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  1. Seems like how EVE and Dust used to interact, Macro interacting with Micro battles, space and ground troops playing out separately but affecting the other. Always thought that was an awesome concept that could've been bigger... . Now Warframe might take it farther still, and I'm very much looking forward to it! I think what he meant was "connection" in a broader sense... basically, these "islands" of content are isolated releases that, once you've farmed everything from them, you never revisit... and he knows that's an issue. He didn't want to provide yet another such expansion, and so instead of doing that, Railjack focuses on how to make the inbetween, essentially the LOAD screen, more interactive in such a way that there IS no "down time" during gameplay. In this way, WHATEVER they add going forward, the gameplay going TO it will always be as engaging as when we GET there.
  2. Okay, so... 1. Noone said we don't make debates. I "show up" all the time. People still only hear what they wanna hear. Luckily, the only people that need convincing are DE, not you. 2. I don't care if you "believe" people with opinions that differ from your own exist. I don't care at all. I DO care when you try to state your opinions as fact, and you try to push this idea that just because complainers complain more often than those enjoying the game do, that the former is the "majority" of voices that matter. If that be the case, according to the vast majority of complaints, all groceries at Walmart should be free, clothes too small for us should fit better, and kids should all be able to leave school and eat pizza for breakfast, all according to popular opinion. Being the loudest doesn't make you right. 3. As @(PS4)guzmantt1977 pointed out, even considering ALL of the posters who made Nightwave complaint threads, in TOTAL, that's STILL not even a drop in the pond that is the Warframe playerbase. Even 10,000 players complaining wouldn't even represent 1% of the playerbase. That's fact. That's basic math. So, unless you can show me 10 MILLION complaint threads, all by different people, I cannot and will not believe that "your group" is the "majority", either. Just because you don't believe people have different opinions from your own doesn't make it true.
  3. I honestly tried to sit this one out, but lack of sleep + I hate seeing angsty demands go unopposed, lest someone actually think the ideas themselves are found agreeable by the majority. After all, if we DON'T speak up, it's no better than tossing our say aside, and giving up our right to vote on an issue. .....Also, wouldn't want to let all that popcorn go to waste 😛 Got caramel?
  4. @YUNoJump Your idea sucks 😛 @(PS4)guzmantt1977 I indeed agree that people make far too many assumptions about what is "easy to fix" with little to know knowledge of how the game or business side of things ACTUALLY works. TBH, the increase in scarcity with certain resources COULD be something DE is working on to try and incentivise plat purchases between seasons. Quite honestly, everything might be TOO easy to get for completely free, and with possible (albeit, unlikely) laws changing that might affect the current revenue streams Warframe DOES have, this could be a trial run of those types of ideas "just in case". Completely throwing guesses out there, though, based on dev experience and so on. No reason otherwise really believe that's the case. Odds are it's just as you said, they're trying to adjust to player demands, at the same time as they've JUST LAUNCHED The Jovian bit on PC, so there's THAT to deal with, etc etc. Honestly? People just want things now. They SAY they don't, but they'll complain about drop rates until they're practically GIVEN away, and then they'll complain they're not given enough! You only NEED 200something Nitain currently to build EVERYTHING, pretty sure . Something around that number. ......So what's the rush to get there? People act like they've gotta "beat the game" or something, and do it like ...yesterday. Where's the fire? Get to it when you do... It's Warframe, it's a living game, it's entire business RELIES on people playing it in an ONGOING fashion, not racing to the finish line and dropping it for months/years. So, it makes perfect sense as to why they've forced a pacing with things like Nightwave. Otherwise, people just grind for (way too many) hours at a time, stockpile everything, rush through weapons and frames without EVER really "mastering" them, and then sit there like "Okay, I'm bored now". They're all in a rush to wait, and that's one of the biggest issues the Warframe community has right now. And to answer an earlier question from another poster, the REASON many of us who support ideas similar to @(PS4)guzmantt1977 don't just bombard the forums is because when we DO we get called "white knights" and other derogatory terms, and our opinions get dismissed as "just mindless idiots who think DE does no wrong". Tell me, why should we bother saying anything if you just wanna hear yourselves talk?
  5. So....wait for a coupon. *rolls eyes* Seriously, the audacity some people have to make such asinine demands... Nothing DE ever does will please people like this! They could give the ENTIRE game away for FREE and sti- oh wait 😛 Case in point.
  6. On the contrary, when communicating purely via text on a forum, words matter quite alot! And I already gave you reasons the sliders/tiered difficulty don't work on starchart nodes. There ARE other things outside the Starchart to engage in...
  7. Because people think "undercutting prices" in a race to be the cheapest just to get the trade/sale is a "valid business strategy"... ...until being the "cheapest" means FREE. This is why so many new startup businesses fail....
  8. ...please, for the love of Lotus, do not equate the words "Veteran" and "Difficulty". They are not the same thing at all, much less interchangable. Anyways, it IS an "excuse". Might not be one you agree with, but the facts are there to back it up. YOU may have preferred to go it alone, and that's fine. Clearly, the solo option was good for you. Others, not so much. Regardless, it wouldn't matter... ... People would argue "This higher option needs higher rewards!" which, in player-speak, equates to "more powerful" rewards...which then eventually brings them up to the power of the enemies they fight, and then PAST that... ...which brings us back to square one. People want MORE. Right now, DE is reworking how damage works as a -whole-, and honestly, that's the much smarter way to go about these things. Simply upping the numbers at this point doesn't matter when Tenno are capable of infinite damage....
  9. Well, I was jk but...now that you mention it... lol!
  10. This concept comes up alot on these forums. TBH, I believe it'd split up the PUB instances too much. The game cannot run level 80's for you at the same time as level 20's for the rest of the squad. As such, it needs to place you in different instances depending on the level chosen, which prevents newer players from bumping into Tennogen-clad, experienced, super-powerful OLDER players. This being one way DE counts on newer player retention. Basically... search "100 Days of Warframe" on Youtube...but then take out the part where the higher level player pops in... And you're left with a frustrated Tenno that ends up quitting before spending a dime. This does have its issues rooted in the flawed New Player Experience, which DE HAS taken STRIDES in fixing...but it's a work-in-progress, no doubt. So, in short: No, right now I don't think it's feasible doing things -that- way. There ARE, however, plenty of post-starchart nodes, like Arbitrations, Sorties, etc...for this express purpose. So, food for thought.
  11. Might just be trying to promote "Free now....Plat purchase between seasons, though"? Might be trying to get people to spend a bit more BECAUSE of the plat hording with rivens, and they might be needing to boost sales a bit? Not so much out of greed, but more necessity to show sales activity to their investors. Warframe is a game that makes it VERY easy NOT to pay a dime....and, since they don't run ads or anything, that's tough to monetize. Therefore, they might be just trying to create a system by where you can still grind for free "most" of the time, but for a few short weeks between seasons, it incentivises plat purchases. That being said, everybody will eventually have Nitain to spare. Y'all get to that point. I have 70, myself, so I'm not too worried unless some Vauban Umbra comes along, lol. In all honesty, they GAVE us 10 Nitain just this past week. I'm sure they'll work it out. It's a tough balance to provide high value at NO cost, and still keep the lights on. Give 'em time.
  12. Is that the banks' fault, or the person's, though? (that's rhetorical) To add to that, the frame will ALSO be available (I say "will" because I'm on console) in market for Platinum. Similar situation with Hildryn's release, wherein you could buy her outright early, since the mission hadn't released yet...though in THIS situation, the frame releases WITH the mission, just not super-easy-to-get Nitain. Even then, it's only 2..not 20, not 200.. Just 2. Chances are, it might be a strategy we're seeing to try and motivate plat sales within a small window prior to "easy-mode farming". They ARE a F2P and have to motivate sales somehow, in ADDITION to fashionframe (which is subjective in value, and therefore not guaranteed sales). And heck, even then...their inclusion of 10 Nitain in the upcoming Twitch bit tells me they're certainly not being greedy. Was their first go of a "Season" of anything, and could very well have been a small oversight, but the OP's post is clearly meant to troll and start conflict (just read their "edit". They're openly inviting controversy)...and that's not something this simple small "issue" warrants. It's in poor taste.
  13. So, you believe I'm the only player out of 10's of MILLIONS of registered players...to enjoy playing for the sake of it? That's just delusional. And more made up metrics here, you stating that you KNOW how DE thinks and acts, and what they make decisions on. I mean, they TELL us on DevStreams, they bring us in and we hear things straight from the horses' mouths, as it were... ..but yeah, I'm sure some kid on the forums definitely knows the "real" truth much better. /s I mean, come ON dude, who are you kidding? It has never, apparently, occurred to you for even a second to consider that maybe, just MAYBE, your info is the incorrect info here? The "new shiny" is what players BEGGED for for the last 2 years since TWW, claiming "We don't need more cinematic quests! We'd rather have more frequent content drops! NO CONTENT DROUGHT!" ...This is what that leads to. And now you're crucifying DE for giving y'all exactly what you asked for... "the same old grind" IS Warframe. It's never lied about that. It's never hidden that. It's been that game for 6 YEARS now... If you don't like that, you might just not like Warframe. If you DO insist you enjoy Warframe, then you'll need to deal. The game isn't going to just fundamentally change overnight to suit the vocal minority of a forum relatively few of the playerbase even frequent. I mean, your logic is flawed in ways I can't begin to get into here.... Just as a small example, going after the "quick numbers" makes no sense from a business perspective. You're implying they're ignoring what players WANT for a "quick boosts", but that's asinine! It'd mean long-term that they'd constantly be losing players and need to spend MORE resources on CONSTANTLY replenishing those lost players AS WELL AS building up MORE new players because they need to show investors they have GROWTH (which they do, btw. There are actual facts to prove that, not just conjecture). It'd actually take MORE effort, and considerably more money to run things that way. it's far simpler, more logical, and more likely they're actually working on good intel based on actual player feedback (that, hey, you, not a DE employee or affiliate in any way, might not be privvy to! Imagine that :P), and have been delivering what the majority ACTUALLY are enjoying! I'm not stating Warframe or DE are perfect. They're not, noone is. But they're not some ignorant group of failed developers sitting in a room counting their coins around a fire while scheming about how to rob us all blind. I mean, if that's the case....maybe starting with a FREE game where everything is FREE is probably a bad plan? "I'll show THEM who's boss! I'll show up to work and work TWICE as hard and for HALF the pay! THATLL TEACH 'EM!" I mean, seriously.. Can we just stop with the back and forth flaming? It's not productive, it's not a good look for the community, and honestly, we've both got better things to do.
  14. TONS of games are just coded and released..without continual support. So, I don't see how "an automated system that requires no continued effort to run past implementation" is "unfair to players". That's literally just games. At least Warframe HAS active support and ongoing updates. NW updating weekly is asinine. They have 5...count 'em, FIVE... EPISODES throughout the season, they update CHALLENGES weekly, in addition to daily challenges AND the rep from random encounters, WHICH, by the by, became more frequent throughout the season.. The season made SENSE. It had a STORY, a FLOW...and you want them to take the flow of 2 and a half MONTHS and condense it down to a week? Then REPEAT it? It'll only cheapen the quality of what they put out.. (and if you think it WAS low quality, then...you have your reason why less is not more). Love how your experiences are "facts", but everyone who doesn't agree is "objectively false", even if they have proof to back it up. If your schedule does not allow you to play Warframe, and you're out of game for over a MONTH at a time...Then these PARTICULAR rewards are not for you. Most other content in Warframe is already just sitting around, waiting to be farmed whenever. This ONE PIECE of content in nightwave, the devs decided ... "Let's make this special. People want trophies for working harder than others, or investing more time than others (Plenty of forum posts asked for it), so let's give people something to strive for!" And then y'all just whine that you can't play once a month and get it just as easily as people who DO carve out the time in their schedules. Also, fun fact, I run a business, a household, and have a newborn nephew I need to help take care of... I don't have "tons of free time" either, but I still made it work. If I hadn't, then it'd simply mean my IRL obligations are more important than a game, which is TRUE for ANYONE. If it's not, you've more issues than the Devs have the ability to deal with and need to seek professional help because it's an unhealthy obsession at that point. THANK YOU. Was beginning to feel pinned to a corner here... Maybe I'm not the best at communicating things by text, but I've been giving as much evidence as I can to try and back my points, and all I keep getting is insults in return...then THEY act like the victims and call ME the bad guy o-o I really don't understand it. Starting to think they're just trolls at this point. 1. Umbra Forma is not, in any way shape or form, required to play -any- content in the game. We were brokenly powerful long before it was released...heck, long before UMBRAL mods were even a thing. Most of my builds don't even use 'em, and I clear most content just fine. They're more a "neat bonus" than a necessity to "keep up". So, respectfully, I ask...don't put that false notion out there for new players to read and actually think they're "forever behind", because they're not. We're talking about a game where, with any half-decent build and regular mods, you can clear 99.99999% of the content easily. We're talking about a game where there are tons of posts about "We're too OP! Game needs tougher endgame/enemies/bosses". Umbral Forma is, if ANYTHING, like giving some performance enhancer to The Hulk. Is he stronger? Maybe...but is it noticable to the enemy he could ALREADY one-shot? Nope. In any case, using the examples you laid out: When a rare weapon from an event or Baro comes through, it's once in a blue moon. Usually MORE than 10 weeks in rotation. There are some things Baro hasn't brought in over a YEAR. So, I don't see how the Umbral Forma, which is pretty much guaranteed once per season, is any different, or any more exclusive. If anything, it's a safer bet it'll be there. Most people on forums have been stating they haven't even used their Umbral Forma yet, myself included. No need. Point is, it makes little to no difference in "staying on par". Everything already dies to our non-umbra gear. Dead is dead. Overkill is Overkill.
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