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  1. the landing craft is only the frontmost part of the ship with navigation and the codex and market consoles, everything else is the orbiter. they dock together like this
  2. you think that's phallic? allow me to introduce you to the vay hek sigil, which is literally just a majestic winged dong
  3. you're really reading too deep into this, trying to see what's between the lines when there's nothing there. it's just a swashbuckling song
  4. it's been a year and a half since vauban's rework and people still haven't realized that his flechette orb is a high duration, 360° turret just because it isn't gun-shaped
  5. yes. it's a virtual currency that can't be turned back into real world money, and exists to be spent. what point are you trying to make here?
  6. no, actually. I have a 5k huge platinum hoard from trading, but I've never actually ever spent money on the game
  7. her abilities are themed around illusions, her design, lore, and aesthetics are very much down with the clown. everything ballas says in her prime trailer, the rhyming in her quests' puzzles, the mask motif on all her helmets, the split colours in the middle with her original skin, the abstracted ruff around her neck, the alt helmet literally called harlequin, sleight of hands' icon being a jack in the box, etc. some of us can't justify dropping $7 on a single skin, or more critically, just don't like them all that much
  8. a warframe having skins that adhere to their theme? perish the thought
  9. the rewards are still there, they just don't show up until you formally finish the mission by starting a new one or returning to dry dock. probably a bug
  10. it's just the bonus credit reward from being placed on a dark sector node
  11. yep, checking back on the crewmate that hadn't broke, it's now N/A, same as the others. seems like the timer breaks when you close the game
  12. I think it's actually supposed to count up just so you know how long you've had each crew member, but it's clearly a bit broken at the moment because last I checked, 2/3 of my crew just said N/A instead of 3 days or whatever
  13. if you spent some time actually playing the game instead of writing a romantic novella about a feature that doesn't exist, you'd know that all crew members are permanent
  14. it counts up, not down. just there so you know how long you've had each crew member
  15. lmao, the classic 1984 reference from someone that hasn't even so much as read the wikipedia synopsis. go back to fortnite, little dude, your parents will be mad if they find out you're playing an M rated game
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