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Update 19: The War Within

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After reading through all the changes and fixes and not seeing this mentioned, I feel safe in saying I found an interesting bug:

The Chroma Drevni Tennogen Skin seems to have been accidentally changed to the Chroma Vojnik Skin. I'll grab a screenshot later if this isn't fixed by the next time I log in, but judging by some of the posts in this thread, DE has bigger things to worry about.

I also kind of prefer the looks of the Vojnik skin, so I'd be okay with this lasting a little longer.


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So I chose to wait for Teshin to reach out, and... nothing is happening. At all.

I see the Kuva Fortress, and I know it will probably move sooner or later. But does anything else actually happen? Because that wouldn't really be a 'big decision early in the quest', that'd just be 'you have one option if you want to progress'.

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в конце как квесты пройти? я ближний бой бить бить урон ноль ни чего не происходит нажимается 5 лазер ни чего, жду ответ

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