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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 1


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Archwing Changes & Fixes:


  • Stasis mine freeze procs will now be removed when outside of the mine radius and when the mine is destroyed.
  • Adjusted mission timer to compensate for the above change and for slightly increased difficulty.
  • Slightly increased the health of supply ships and orbiters.
  • Fixed an issue with mines clipping into level geometry.
  • Tweaks for mines, beams, shockwaves, and explosion sound effects.


  • Added in a safety time buffer after a host migration occurs so as to allow players to orient themselves properly.

Archwing & Warframe Sale Price Revisions:

Archwing and Warframe items have had their sale points revised to the following:

  • Standard Archings and Warframe = 10,000 Credits
  • Prime Archwings and Warframes = 25,000 Credits
  • Standard Archwing Primary weapons = 500 Credits


  • The Void Fissure sealing process will be aborted should no players in the squad have a Relic equipped, i.e leaving while only having one equipped Relic will close it out.
  • Adjusted the position of the Tenno in the background of the Star Chart.
  • Completed nodes will now connection lines to Solar System shortcuts.
  • Adjusted the timings and maximum amount of repeats for Void Fissure transmissions.
  • Removed the Natah and The Jordas Percept quests from Junctions as these are given out through server rewards.
  • Okina now match polarity of Spinning Needle stance.
  • Improved the way Void Fissure rewards are replicated for Clients after a host migration has occurred.
  • Improved the way the Archwing Pursuit game mode handles host migrations.
  • Adjusted the lighting of the Grineer Forest tilesets.
  • Tweaked the visuals of Void Traces.


  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur if a player attempted to change their holster style after changing their weapon skin.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vor’s Prize Junction task not being properly completed if the player elected to skip it.
  • Fixed an issue with older accounts with Kubrow customizations being unable to login correctly.
  • Fixed a potential loss of functionality that could be encountered by quickly closing the Market before it fully loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with long descriptions of Darvo Deal items preventing their proper purchase.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients not properly receiving their Void Trace bonus when their Void Relic reward.
  • Fixed an issue with Transmutation not always working correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed numerous localizations.
  • Fixed aspect ratio of credits icon in junction rewards.
  • Fixed a display issue that would cause the Star Chart to appear incorrectly when playing with a 21:9 resolution.
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to load into Junctions after meeting the requirements but not having completed the previous node.
  • Fixed an issue with Landing Craft context actions breaking after quickly hitting ESC while a menu was loading.
  • Fixed some incorrect textures found in the Grineer Forest tilesets.
  • Fixed the resolution of Prime Access images in the Market.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a non-replicated avatar (ie. Mirage Clone) was affected by a friendly buff.
  • Fixed missing exit button after completing a Mastery Test in the Relay. 
  • Fixed an issue with Host’s being unable to click Start Timer, Clear Vote, or Leave Squad during a Void Fissure lobby setup.
  • Fixed an issue with Squad UI becoming unresponsive after declining a Void Fissure mission.
  • Fixed a number of lighting issues seen on Dojo art assets.
  • Fixed Ambulas range exploit.
  • Fixed Kavats being bred with missing body parts.
  • Fixed an issue where Kubrows could equip colours to their right leg, causing a script error in the process.
  • Fixed a typo in Meso N2 Relic names.
  • Corrected the type of Dual Kama awarded in the Neo V1 Relic. Should have been a Prime Blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not sell Archwing suits and weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Landing Craft ramp closing while poor Kubrows are Kavatrs were still on them.
  • Fixed an instance of Glaive weapons causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed Conclave offerings not be sortable by type.
  • Fixed a UI overlap that could occur if two players in the same lobby selected two different Void Fissure missions.
  • Fixed a crash related to the usage of Focus abilities.
  • Fixed an issue with players spawning at the starting location of an Archwing mission instead of their last location after a host migration.
  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking not properly working for Void Fissure missions.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects on Kavat kitten interaction animations.
  • Fixed an issue with standard Staff holster animations being paid for and premium holster slots being free.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Void Defense missions not having their proper reward tables.
  • Fixed an issue with other players mini map player markers appearing very pixilated.
  • Fixed an issue with Void Fissure start transmission playing again after a host migration.
  • Fixed an issue with Inaros players entering into pre-death and becoming unable to revive during Specter encounters.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting stuck on the End of Mission screen if ESC was hit during the loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Eternal War augment not properly increasing the duration of the buff and also preventing you from recasting.
  • Fixed a crash related to switching your holster position.
  • Fixed an issue with Chroma Blueprint parts not referencing updated component terminology.



  • Fixed progression blocker due to ramp refusing to budge in Second Dream quest mission
  • Reduced the number of Nullifier and Bombard units spawned during Void Fissure sealing process
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could you fix :

the nullifier spawn rate in fissure battle, it's ridiculous atm

Credit bp hard to find in the market

navigation in market not efficient : all buttons should shown, not only home

how to unlock the new segment. i know it's mars but its because someone told me

simaris lore should show that you need a scanner, not all players have a scanner with them and they need to know that they have to equip one

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