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  1. This is really sad, how are ALL these skins so bugged? it's just a skin and a reload animation... I think the rocket launcher is finally fixed (until there's another issue that crops up) but the Drakgoon is unusable and the Stahlta is bugged too... What a mistake taking the time to download the Epic launcher for these things >.<
  2. I searched and didn't come up with anything on this, aside from an old issue (the Drakgoon causing FPS drops when uncharged - wide angle) When equipping the Epic Flak cannon skin, the "projectiles" are now a physical model, and there is a MASSIVE FPS when shooting it. Now my computer isn't brand new anymore but I can still play Warframe with many setting maxed out and get 60fps (maxed with Vsync), and there are no issues at all with the regular Kuva Drakgoon. I don't think this is really a "bug" as much as an unintended performance issue, but I'd really like an option to selec
  3. I just noticed this same bug, (for Kuva Ogris, can't check the normal one) went to equip the Epic rocket launcher skin and nightwatch napalm no longer functions in missions or simulacrum. Take the skin off and it's back to normal operation. Thankfully the Kuva/Drakgoon's augment (Fomorian accelerant) now functions as it should!
  4. Yes, open a ticket in the help section and they should be able to fix the missing forma'd Mausolon.
  5. Yeah, you may have bought a "Damaged necramech casing" which you'll need the Voidrig casing blueprint from Loid to build. Check your inventory?
  6. Not that it fixes the main issue, but if you have the Fluctus you can shoot through the walls and hit them. I've experienced this as well, luckily one of our team had the fluctus on hand to deal with it.
  7. I don't know why DE has this aversion to things healing in the game. I have 4 different ways to heal a regular warframe: 1 - Magis Elevate 2 - Arcane grace 3 - Hunter Recovery on Panzer_Vulpaphyla 4 - Health pads Now you may note that 2 of these are quite difficult to get, Magis mods require 210,000 standing from Quill Onko to max out, and Arcane grace requires a ton of Eidolon hunting (or Scarlet spear/Orphix) to get. Which leaves you energy pads and a pet (at least the Panzer kitteh can heal you when it's down because it can still attack, but this is spotty at best).
  8. Same boat here, noticed the new skin changed the flak speed on the Kuva Drakgoon, looked into it and it got crit chance lowered as well. Same with the Kuva Ogris and crit chance and the IPS damage.
  9. Please DE, fix this. Also, people need to start bumping these threads not starting new ones. Way more likely to get noticed if it has dozens of replies instead of like 2-4. (This is just since I've noticed the bug, there are more if you search them out) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1228102-kuva-ayanga-causing-self-damage-while-bullet-jumping/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1233376-self-damage-still-present-using-archguns-in-ground-missions/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1231595-kuva-ayanga-still-causes-self-damage-on-the-radial-blast-on-land/ https://f
  10. It's usable if you're stationary and careful but as I've said I even noticed that it can hit you if you simple jump up when firing it (lots of times with grenade launchers I'll double jump up to get a grenade right into a crowd) The worst part is, it's way easier to avoid the old "blast" damage they did as the Ayanga has a distance safety like the Tonkor and Acceltra, so the explosions rarely actually even stagger you unless you're bullet jumping into them. The grenade projectiles themselves are much harder to see and avoid, especially when in a necramech zipping around. That's what the p
  11. It's definitely the Ayanga, there's like 6+ forum threads in the past month on this now with no fix from DE as of yet. The Grenades it fires move extremely slow (try it out with Ivara and Navigator) and you can actually "run into them" if you bullet jump or zip around in a necramech. In fact all you really have to do is jump at the right time and you can eat your own grenade. As far as I can tell the explosions themselves do no damage, but it's the projectiles. If you move your shoulder camera from side to side and fire when your crosshair crosses over you'll blow your shields then k
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