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  1. This is GOLDEN advice, and it pertains to ALL of Warframe content, tbh. People would be much happier if they didn't try to "beat" everything in a day.
  2. Why is this a "Mega Thread"? It's a pointless topic. x.x The Helminth is a system for added customization. It is NOT "OP", save for niche setups, perhaps, and given how new it is those are still subject to change, too. You can't just slap on any skill from any frame onto any other frame. Ya didn't even BUILD the thing, and you have the audacity to judge it like you're an expert on how it works and doesn't work? Like, dude... If you don't like it, don't engage with it. It ain't mandatory.
  3. BINGO! Thank you! xD Like all things in Warframe, it's just another -option-. That's not a bad thing. It may not be YOUR option, and that's fine. The dude earlier in the thread with 200k Cryotic might LOVE this option. To each Tenno their own. But it IS there IF you want to use it. Why should we only have "best" options? There's no variety, and too specific a farm at that point. Why not have everything JUST cost Argon, so all endgame players can spend eternity farming in the void? Sound like fun? No? Case in point.. Variety is the spice of life...and games.
  4. This...might've been a joke topic, not sure... but in case it's not... ... I laugh that at the same time I write this, there is another topic just below this one "How to make Warframe harder.." Can't please everyone, nor should you. lol
  5. There's $100 of stuff in x shop. You can earn $1000. You're mad you aren't given $1000000, and sooner. --- How does that sound fair or "better" to anyone, unless you're looking to be lazy and not actually play the game. It's a free game...and STILL the devs give you access to premium content for FREE if you just put in some TIME and EFFORT. But you want it NOW for NO EFFORT. How dare they and their 220+ employees try to get you to play their free, not-a-charity game longer and potentially get some plat sales out of it. What monsters :p /s
  6. Agreed, 100%. We don't NEED 20 of the same aura. We don't NEED 400 Nitain. This really is a non-issue. I feel like people just need a reason to complain... but it irks the crap outta me when good things get tarnished because these people are bored...
  7. As it should. I feel like the REAL issue people seem to have is with "consequence" in the first place. They seem to imply it shouldn't exist, and their choices should be free of any issues... but that would be terrible game design --- ESPECIALLY in a F2P.
  8. Every option doesn't have to be a "best" option, or even a good one. Just like you CAN buy Relic Packs and Mod Packs for plat, you CAN use useless mods on builds, etc... You also CAN use less-than-ideal resources for the Helminth. By no means MUST you do so, however. If using said resource is "bad", then just use one of the other, like, 9 resources on Bile. Problem solved :/ I don't see how this is an issue. No one is "praising" DE for including Cryotic. We're just saying it doesn't matter that they DID because we don't have to use it if we don't want. --- If I have a
  9. You seem to be under some misunderstanding that utilizing the Helminth system should be "easy". That is not, nor has it ever been, the case. The fact that you've maxed it, and the fact that I've got MOST of my needed frames subsumed AND got it to rank 8, almost 9, without even TRYING, is PROOF it's fine where it's at. Cryotic is not NEEDED. That's the POINT. I also don't use Titanium because it's expensive. I don't use ALOT of resources because they're expensive. I use the crap I DON'T need, and save what I do. And I'm STILL where I am. It's not broken, you're just impatien
  10. So, what you're effectively admitting then is that this is a non-issue because there's already an in-game solution that's easy to utilize....
  11. To add further to your points - One thing I see people "argue" is "WhAt AbOuT AuRA MOdS?!" As if they have to buy like 10 of 'em every NW season =_=... You only need 1 for yourself. If you want to help others get theirs, help them run the simple NW missions to get credits. If you have spare credits at the end of NW, buy some extra Auras if you like to have 'em handy. It's literally a non-issue. ------------ Also, since someone else mentioned "math" (I think it was someone arguing with @(PS4)guzmantt1977) , let's do some, shall we? Nitain = 5x Nitain for 15 NW credits. 1 Pr
  12. I'm not sure what the argument is here that you THINK you have... Cryotic is not THE resource for Helminth's Bile. It is A resource, but not the SOLE resource. It is likely INTENTIONALLY inefficient to use. It's just there to SUPPLEMENT, not to get you all the way to Rank 10. I've been playing for a few years... I don't bother chasing MR much. Just hit MR25 a few weeks ago, actually. And that's with me actively playing daily AND streaming WF. I have 8k Cryotic. I've HAD 8k Cryotic for going on 4 months now. I just never really play Excavations...though they are great for reli
  13. Thank you, sincerely, for continuing to be a voice of reason on this thread.
  14. Yeah, like... they could just charge us $60 up front for the game, then $20-50 per DLC expansion, then $25 for each NW "BattlePass Season", and not to mention every Prime being a $5-10 DLC. I mean, that's how MOST games do it... But nope, it's all free... even the PREMIUM CURRENCY can be traded... FREE. So, if they drag it out a tad bit DURING A PANDEMIC, whilst also hoping you maybe toss them 20 plat for a potato once in awhile (what's that, like.. USD $1?) so they can provide for their 220+ Employees that do NOT work for a charity... I don't see how what they're doing is "pre
  15. "other games" are charging subscription fees, DLC fees, and cost just to buy the base game. This is a FREE add-on to the FREE game to give you even MORE FREE stuff.... for FREE. NW is extremely consistent in what it set out to do. Every week there are new challenges...every week you get to earn more credits to "buy" all those things alerts used to offer (and MORE!)... ...seriously, where's the fire?
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