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  1. I guess since this is the first time I've been around for it. I'm honestly enjoying the event. It helps the necramechs are perfect for this event. Wipes out the fodder easily and does well against the Hemocyte. Also I'm enjoying getting more usage out of Wormhole thanks to this event. Also people grinding this till their eyes bleed is nothing new. People always overdue it when it comes to events and new content. I'd rather not get rid of this event because some people can't control themselves. It's a fun.
  2. Definitely, I don't always sleep well and doing some thrall hunting or some invasions at 3am sounds like a good time killer.
  3. Least you could do is leave a message to each of them letting them know you've seen their comment.
  4. Trying not to let my imagination get too wild, but I'm curious what they mean by "evolve". This comment and the upcoming evolving sentient armor is making me think the sentients are gonna have multiple forms or phases like a Dark Souls boss.
  5. Ah ok I guess I fall into the younger age bracket here? I also just don't like the star wars movies
  6. Can't tell if this is satire or one of the most dramatic takes of Warframe I have ever seen.
  7. There is your answer op, just leave. Sometimes a band-aid is all you need for a small boo-boo.
  8. I saw the Slaps Man get a big hand and then shut down the whole level, is this the power of the Slaps Man? Is this how Slaps Man works? OP please come back and explain.
  9. Not gonna lie, I went public on railjack for first time in a good while and I was definitely the dunce of the group. Never put it together that using the artillery on Crewship's Engine is the best way to take them out quickly until the guy on Artillery was begging me to stop shooting them with the reg guns, whoops. Also nobody else in the chat would respond and just kinda went off and did their own thing and ignored the rest of the mission. Thankfully we got holokeys in that run so I hope it was somewhat worth it for the helpful tenno. I stick to solo on railjack for my fellow tenno's sanity. Thank you to all the patient tenno that help out fools like me lol.
  10. Rending Crane is definitely my favorite stance, the way Lashing Tempest glides through enemies feels so smooth and buttery. Turning off the "align attacks to camera" option really lets this stance shine.
  11. Oh man, lookin at this thing up close is making me really hyped, I hope if/when there are infested liches we get a new infested arch gun to go with this mech.
  12. Right? It would be pretty cool to be in the middle of an Exterminate and then have the lotus hit us up with a "Change of plans tenno, we need to send a stronger message to (insert faction or boss name), take out the ship." And it switches to a sabotage mission.
  13. Kuva Karak is one of my favorite and most used primary weapons in the game. You definitely have to up your mod game if you're struggling with it on steel path.
  14. I think it matters to whoever is paying us to rescue the target, hence why we get paid extra in specters for rescue missions. We're getting paid extra to not torture people.
  15. Oh yeah, its time to Rip and Tear with the Ghoul Saw!
  16. Probably not much, so I guess grind something you've been putting off if you feel like you have nothing to do, play something else, or start playing through a back log Right now I'm playing through Nier Automata and hot damn I'm disappointed in myself for picking it up and dropping off for a while. It's so good
  17. Another petition post that doesn't actually have a petition to sign, SHAME!!
  18. Adding this to my sacred rng ritual list!
  19. How bout you stop spreading misinformation? That was how you got Lich Ephemeras, Sister Ephemeras have a new sacred ritual that involves baking and eating 2 left sandals.
  20. There's also the new Galvanized mods for Primaries and Secondaries you can get from the Arbitration Shop or whatever it's called, they're pretty good to pick up before jumping into Steel Path.
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