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Update 14: The Mad Cephalon


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First thing I notice - new login ui but I still can't navigate within my password/name using the mouse cursor, if you click the box, cursor appears at the end so you have to navigate with your arrows if you want to fix some typo, whatever... Nothing world-crashing glitch but I still find it strange since you can do it in any other program's similar interfaces. Does DE hate mouse?


Also the fact that you cannot quit from the login screen anymore - no close button. You can still do it from the task manager but...

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Signs noone at DE wants to do this:


Update 14 status update.

With so many people downloading the new update the servers are getting overloaded.

Many players are experiencing lag, drop-outs and the inabilty to loggin.

We ask players to please be patient while we work hard to fix the problems, and apologise for any inconveniens.



Not being from DE this is all the information I can you give you at this time.

Edit: My explinations may be wrong.

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Hate this update so far.  I have yet to be able to login.  Yes, same credentials used to login in here.  Was working perfectly with no problems last night.  Checked and rechecked my info character for character about 20 times now and it keeps giving me the same check your info nonsense.  I did get to the choice screen ONCE but after I made my selection it kicked me back to login and giving me the same check your info nonsense.  Very irritated...


My alias...well, game wouldn't let have any Col Mustard variant which have been my handles since 2004... I put this in originally cause I was mad thinking it wouldn't take it but, decided to keep it as it reflects my opinion well about such a stupid limitation, especially on a name/handle I've been using for 10 years; I HATE, HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE making names devs!!



Ummm... did you guys forget the close button on the login screen? 8)

yes they did forget about exit game lol

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New toys, New Tenno, New Puppies, Fixes,

Changes, Ships, Quests, Tweaks…  So much to enjoy now.


DE thanks for burning the midnight oil WELL into the next day

Just to pump out this Freshness.  Seriously.  You All Kick Serious Axe.

I’m gonna go Jump in and Quest my little Tenno heart out.

So again Thank you DE, for making my Day Junk-Punch free.

Now please.  ENJOY some Well earned Bet time, sleep VARY WELL.

And I hope each and every one of you Find no less than 20$ in your pants pockets

Have a Prime Weekend.



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Minus booster running and cnat play what about extractors you have over planets you now cant access (Before update was at 239/239 solar chart) if they die do we get them back?

You got a point... i have 3 distiller running ... at 150 oxium each ... would be bad if they "die"...

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Thanks for the updated and all the effort you put into it.  Remember in futuer to tell us its a week later than you think it actually will be to avoid those "sleep under the desk development" stages.


Fixed a movement exploit where you can wall run up/slide/wall run up indefinitely.

Does this mean you can no longer get up walls this way as it was great for getting up those last few feet, or if you were hanging half in the air above the ledge, or you can only do the slide/climb until you run out of stamina?

As it would be a pity because it is a functional tool, just like coptering was originally a exploit.  If you can do it until stamina runs out thats fine though.

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Dear DE,






Seriously, this update is huge! True Tenno veterans know big updates take awhile to truly implement 100%. Veteran gamers know patch day is always crazy, people that expect massive updates to work seamlessly are well impractical. So... keep up the great work guys & gals, we know y'all are working hard.




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