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Hotfix 14.7.4


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- Fixed buffs not being applied correctly to weapons with damage falloff (i.e. Shotguns). Fixes amount of damage dealt at the extent of the weapon's range. Before, damage dealt at maximum falloff range was not considering Mods like Blaze and Point Blank. After, it will now consider these mod buffs in the damage value at maximum falloff range. 
- Fixed extra Lotus transmissions playing/repeating after bleeding out and switching to spectator mode.
- Fixed multi-shot mods causing Buzlok to fire an extra homing beacon.
- Fixed Buzlok's homing beacon firing from wrong position when using scope sights.
- Fixed Atterax not animating when viewed in the arsenal.
- Fixed Vor being susceptible to Mind Control when encountered in Void T4 missions.
- Fixed incorrect backdrop appearing in opening cinematic when launching Gate Crash mission.
- Fixed instances of blue steam jets that were appearing in some Derelict rooms.
- Fixed Team Health Restores not functioning properly when deployed on a moving object.
- Fixed Vauban's Bounce and Vortex appearing with default energy colour for clients.
- Fixed some missing Bounce FX on clients.
- Optimized visual effects on Vauban's Tesla grenades for lower end hardware.
- Fixed enemy bodies contorting when killed inside/near Void Portal in Gate Crash missions.
- Fixed objects from adjacent rooms protruding through walls in Gate Crash/Orokin Derelict tileset.
- Fixed several gameplay crashes.

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