was pretty cool.

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The old UI was much more usefull, all data on screen, maybe some problem connected with lag but acceptable. Now, maybe nice x eyes, but really a chaos, menus xbox-like, old like preistoric and far away from to be userfriendly. If I want to do fusion than we are at very ridiculous......  I got thousand mods and I can see them a row at time......  are you kidding me?

Why do not keep the old interface and make the new personal tenno spacecraft approachable like dojo (but without a key)?

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