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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.4


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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.4

Fire and Ice Vault Relics have been removed from the drop tables and Relic packs and are back in the Vault. Until next time, Tenno! Who knows what the summer will bring? 


  • Added an experimental ‘TAA Sharpen’ slider as a new option under Display. This slider sharpens the image after Temporal Antialiasing! 

Nidus Changes & Fixes:

  • Changed Nidus’ Parasitic Link and Ravenous ability stat description from ‘ADAPTATION STACKS COST’ to ‘MUTATION STACKS COST’.
  • Increased the brightness of both Nidus’ Ravenous Maggot tails and their death FX to improve visibility.
  • Improved Nidus’ Maggot visibility if performance was suffering.
  • Nidus’ Larva will now release an enemy if it fails to ragdoll them within 3 seconds. Before, enemies that were considered ragdoll immune (not including enemies trapped in Bastille) resulted in the inability to cast Larva again due to Larva staying perpetually latched to the enemy.
  • Nidus’ Larva no longer latches enemies trapped in Vauban’s Bastille.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Nidus’ Parasitic Link ability.
  • Fixed Nidus' alternate animation sets displaying placeholder text.
  • Fixed Nidus’ Larva getting destroyed by high damage Quanta alt fire.
  • Fixed being able to heal Defense Targets with Nidus’ Ravenous ability.


  • Banshee’s Echo Helmet (TennoGen) is now untradable, as are all other TennoGen items. This was never intended to be possible. 
  • Changed the default Solar Chart region zoom to Earth instead of Mercury.
  • Codex scanner sounds can now be heard while using Loki’s Invisibility.
  • Loki’s Invisibility will now properly reduce the volume of some background sounds.
  • Improved cloth physics of both the Salix and Winter Solstice Salix Syandana.
  • Reduced volume and cleaned up audio of Synoid Simulor when being used by other players.
  • Removed 'Hasten Coil' from Volt’s Speed ability description as the Hasten Coil was removed awhile back.
  • Invalid Chat item links no longer reset your Chat cooldown in the Trade Channel.

Conclave Changes:

  • Adjusted Charged Javlok throw return to holster time to be the same as its quick throw in Conclave.
  • Increased Nidus’ Virulence width to 3m in Conclave. This also improves the ability to better hit enemies moving through it.

The New Strange Fixes:

  • Fixed crucial progression required mission rewards not being given to players, therefore stopping progression through the quest. A script has gone live with this Hotfix that retroactively administers missing items to those currently unable to progress through The New Strange. To those who were affected by this, please let us know if you are now able to progress through the quest. 
  • Fixed auto progressing through the New Strange quest.

*Please note that we are still investigating a resolution for those that did not receive the End of Mission reward for auto completing The New Strange quest before this Hotfix.

UPDATE: For those of you who are still missing Blueprints for The New Strange, please ensure that the Quest is set as active in your Codex. For those of you who are missing the Signal, this section is still bugged and will be fixed in the next build.  

  • Fixed a crash caused by Equinox’s Metamorphosis ability.
  • Fixed Operators having an “infection” which resulted in a crash and was not intended.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Ash’s Bladestorm ability. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by initiating a Focus ability. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Loki’s Switch Teleport ability. 
  • Fixed an ‘Out of Memory’ script error.
  • Fixed various script errors during a Dedicated Server session.
  • Fixed Secondary Riven Mod Fusion cost being lower than intended.
  • Fixed negative Status Duration from Rivens resulting in infinite status.
  • Fixed negative Ammo Capacity Rivens leading to infinite Ammo.
  • Fixed negative Damage Rivens healing enemies. Also fixes negative Crit Multiplier doing the same.
  • Fixed Status Effects visually (i.e Corrosive green electricity-like substance) lasting forever as a result of having 0% Status Duration. 
  • Fixed bad Grineer face textures in the Tutorial cutscene.
  • Fixed being able to Desecrate friendly Shadows in The Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed incorrect description on Primed Chamber. 
  • Fixed UI-lockup that would occur if you scrolled a busy chat window to the top after it had more than 200 messages scroll by.
  • Fixed various spawning issues with Syndicate Medallions and Rare Containers. 
  • Fixed Kubrows not having their collar automatically equipped after being matured.
  • Fixed Uranus Ariel and Desdemona having incorrect locations set on their nodes.
  • Fixed very fast Volts not building up Static Discharge.
  • Fixed numerous navigation issues in the Orokin Derelict and Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
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Still no fix for Oestrus rotation C reward image?
When we get to rotation C the image displays nidus neuros or systems and we get the chassis instead, please fix that, it's about time.


Thanks for the free soltice skins.

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Hello, DE, I would like to bring you attention to what happens in your game currently:


I'm talking about this:

TL; DR: please make a cure or another way to become immune ASAP. The reasons are the following:

- The ugly-looking Cyst completely ruins carefully hand-picked frame design which was built by player with cosmetics. You basically devaluated cosmetics. 

- When you infect other players your aligment changes towards darkness. And there is no way to prevent/revert this. For players like me, who played quest carefully to get full neutral, this basically devaluates all my effort I put in being neutral aligment. Luckyly for me, I mostly play with my friend, who went full dark, so he infests everyone before I start playing.

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Happy new year Tenno!


Long time no talk it seems! So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are feeling refreshed. So, after a bit of a break myself what am I hoping to see?

I think the ever popular demand is 'a way to remove the Helminth Virus', but I don't think DE would just leave it in circulation with no ability to remove it - what I'm hoping is that when we are able to permanently remove it, it is done in a way that allows us to get something out of it - perhaps we gain a cache of infested resources, perhaps the Infested Room in the orbiter changes in some way - something interactive.

Secondly, maybe see about the little operator bug going on now? Nothing too major just... 

Well, this is disturbing is it not?

Finally, I am still hoping that mutagen sample drops can be buffed, caches for them can be introduced, or the Hema requirements are reduced again - the requirements are understandable with DE's motivation: 'to get clans to work together', but I have seen the opposite, even in my own which I run purely for the benefit of my clan members. Slashing players who don't contribute, getting rid of semi active members, a reluctance to recruit newer players. 

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Happy new year to all you out there!


Actually surprised that Nidus didn't get nerfed, let's hope it stays that way.



You did it Tenno, the ultimate goal has been reached 1 day before its end, well done!

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