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  1. But not without? Thanks for confirming what I said then.
  2. I'm not asking why it will take a long time from now, because this hasn't become known just today - it was obvious on the first day of the update. There were several patches since.
  3. Now, I'm not a programmer, but I'd imagine you could fix this as easily as replacing a number with another. Why would it take a long time to do then? DE not knowing about it should be impossible - it says 0% damage falloff right there. If they were able to buff Yareli, how come they chose not to adress a very obvious and very easy to fix bug?
  4. You obviously exclusively use full charge throws then, these are indeed just as good as before, and still oneshot level 9999, just charge a little bit slower. A shame you missed out on partially charged throws, which now need to charge almost as long as full charge (else they fail into regular melee attacks) and had their damage nerfed by 40%. They were really fun while they existed! I cannot share your perspective on AoE guns at all however, missions I play now usually devolve into 4 players with explosive weapons, where the deciding factor in who gets 90% of the kills is movement speed alone. If you are too slow you never even get to see an enemy.
  5. While you are not wrong, you aren't precisely correct either. First of all, Glaive Prime will get nerfed, that much is certain. However, it dealing even more damage than the Tenet Tetra is irrelevant until levels in the thousands, which 99% of players do not care for at all. The nerf was actually severe, it is now a lot clunkier to use, and a lot slower, making it a lot worse than regular AoE guns until levels at which they can no longer oneshot (level 300 Steel Path maybe?)
  6. The Tenet Flux Rifle isn't a beam weapon, which makes it cause a lot weaker status effects than the regular Flux Rifle. Flux Overdrive supposedly adds 400% status chance, so it is indeed bugged, but I don't expect this to get fixed within the next year or two. I mean, half of their new and shiny gun buffs don't even work (headshot kills don't count status effects, gun CO doesn't work on projectiles). They'll be busy for a good long time. And by the way, CO still doesn't work on glaive explosions (heavy attacks), so the gun CO mods might very well never get fixed.
  7. 1600 base damage explosion (the highest in the game, I think), and 0% damage falloff (as the only weapon in the game), make this pretty easily the best AoE gun, and by extension the best gun, and considering recent nerfs the best weapon, in the game. It is also quite easy and quick to get, with no mastery requirement. I don't think you need a PhD to understand that this weapon will be nerfed, whether the original stats were intentional or not, I just think it is irresponsible of DE to, as usual, silently let players invest into the new best weapon in the game before making it unremarkable at best (with it becoming subpar far from unrealistic). That being said, post your nerf predictions, funny reasoning and all: Damage falloff from 0% to 90%, increased ammo cost of the secondary fire to 81. It was never our intention to release a weapon that clearly says 0% damage falloff in it's profile, and let players invest into it for an extended period of time. We also fixed a bug where you could use the alt fire without magazine enhancing mods, this feature was originally intended to enhance the weapons strategically valuable modding variety.
  8. No, it is leeching. You play in public missions to get the large amount of extra murmurs from other players Liches - refusing to in turn give murmurs back means you are leeching. Play solo if you don't want to stab the Lich, you are blocking other peoples Liches from spawning and wasting their time. Personally, If the first Lich to spawn doesn't get stabbed I instantly quit the mission. Leech of someone else.
  9. It's great, I use it against Sisters and Liches, but being unable to proc slash means it isn't useful against high level enemies.
  10. Definitely not worth. Fire rate affects the delay between shots and reload, and any mod you'd remove increases damage by at least 110%.
  11. Given that it takes about 2.5 seconds between shots and has falloff after 15m, it doesn't sound like a problem to me. Tigris Prime has 3k damage with 1.8 seconds between shots, and is very accurate, and nobody uses it anymore. You do the math.
  12. Yes, you fire all 4 shots and have to reload. Kinda like the Tigris. But the spead is all over the place, making this really bad at any range besides melee - in which case you are better off doing a heavy attack.
  13. Unexpectedly, I am not even talking about the augment mod. My gripe with this gun lies with the alternate fire mode: That spread is atrocious! If I fire 4 shots at once, at 4x the spread, I will do a lot less damage unless I am literally in melee range. And disregarding the alt fire, this weapon is nothing special. Not even particularly good against single targets. Can you just give the alt fire the same spread as a normal shot? Pretty please? To illustrate my point, a comparison between regular shots and the alt fire, using very high reload speed (which you'd expect to bias the comparison towards the alt fire): This is at 15m, within the maximum damage range, and with a build favouring the alt fire, yet it isn't worth using at all! Since I was so disappointed by the Kuva Hek, I considered getting a Corinth Prime instead. So I did some math how it would compare: Taking into account everything including reloads, magazine size, fire rate, base damage, 60% Kuva bonus, etc, except noncritical hits (worthless, Hunter Munitions), the Kuva Hek has 15% more DPS and a free element, while the Corinth Prime has a useful alt fire and it's falloff is more than 2x as good. In conclusion: If you want to shoot enemies farther than 15 meters away, and would like an alternate fire mode that is actually useful, get a Corinth Prime! If you want to shoot single enemies in melee range (why would you do that?) the Kuva Hek is just right for you!
  14. Not to rain on your parade, but Mania can teleport you to him even if he isn't looking in your direction and you are invisible, and chains into his "lifted" status effect as instant follow up. And then he kills you in two hits from full health and shields, with you being stunlocked from start to finish. Thankfully, they actually changed Mania since his introduction on the Steel Path; You can now switch to operator while lifted.
  15. The opinion on something by somebody not affected by it isn't relevant, is it?
  16. Like I said, the new abilities suck anyways, so I don't care much either. I just disagree with it in principle. You disagreeing with OP got you less than half his likes. Discounting the vultures, there might be about 5 or so left.
  17. That is such a dishonest thing to say, especially after being shown Kaoms, and being told that players can upgrade if they wish to. I guess if you are just going to lie you might as well talk to yourself.
  18. I'd guess the overwhelming majority of players who have 30+ Warframes subsumed (and thus would be affected, instead of being vultures enjoying the misfortune of others), agree that not giving the XP retroactively is a bad move. It is generally not worth making a fuss about though, since the new Helminth stuff sucks anyway.
  19. I don't think you know what you are talking about, the legacy Kaoms was an incredibly valuable item. Also, what I am trying to prove should be obvious: It is possible to respect a players time in a PVE game, DE chooses not to.
  20. I'm sorry, but that is just such a blatantly silly comparison, that I have to think you are creating a strawman on purpose. The reason people want their subsumed Warframes to grant XP retroactively, is that they have subsumed them already and can't do it again. So, to go with your "level cap" example, it is like raising the level cap without adding any new quests, should have kept some old quests instead of completing them all I guess? That is just dumb, and white knighting dumb desicions doesn't impress anyone, hence the opposition you experience. If it's you against the world, maybe stop for a second and consider that you might be wrong.
  21. You can update to the new version, your choice. Also https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Kaom's_Heart
  22. https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_unique_items_with_legacy_variants
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