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  1. AnGeL_KRoM

    [The Sacrifice] Are The Sentients The Good Guys?

    I also want to exterminate Orokin. They are a nasty mind destroyer civilization. The problem I see here is Hunhow wants to destroy tenno also (as we were created by Orokin). In my opinion, if Hunhow says "ok we wont kill the tenno as they are not like Orokin people", then I wouldnt have any problem against sentients. Even I would ask them for an alliance against grineer and corpus in order to finally give some peace to the solar system. Once that is done, we could start building an honorable civilization in peace, a civilization which doesn't bring ruin in time but sustainability
  2. AnGeL_KRoM

    Natah must Die! (Spoilers)

    She was obviously reformatted. I mean her mind. And I bet Ballas will return as a sentient. Also I bet we will have to rescue Lotus/Margulis' mind in the future
  3. AnGeL_KRoM

    Does Rebbeca Ford leaves Warframe?

    Lol. No. Detach Lotus from real life man.
  4. AnGeL_KRoM

    Next Umbras (Spoilers in comment section)

    yeah, spoilers brother....... and ALL warframes are humans who became warframes, not only umbras. TO THE OP: Please add Spoilers tag to the thread now that Aleksi134 dropped a big one
  5. Operators are REALLY useful. It is not DE´s fault you dont know how to use them.
  6. AnGeL_KRoM

    Man in The Wall Visiting Umbra (Spoilers!)

    Just happened the same to me. Looking forward DE releasing more stuff about the man in the wall.
  7. Through continuity or creating warframes..... orokin were just... mind destroyers. What a nasty civilization. Poor excalibur umbra. Poor warframes in general. So many minds destroyed.... But we, the tenno, will find out how to fix this. We will find out how to bring peace to all warframes, despite they dont have memories. Now I know why I fight here. Now I know what is my purpose in this game. I will fight to honor those people´s sacrifice (I mean people who actually are the warframes). At the end, the system will find peace and also our warframes. I am really bound by honor now.
  8. They did. But not all warframes are getting umbra version.
  9. The new umbra polarity in mods...... they are way stronger (WAY WAY STRONGER) if they are put together. But that polarity is NOT available by placing a forma..... so, for now, it is only available at umbra frames. So I wonder, what is now the point of purchasing a prime access now that primes are about to be weaker than umbras? This is non sense, unless DE is planning some kind of umbra access in the future. EDIT: Or..... maybe umbra formas?
  10. AnGeL_KRoM

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][Possible Spoilers]

    It would be hilarious if Redtext first message was "Sorry..... I was at the toilet. Did I miss something?"
  11. AnGeL_KRoM

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][Possible Spoilers]

    Well it may delay some more minutes. I dont think it will be exactly at 14:00 ET
  12. AnGeL_KRoM

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][Possible Spoilers]

    bcause they are used to release at 14:00 pm (ET)