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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3

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Plains of Eidolon Sorties are now a string of 3 encounters that must be completed in order to finish the mission.

So we have to spend at least half an hour in order to complete one mission? Lovely. Reduce this to one or two at most please.

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Still no fix for misaligned energy trails on almost all Zaw strikes.

Still no fix for Zaws being unable to use Weapon skins.

Still no fix for Plague Kripath Polearms being unable to hit enemies at point-blank range. 

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What about Deception bug in Grineer Asteroid tileset?? The crew refuse to move after I ordered them to, even after I revived them.

here's the screenshot. This always happened exactly there.


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Why would you move trinity, a far, far more viable team player into a boss that is way more end-game and is item locked?(beacons)

Meanwhile there is the horrible grind of trying to get saryn systems from kela who requires judgement points for which you need to play the arena and you need to be built appropriately. and only then comes Chroma.

But keep them going DE 



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Thanks for all those changes and fixes.
The problem people who are playing Lunaro are having is the delay that has been added being WAY too long.
0.5sec delay before being able to interact with the ball again is too much for a lot of players and as we have written in the feedback section, 0.2sec would be just fine.
Also that check immunity keeps breaking on most people (especially excessive on specific people...)

Delay of 0.5sec is too long for people and 0.2sec is fine.
Immunity is pretty broken and almost everyone hates that.

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