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  1. I can't count time, but the closest estimate is as follows: 1. About 120 tricaps, every other poiny of focus comes from eso, 80% of the time up to rot C. 2. Countless more items leveled and forma'd there. Still have no clue what fire step or Braton V BP are... Also, 2 days of infested salvage farm without a single part, broke and bought Nidus. Also more recient: Fass, sitting at ~10 Netra cause of this.
  2. I like how every suggestion for "balance" involves gutting said frames. 3rd target takes 30% damage... Go play your Rhino quietly in the corner and let the rest have their fun.
  3. I've had 3 successful lich caps in a single exterminate mission... so there's that.
  4. If the death held any actual value I may have agreed, but with 6 free revives, companion revives and infinite team mate revives, the difference is almost the same between actually going down and the lich simply despawning, at least for me.
  5. However you put it, not killing your lich in a pub is done by selfish grade A A-holes because: a) solo is just as fast and way less tense. Which means that either said person enjoys groups, is too weak and looking to get carried or too dumb to learn how to properly farm murmurs solo. In those cases, piggybacking on 3 other ppl, but not offering anything in return because "hE cAn PlAy HoWeVeR hE wAnTs". b) going into pub and attempting a lich does nothing for any semi-geared player, unless you're at the end of the 3rd murmur. c) it's always the games fault. People just can't accept responcibility for their conscious decision. Excuses of "badly designed" have been used all over for everything that doesn't fancy the player and mean nothing. I myself have done about 1/3 of my liches solo and the rest in groups, in solo I never make more than 3 attempts, while in groups, I'd stab even if I forgot to replace requiem mods after a failed attempt.
  6. I just know that when I kill my lich tonight, if I get a 6th Quartakk in a row I'm done with this content until a change has been made. An entire Sunday I'll never get back 😕 Doesn't help that for some weird reason we also have to farm traces every so often, because the words are a rare reward and those ephemeras spawn rarely enough to be a proper incentive.
  7. At least kill yourself to help others progress if they want. It's always the developer or everyone elses fault for being a selfish B***ard.
  8. Well then get yourself killed the normal way, not from take down and spare everyone the trouble. But we'll just circle jerk arround players like you being too self-centered to get out of their way and not be a drag on their team.
  9. I guess it's just me then, treating others how I want to be treated. What was I thinking. Too bad people with this attitude don't do it just in some video game...
  10. How did master Gibbs say it? "Take what you can, give nothing back!" Can't expect some common courtesy now a days, can we?
  11. Then do it all solo and don't be a burden to everyone around you.
  12. I just wish on everyone leaving their Lich, that every time they go in a mission to take him down, someone elses spawns every time and they ignore him just the same.
  13. The wild forums, where make belief equals facts. Everyone leave when seing a nuke? Where? In ESO, where they're all hoping to leech or in some defense mission, where half are semi-afk, just collecting loot? Inb4 someone makes up something like "It's because you've nuked everything!", I've actively been called to up my game and nuke more in game, never the opposite. Two posts above me someone even said Saryn nuked a Lich. So much BS. Saryn's spores reset on the Lich and Miasma doesn't even work, even at lvl 1 her skills do nothing. The "fix" is simple, play anything other than Inaros or Rhino when the enemies grow above lvl 50. There are 42 frames in the game, 19 of those CAN have a nuke build. The problem is playing only tank frames and actually believing you deserve to also do equal damage to nukes. Ultimately you can also play one, but let me guess: "I don't like to play this way". I completely agree then, we can't allow others having fun in a way we don't like, do we? In that case, I'd also vote for capping HP at 1k and armor at 500, stealth having 45 sec cd, weapons overheating and every skill having diminishing returns if cast within 10 sec.
  14. I like it because while picking a meat stick and sliding to victory is no longer an option, the other 95% of melees got a nice buff. A lot of melees are now really good, it's just the hybrid co+ms build that got broken. It's not even melee weapons only. Have you tried Garuda lately? She's stupid fast to the point that I feel when I lose control of a car and try to get her in track and 2shots it all. Khora? She's also even more absurd with the new combo multiplier.
  15. I play at most twice a week, I just enjoy that I'll have some long term goal. There's no difference in the way you me or anyone generate murmurs and if it takes me 4-5 missions each to do so, it's the same for you. So it's not a matter of play time as much as you want it to be, 2h at most per lich. So the question is what the hell do you want? Because aparently you don't want to play at all. You just want everything handed out. And then what? Make another complaint thread about having nothing to do? Rather than try to insult me, if you can't complete your lich in reasonable time, try to analyze how you tackle the lich so it doesn't take you forever.
  16. Then git gud, rather than want content to drop down in dificulty even further than it already has, because you can't be bothered. Contrary to what you may believe, the game does not exist to mach your sole prefferences. INB4 "you too" - there's plenty other kiddy content for you to complete before the liches, if they're giving you this much trouble.
  17. Back to square 1... sure Can you people grow some backbone already? I did 3 tonight, it took me an average of 4 missions to get the 1st 2 murmurs. This "nerf" is a fix for something that was never to exist. What's next? Should murmurs accumulate over time and stack indefinately? Should those words just drop like common mods in the lich missions? Should the exact order also be visible from the get go? God forbid you actually play, DE may have just not released a 3gb update at this point and just thrown some new weapons in the dojo lab.
  18. People who either barely log in or spend 99% of the time in Hydron have 0 forma and the weapons need forma for mr fodder, suddenly Apocalypse.
  19. People expect to always have something to do, while being able to complete it all day 1. You can't change that mentality. Then you have the vets vs casuals vs grinders debate where if the content is not exactly tailored for their power level or schedule, be it 24/7 play time or loging for 15 min. every blue moon, then it's bad design, p2w, catering to the casuals, not rewarding, boring or anything from the whine list.
  20. 1st update to go toe to toe with all the self-proclaimed end game grinders and everybody loses their mind. The only 2 aspects I had gripes with were murmurs, until I realised that when 1 is unlocked there's a high chance to kill the guy before the 2nd murmur is even completed. Aaand the Rng on the bonus stats on kuva weapons, that still needs to go. Another low key omnipresent issue is the lack of clarity (Grendel missions/ new kavaat), I'm still unsure if its safe to infect my 5 forma smeeta or do I need a new 1.
  21. Oook. This is the only system in the game, to which I immediately felt... hatered. 1st day I spend a couple of hours in complete confusion, completed 1 murmur and called it. 2nd day I realised I don't actually need the murmurs and started swapping mods in quick missions to test out, was done in 1-2 hours. So the whole thing presents itself in a horrible way. Doesn't help that it's another grind in a vacuum, but unlike the others (OV/PoE) you're doing it for 1 single item.
  22. I enjoyed that for a little while me and 3 strangers actually worked together with a propper setup to complete. That said. Don't make it a habbit, because I suppose most people are here to feel like the predator. Also some info should have been given, twice I got 2 shot on an umbral Khora by a lv40, completely oblivious of my health bar.
  23. 1.Against every sencible thought I had, I tested her vs Lv 100 bombards. Not only did she face tank it all, but with a 3+4 combo cleared them all in no time. Bonus points for 0 changes to my pre-update build. 2. I may not be a champ at spelling and grammar but damn. 3. What does she have to do with Volt at all? 4. If you miss your extremely unique frame's world on fire, Maim Equinox is still available. 5. She's gonna be Saryn jr. with that armor shred and aoe.
  24. Sniper Catchmoon - with Zephyr's Turbulence Aug (and +90% flight speed riven in my case). Not even the coming nerf will kill that. Giving life steal to a defense target with the Furis. Zephyr+aero mods+kitgun with Pax Seeker for an easy 1hit completion of the "x targets while aim gliding" challenge. Vazarin in general. Everybody are so busy fighting over Zenurik that the complete invulnerability to everything all the time is completely ignored. Inaros can actually heal. Limbo for Spy. (on the forums it may seem common, but not so much in game)
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