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Hotfix 9.2.0


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Vampire mode degeneration cannot kill the player -- lowest health can be is 1%. Must die to enemy fire or other environmental disasters.
Adjusted Vor’s scaling with tweaks to MultiPlayer matches. He should not get higher than rank 54 vs 4 rank 30 players.

Several more tweaks to Vor’s difficulty.

Removed Nightmare mode as an option for Mercury missions.

"/ignore" now stops invites from friends, ignored players will no longer be able to add you as a friend.

Captain Vor’s damage intake is now locked to stages, prevent massive damage from taking him down too fast.





Fixed the Sobek and Torid weapons so that they can be fired when coming out of a sprint.

Fix for account issues if user aborts dojo component having contributed with vault materials.

Fix Nova Drop disappearing for clients.

Fix Volt Shock chains not using correct energy colour.

Fix Volt Speed FX not using correct energy colour.

Fix Null Star not using correct energy colour

Fix for Corrupted Shield Drones not being targeted by Null Star.

Fixed the Glaive and Kestrels charged attacks so that they take into account any power stored in the weapon from mods such as Melee Channel.

Fix to Wormhole's destination offset.

Fixed the Seeker and Seeking Force mods so that their puncture amount increases with each level, instead of every other level.

Fixed clan emblems not appearing properly on Sentinels.

Fixed Corpus laser doors no longer activating after host migration.

Show the ClanHall recipe in UI, so clans can build more than one of these and increase capacity without increasing tier. The intent will be to allow all hall types for all tiers, this is a coming fix, disregard this note for now.

Fix for Sentinels getting into spammy state of ability use after a duel ends.

Fix for Sentinels getting spammy with their abilities as a result of faction changes.

Fix for objective indicator sometimes not appearing in correct location in some levels.

Fix missing up/down stat arrows when you purchase mod packs.

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