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  1. They make a weird line about not liking children (the hick sounding one sounds like she's had bad babysitting experience). They can have weird "personality traits" that'll make them say random voice lines, like fear of space travel or dislike of Kubro's/Grineer/Infested etc... Or Deserter (where they Nope the heck out of the mission randomly, kinda annoying)
  2. I had this issue too, except it was on a capture so I was able to finish the mission but I was really weirded out by them. Started off 1, then more and more till I had like 5 or 6 of them chasing me around. I can see that survival would be a serious issue.
  3. I just figured I'd wait for them to get fixed, but Holokeys should be garanteed drops like Reactant in fissure missions. The higher level mission the more you get, The hour-count I've seen posted here of how long you'll need to max a weapon (right after melee mods get nerfed)... Well... I already have really good Melee weapons that shred steel path. I don't need something that'll do it 1% better.
  4. Please this. Just sitting in my arsenal waiting, can't use them effectively with it being "on aim". P.S. I really hope DE is going to get more testing and evaluation for patches with simultaneous releases, the game can be unplayable at times without constant hot fixes for bugs, and going WEEKS without hotfixes is not okay.
  5. One thing I've noticed in warframe is that the game loves to "stack" inputs. This is very noticeable with necramech jumping. If you hit the jump button while in mid-air, you'll jump again when the action is available. It's also very noticeable with melee attacks, I have my melee on my mouse, and when attacking I accidentally hit primary fire, then after I stop for a sec (to hit an air supply or open chat or something) i'll let out a random shot with whatever gun I have on (a random rocket or shotgun blast). You can stack it for minutes, and the game will remember that you hit the button, instead of invalidating the input. Especially on high-ping games, it could be compounding that you hit the use button then it takes a second or two to register because you're busy with other actions. It's only an experience I've had, this could certainly be a new thing as well though.
  6. Yeah i just noticed this as well, all the other glaive types have their correct damage but pathocyst got hit for heavy attack! I noticed it seemed to be lacking in damage lately. I thought the attack speed affected it more than it seemed and just wasn't using it. 😖
  7. Welcome to the new norm. Unfortunately guys that are looking for a specific weapon are boned. I had ALL the kuva weapons maxed at 60% long ago, so I was only looking for the new 3 this time around. Got a decent Hek roll pretty quick, but trying to get the grattler and Zarr (into decent stats, looking at you 4 Zarr rolls under 30%) has been a real slog. The REALLY funny thing is: going down a list alphabetically would be less grindy and a better system than the random garbage we have right now. How sad is that? There is so little content, that DE is now trying to literally add "grind is content" to pad their player hour numbers. I won't get into my predictions for the new war stuff, but I'm betting it'll be MAYBE an hour worth of "content" and a boatload of grinding for trash weapons with new resources. It's all so tiresome. LOOKING AT YOU TENCENT, Look what's happening to WoW right now when players feel like they are being taken for a ride.
  8. So I don't have a ton of information about this, I have a Kuva Hek that was at level 24 or so (2 forma's on it, levelling it up), I had just defeated a kuva litch with another Kuva Hek, and when I valence fused that into my current one it's now maxed at level 34. I can confirm it was not maxed at the end of the Kuva lich encounter in Saturn Proxima. Obviously this seems unintended but I don't really want to use it or mess with it (which sucks because I'm leveling it up with the affinity booster) and get accused of taking advantage of it, is this like a super rare event or has anyone else noticed this??? ETA I just did a mission and checked it again, it was back to the rank it was supposed to be (24) so once I completed the mission it reset it. A bit of a WTF moment but it looks like it won't break your game or weapons.
  9. All i know is Inaros ones spam quicksand (and subsumed warcry). I had 30 of them at one point, i had to bail out in my operator because i literally couldn't move. The funny thing is, the first sister i got was easy peasy. Even at level 5, very tanky but not ridiculous. Second one? eff that. I guess i need to make an extremely inefficient build so it can't use ANY abilities??? this seems absolutely ridiculous. Ohh well, lots of other fun games out there these days.
  10. Actually I did think about it, I put 3 umbral formas on her so I have 2 unpolarized slots. If there was a new mod I can change out either of those 2, take out the exilus mod, or put regular flow instead of primed flow and put on Arcane energize. Lots of customization without having to re-forma her :p
  11. I'm pretty sure the only reason we got Excal Umbra was because Excal Prime was a Founder gift to the original guys that helped fund the game. People whined that they couldn't get Excal prime so DE just made a sidegrade in Umbra.
  12. While I almost never play open anymore, I can definitely see a lot of people kill poaching with this update. The conditional mods are not a great idea especially when guns really need serious buffs. Look at Melee conditional mods: "On status effect" "On hit" or "60/40 percent per combo multiplier". Those are VERY easy to proc and hold even during a break in a defense mission. I realize DE doesn't want to massively buff guns to the point where they can annihilate anything, which is WHY WE NEED THE TEST CLUSTER. How many times has the test cluster been run and then MASSIVE changes based on the feedback???
  13. I remember when the catchmoon got nerfed. Then I remember when I built the primary tombfinger and THAT got nerfed, and I threw 8 forma + catalyst into the dumpster to build another one... Sorry my dudes, gotta get used to it... Don't get emotionally invested in ANYTHING in this game.
  14. At a certain point you don't need to put forma onto anything anymore, but I usually log in every day just to get the login reward and build another forma. Every so often i'll do a run of quick fissure missions to get a bunch of forma blueprints and stock up for a while. There's even a phone app you can use the foundry to Claim and build stuff without logging into the game on your PC or console. The only reason I even considered this is lack of stuff to do with forma's, it's 100% completely a waste of everything but it's silly goofyness!
  15. You're not my real dad! 😝 ETA Okay seriously though, this is juts a goofy pet project I've been planning on for some time, at max mastery rank there's not a lot to do except for silly meme stuff waiting for the next content drop to happen, as well as a subtle poke to DE to remind them people still want repeatable end-game content so we don't "gnaw our own leg off" doing silly things! I do play quite a few other games and it would be easy to stop playing for a month or more; however Warframe has a soft spot in my heart I 'spose you could say 😊
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