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Hotfix 17.5.4




  • Reduced the scale of the Juggernaut so he can squeeze through tight spaces a little easier!
  • Removed 'the floppy bacon' behaviour of the Prime Pyra Syandana and improved physics on the Yamako Prime Scarf to be more 'metal' than 'cloth'.  
  • Renamed Secondary Weapon Conclave Mod from HIGH NOON to SHOWDOWN so it doesn't conflict with the Redeemer Stance.
  • Various sound tweaks and fixes for Corpus Modular enemies.
  • Difficulty tweaks to Archwing Interception: Reduced overall enemy count, tweaked enemy spec to cap max simultaneous count and spawn chance of various units.
  • Various lighting tweaks and polish passes on PBR Void.
  • Removed Juggernaut spawns from Jordas Golem bossfight.



  • Fixed enemies not doing anything in Defense missions.
  • Fixed Spawning issues in Exterminate missions.
  • Fixed Chroma and Equinox's Energy colour not properly affecting states in PvP matches.
  • Fixed Sonicor projectiles detonating from inside the wall of a Snowglobe.
  • Fixed the healthbars over enemies setting not saving your preference between logins.
  • Fixed the Stug primary fire shooting continuously and not using ammo.
  • Fixed uncharged Stug shots doing the same damage as fully charged when upgraded with multishot mods.
  • Fixed a progression stopper that could occur in Corpus Outpost Mobile Defense alert missions due to wrong level being used.
  • Fixed the Ack & Brunt slide attack not scaling the model while equipped.
  • Fixed the wrong quest diorama appearing upon completion of the Jordas Precept.
  • Fixed further issues with people unable to access the Jordas Precept quest.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


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DE, many people have expressed their dislike for chroma's ultimate effigy energy drain. The ultimate drains far too much for what it does. Do you have any plans to fix this and reduce the energy cost?

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