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Hotfix 18.4.11


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  • Changes have been made to Exterminate mini-map enemy markers to always show the enemy furthest from the objective to prevent excessive backtracking.
  • Increased the Divine Will Razorback's trigger volume in the boss arena to activate when all players enter the room instead of just within the four pillars.
  • A message will now be shown to indicate when a G3/Zanuka/Stalker 'bait/mark' can not be used in a mission.
  • Changed the description and names of Baro's 'Mark' items to better indicate their purpose and usability. They are now called Beacons.
  • Slightly tweaked the 'Ship Lockdown' logic in Divine Will to only lockdown doors that are between the player that activated the lockdown and the boss arena rather than the whole ship.




  • Fixed players not seeing their daily Focus caps reset right away in-game.
  • Fixed issues with players escaping the level in the Jordas Verdict trial.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shadow Stalker was not being spawned for eligible players who were using Stalker Bait.
  • Fixed an issue with Bursas being stuck on their platforms in the Divine Will Tactical Alert.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when returning to your Landing Craft. 
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