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  1. Void magic Wukong was released on version: 17.12 Atlas was released on version: 17.2 Nezha was released on version: 18.1 Yes you are right.... sorry I missed Wukong.
  2. Is it time to guess already? yes yes yes yes.... I bet now it is time for 2 males, so according to the release order.... Atlas and Nezha? Atlas and Wukong? <----edited post I wonder how will they look like? By the way, I wish Atlas could cast massive meteors against enemies. It would be damn impressive. I think i had too much coffee today.... Didnt I? Ah?? well sorry for the post, have a good day!! 🤣 P.S.: Just in case, before possible toxicity comes in, I would like to point out I just wanted to make people to smile.
  3. Every single euro I have spent in this game..... was extremely worth it. Thank you very much for your great work and for all the hours of fun you provided with this game. Keep it up for many more years. Kind regards from a happy tenno.
  4. I see your point but I like indentifying myself with one frame and making my way to beat everything with him. It is like.... is MY frame, do you know what I mean? hehe
  5. But that makes limbo absolutely useless as he can NOT use any ability. If that is actually intended..... is a really dumb decision in my opinion.
  6. I dont know if this is a bug but I cant get into the rift while fighting the ropapoulist boss. If I do so, it automatically gets out of the rift Is this a bug? Or can anyone explain to me why is that?
  7. This is old info. Player bullets are not "frozen" in time anymore. Some bosses abilities can hurt you and it doesnt matter if you are in or out of the rift. This is why I consider the rift very unreliable because there is no explanation regarding to why some abilities can bypass dimensions while other abilities cant I know Limbo and Wisp are different frames. Im comparing their playstyles in order to see which one is more reliable and effective for general purposes and for killing bosses
  8. I like both frames because they are kinda "ghosts" in the game. I have been playing A LOT with Limbo warframe. I like the rift mechanics but sometimes the rift is very unreliable because you actually dont know when an enemy entered in your rift that can't be "frozen" in time. Then you get hit and you die (fortuna major spider-orbs and hyennas????). Same with some environment hazzards, some of them can damage you while in the rift. Other hazzards cant. I mean..... I feel like rift mechanics and properties are still a mess or..... inconsistent or....... it doesnt make sense 100%. In my opinion. Then we got Wisp. I have been playing with her since first day. Feels really nice in general. The thing is you must be always moving around and sometimes thats a bit tiring because you get so much action in the room and you dont actually know where the hell to move to hahahahaha. It is also very hard to see what is going on while you are channeling sun portal (the ability itself feels very nice tho). I would say wisp is better for general use and fighting bosses. She is more reliable than limbo and his rift. What are your thoughts about this?
  9. If you hear what she says just after that, this was a lie from the orokin. She didnt took any mercy, she got caught and reprogrammed with fake memories and purposes. Our memories were truncated as well. Everything was an illusion. Now we both (tenno and sentients) have to find our place. I would love removing Orokin from the system to be honest.
  10. Thank you very much, but still no fix for: 😭😭😭😭
  11. Thank you, but still no fix for this: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  12. what is the prize in this thread?
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