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  1. While Warframe is indeed a good audio game, and you are right. After playing Warframe since late 2014 it's probably not surprising if I tell you I often play Warframe with sound off and listening to music. Really, I only ever listen to Warframe itself when there is new story of some sort, or if I just feel particularly bored of music or etc.
  2. I wonder if this will fix the parazon hack/default animation. I noticed the Hounds that spawned when a sister appears always had their animation, so I wondered if it might have been a result of the spawn, rather than when it was downed.
  3. Just got the Tenet Arca and to my surprise, the effects do persist if other skins are applied, and it's great. Here's a Default vs Nyx Deluxe vs Deimos Supporter Pack skin comparison. I really hope whether this is intentional or accidental, it is not only kept. But embraced as a new line of weapon cosmetics. Because it looks genuinely great. Not to flex, but my fashion frame if you're curious to see its appearance when customised. Even if it was split by weapon type, it'd be interesting to apply the effects of both the Kuva and Tenet effects on other weapons. e.g. Tenet Bow Ephemera, Tenet Rifle Ephemera, Tenet Shotgun Ephemera, Tenet Speargun Ephemera, Tenet Pistol Ephemera. etc, etc. Same for the glowing weapon tips from the Kuva lich weapon series.
  4. You have to keep in mind the room will probably have several containers in there, and the minimap doesn't distinguish between them.
  5. There's this one specific Corpus Locker on the ship tileset, whenever you enter the room it shines/reflects/glows brightly, as a result I keep entering and assuming it's one of the Hidden Caches found in sabotage missions. I'd like to politely request that the locker itself be repositioned or had the brightness toned down. As it stands now it is incredibly distracting when searching for Hidden Caches and assuming this is one of them. The brightness goes down once you approach it, so I'd assume this isn't intentional. If you're having trouble seeing it, it's on the right side. To the left of the potential Fortuna spawn.
  6. Yareli should be allowed to use her primary weapons, heck. Even Archguns while on Marlina. Having a bow on that would be the closest thing to a horse mounted archer.
  7. That could line up with my issue, as I run a Diriga with Verglas. Since it's a continuous beam weapon it might sometimes score the final hit.
  8. I doubt I need to tell you about the Corpus Sensors and Turrets found in Corpus tilesets, primarily the Ship tileset. Unfortunately, compared to say, the Kuva Fortress. These more often than not end up being completely useless. So I wanted to suggest some units that can repair, replace and upgrade them. Spotter: A Osprey unit armed with a weak gun, or perhaps no gun at all, but armed with a mobile Sensor, capable of triggering Corpus defences like turrets and laser gates when detecting Tenno. This would allow Corpus defences like laser gates and turrets to still exist even after all Corpus sensors have been destroyed by allowing spawning units that can trigger them. They produce an aura which causes nearby Turrets to be invulnerable to damage while the Spotter is alive. Holo-Engineer: A Comba/Scramba unit, works primarily as a supportive unit, choosing not to deal damage directly. Uses hologram/specter technology to replace broken Corpus Sensors and Turrets, it has two behaviors if there is nothing to replace. Behavior 1. Places down 2-3 holographic cover, similiar to the Grineer Blunts for Corpus to take cover behind. When cover is active, it will choose to duck down behind one of these for increased survivability, as the cover is removed upon expiration. Behavior 2. Augments nearby Turrets/Sensors. Turrets will be given a holographic sensor, and sensors will be given a holographic turret. Allowing both to function independantly. Ensnaring Moa: A Moa unit armed with a weak Cold status based rocket launcher. The damage of this isn't meant to kill, rockets direction doesn't follow the player and the AoE is rather small. But will be telegraphed by a blue laser, similar to Grineer snipers, giving 1-2 seconds to anticipate it. It also produces an aura that causes active nearby laser gates to proc the Cold status effect if you attempt to force through them. Alone each will be a considerably trivial threat, but together they cause Ships defences to be taken rather seriously.
  9. I had some DMs with [DE]Momaw and they are aware of it, but they're having trouble replicating it on their end. They really do want to fix it but they're not really sure what is triggering it, and hence they don't know how to fix it yet.
  10. I also experienced this I think. It did seem to be while that ability was being used when I downed them. Sadly I have a new Sister now with different hound abilities so I cannot test myself. I also wondered if any particular status effects or continuous weapons were doing it.
  11. The drop down vent from above in the Corpus Ship Rescue tile has been annoying me ever since it was added. Attempting to drop down regularly causes you to get stuck and stand on the edge of it, having to carefully centre yourself to fall down. Likewise, attempting to use the vents as a means of escaping the prison is even more difficult. The geometry/collission on the rim of this vent needs to seriously be smoothed out or just removed.
  12. I know in the past there was a medallion spawn location under one of the Corpus Ship extraction tiles floor which was obtainable. Twice now I've seen "something" spawn according to my loot radar, at the back of the Rescue prison and above me. Seen to the right of where I am looking here. Unless there is some hidden path to get there, it appears to be completely unobtainable as even the above vent doesn't lead to it.
  13. For context, I got a sister with a Tenet Arca Plasmor, and this is one of the few weapons I intend on maxing out the element on, because the default Arca Plasmor is the weapon I hand to my Tenno Specters. Is it possible to get two sisters back to back with an Arca Plasmor? Or does the game force that weapon not to be eligible for my next Sister spawner? e.g. will I have to fight my current Arca sister, get a non-Arca sister, then get an Arca sister again? p.s. not part of the above question, but do you have any melee weapon recommendation for specters? If so, why?
  14. Oh. I'd love to do this one. Profit Taker and Exploiter are two of my favourite bosses. Though I'll be honest in saying I'm not a big fan of Orb Vallis bounties.
  15. TL;DR, this first bit just explains the Sekharas if you're not familiar. If you're already familiar the question is simply what would you like future Sekharas to be if you could make/design them? To my knowledge, there are 5 official Sekharas in Warframe, and one which could be considered a Sekhara. If you're unfamiliar with them, they are essentially shoulder emblems like the others, but are much more unique. Coming with 3D models or effects, rather than the flat 2D images most I own all 5 official Sekharas but I think it's a shame they are not more widespread. In my honest opinion, they could be considered the predecessors to Ephemeras. The current list is Ki'Teer Sekhara, the only one that is still obtainable when Baro Ki'Teer brings it. The rest were tied to the now removed Trials. Sevati Sekhara, obtained from Vay Hek's Law of Retribution Trial for the first time. Aseron Sekhara, obtained from doing the harder version of Law of Retribution for the first time. Jordas Sekhara, obtained from doing the Jordas Trial for the first time. and the Invati Sekhara, which was given to all players who completed at least one Trial before they were removed. P.S. While writing this I just remembered the Vitus emblem from the Arbitrations which acts similarly. While not officially a Sekhara, the "Tethra's Doom Quantum Emblem" fits the same criteria, and could be considered an honorary Sekhara. Which was obtained from its name-sake event, which sadly was before I joined, but I'm not going to try asking for it to return. I will however say, as someone who owns the Raid Sekharas, I wouldn't mind seeing them make a return and become obtainable if it meant DE were to start expanding upon the list of Sekharas in game. They feel very in theme with Ephemeras, and while the Sekharas were originally intended to be awarded for great feats or etc, they are outshined by Ephemeras, sometimes literally. So with all that in mind, I felt like making another forum brainstorming thread just to see what the community would want in what can essentially be simplified to shoulder emphemeras?
  16. I'm encountering a very frequent bug where after I defeat Hounds, it won't give me the prompt to execute them. I thought maybe if I waited long enough they'd either get back up or expire on their own but neither is happening. It's so frequent I'm running Sister nodes where I end up only killing 1/3 Hounds. I'm running Nezha with a long duration firewalker and a sentinel with Verglas, I'm not sure if those are part of it. Their shields regen, but they don't get back up, and even if I remove their shield again nothing changes. I've also noticed I haven't been able to perform the Mercy animation whenever it does work, it's always the placeholder hacking animation instead.
  17. I wouldn't toss the idea away so soon. If the next Devstream involves Naberus 2021, we might see a Halloween/dark variant on the Angel wings to be thematic.
  18. Has anyone at DE considered having Agile/Noble sets for Warframes based off of non-"Warframe" characters? e.g. Clem, Darvo, Ki'Teer, Prodman, Syndicates or even the Operator idles?
  19. Why are so many people against being able to ride it like a vehicle though? I thought the excuse people always give against percieved powercreep was "It's meant to be fun, not good." If that's the case, then I'd take a ridable weapon over decent damage. Melee weapons all already feel the same. So why is breaking out of that such a gospel sin?
  20. I recommend making the "ride" part of the weapon, the Heavy Attack, that should hopefully allow for riding it longer, while also being more rewarding when using it against enemies with the right builds.
  21. Not really related to Railjack, but on the topic of Spectres. I love Nidus specters. They consistancy try to keep Parasitic Link on you the majority of the time, which provides you a bonus 24% power strength buff. Not counting the fact they can slowly gain stacks, don't consume stacks when casting abilities as specters use cooldowns, has decent hp and armor, innate health regen (stacking with stacks) and their Ult provides a decent AoE spot to heal while the maggots provide good CC distractions. The only move they don't use is Nidus's 2 but considering how much they can do on their own, I really couldn't ask for more.
  22. I recommend maxing out Engineering, being able to auto-repair using the map is so much more useful than you'd think.
  23. Huh, from my gameplay my Engineer is always fine. My only crewmate that gets downed seems to be the Pilot, and even then it appears one of the other crew members runs to revive them anyway.
  24. Noticing a bit of confusion so I'll just clarify. I meant more of Agile/Noble idles, not actual emotes. Sorry for the confusion.
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