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Devstream #68 Overview


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Baro Ki'Teer

• Baro will return on PC next week


Banshee Deluxe Skin

• Coming soon

• Will not be packaged with 18.5, it might be right before or right after



Kela De Thaym

• Revamped boss fight is in full production

• Highly mobile fighter

• Is the next boss fight, release date is U19

• Click
to see many of Kela's new animations


New Warframe

• Releasing in U18.5

• Mysterious image shown to hint at its theme

• Judging by the reactions to Twitch chat, it seems the theme might be Egypt/mummy




• Kavats will offer more utility than Kubrow's pure damage

• Certain Kubrow mods, like Sanctuary, that offer utility will be shared between Kavats and Kubrows

• Some of the more aggressive Kubrow mods will not be usable by Kavats

• There are two main breeds in development: cheshire and mirror

• The cheshire cat will offer luck based powers, like occassionally instantly reloading your weapon at no cost

• The mirror breed will create weak points in enemies and possibly reflect enemy bullets back at them

• For Kavats and Kubrows you will be able to keep them as puppy/kittens if you wish


Starchart Revamp/New Player Experience

• Steve has a solid foundation now for the Starchart revamp

• There's been a lot of thought put into the new player experience, and how the Starchart can help it

• Fusion will be simplified - you will *only* be able to rank mods up with Fusion Cores

• You will be able to convert duplicate Mods into Fusion Cores, so you can still use those to rank up mods


Mission Changes

• Excavation is not going to be touched at the moment, despite the recent controversy from Glenn's testing

• Other mission types will updated to be more appealing

• Exterminate is getting updated to minimize backtracking for enemies - now the minimap marker will track the enemy furthest from the exit


Sabotage 2.0

• The next mission type to get revamped

• There are multiple ways to complete the missions, including stealth, brute force, or defensive

• The outcomes and how you escape is based on the method you choose to sabotage the ship

• Environmental hazards will be imposed based on the sabotage method

• Read more about it in the Dev Workshop post

• Click
to see Rebecca test out the new mission type


New Helmets

•  New helmets have been designed for Wukong, Nezha, and Atlas



Saryn Prime Access

• Nikana Prime and Spira Prime are part of the Saryn Prime Access


The Rest

• Enemy markers on the map will be updated to show enemy facing and change state based on enemy awareness

• In the next update, you will be able to purchase up to 5 additional loadout slots for 20p each

• Archwing racing and PVP content has been discussed, and probably will happen at some point

• Nyx Statue will be available for order in the merch store in late Spring

• Shadow Debt on consoles is still in development, it's not ready to be sent for cert

• Steam Workshop round 2 concludes Feb 11

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