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  1. Not to be mean but...what's the rush? When it gets here, take your time and enjoy it... Lest we end up with 48 hours later more "CONTENT DROUGHTTTT" stupid posts. In other words, don't stress about playing it at the moment of launch. Just get to it when you get to it. It'll be there...and heck, wait a minute or two and you'll likely avoid some bugs as a bonus!
  2. So one thing I keep seeing people "suggest" that's something I just don't think they understand is "....and drop a rare armor set/reward". Y'all say this as if once you get that said reward, you won't just stop playing THAT content and complain all over again! It's -not- the solution. Furthermore, cosmetics tend to be DE's bread and butter. Like it or not, they gotta make money -somehow- to keep their 300 employees -EMPLOYED-. It ain't cheap at all to do that. Another thing that's annoying as hell is people constantly asking for the very thing that's on its way already! Like Damage 3.0. Clearly they're working on it, they even said Iron Staff was sort of a prototype of it.... It's not being ignored, it's just not -finished- yet. Demanding it sooner doesn't make it happen sooner. It reminds me of when you're driving to a restaurant, and all the while in the car the kids are whining about "I'm hungry! When are we getting food!? I wanna eat nowwww!" As if you're not already working on it o-o There's a bunch more I'm sure I can pick apart here, but I'm not trying to be a jerk about it...Just suffice it to say that you can't just say that doing the same thing they're already doing is going to make things better. There are already exclusive rewards...they're just only good until you GET them. Then you don't need to do those things anymore. So that's a moot suggestion. Lastly.... FORMAT YOUR DAMN POST! O_O People are much more likely to have discussions with you when they don't have to dig through a textwall to do so...
  3. Ah, gotcha, lol. Yeah..Imagine if restaurants worked the way forum posters seem to think game devs work? Just strolling in and telling the chef how to cook literally everything, even though you, yourself, have little to no culinary experience... They'd laugh ya out of the place. Feedback is one thing ("This steak seems a bit undercooked") but 1) belongs in FEEDBACK and 2) it's far different from just BLASTING devs for making an attempt and improving the game. ("This is the worst steak ever because I said so! HAVE THE CHEF FIRED! I WANT A REFUND!" "......Ma'am, the steak was free...")
  4. Wish I could upvote this more, but instead I'll just quote it for it's significance! This is SO very much the truth! It's getting to the point, I'm really concerned more about the New Player experience when they interact with these people on forums...moreso than I am about the NPexperience in-game. If anything, things ARE getting too easy. I LOVE the grind. It's why I PLAY Warframe, partially! I love always having something to work towards. Now, DE has been making things TOO fast, imo, all because people can't stop making stupid demands >.< AND THEN THEY COMPLAIN THERE'S NOTHING TO DO AND THE GAME IS TOO EASY!! The AUDACITY, I swear!
  5. -THE GAME- ... Players are just playing THE GAME as it is normally. That's ALL NightWave is! It's just "Hey, ya know that Sabotage you're gonna grind in Relics to get that Prime Junk? Here, do it 3 times and get points..." That's IT, for the most part. There are a few harder, more specific tasks, sure, but those aren't -necessary- to get to rank 30. People need to stop making more of this than it is.
  6. I quoted a small few people, which isn't even a drop in the ocean of players of Warframe, for one thing.. And I quoted you all saying the same thing BECAUSE it's such a hard turn from previous sentiments on similar threads in the past. If you want to do 20 minute survival, do it. If you want to do less, don't do Arbitrations. Simple as that. Stop demanding the game be made more mundane just to suit the "I want instant gratification with as little time/effort invested as possible!" attitude. Arbitrations are SPECIFICALLY there to cater to the crowd that DOES want to invest as much time as possible and push as hard as they can. It's NOT there to be a casual stroll through the Warframe Supermarket when you need a few things. That's what the other 99% of the game is there for. And this is coming from me, someone who hardly does Arbitrations on a regular basis. I still understand the purpose of them.
  7. And yet people like to recall the "glory days of Void Keys and endless missions". I don't think this community knows -what- they want >.>
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