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  1. While I can agree on them being unacceptable, I have to be honest. Filters seem like the worst option in my opinion, unless they only target things that would make sense. It took a while before I could name my Railjack the name I wanted it to be. I think I either made a support ticket or made a forum post, I forget which. But previously I couldn't name my Railjack "Past Sins" because Sins was filtered, and had to change the i to a 1 Not sure when it changed but at some point I found out I was able to name it that properly.
  2. 1. It's not my Dojo 2. Even if it was, items you submit to a Dojo, even if it's your own, you cannot gain those items back as they belong to the dojo permanently from that point 3. As much as I'd love to, I'm admittively not the most creative person. I'd rather have slots for them to be put in, rather than to make my own slots. Idunno why, but even after making them on my own Orbiter, I can never enjoy making my own display as it feels "artificial". I have my own area in the Transference room for each TennoCon and its items and while it's cool, I just don't really feel much love for it. Sorry if that came off a bit snappy, that wasn't my intention.
  3. So, as I like to do every time the Featured Clans are changed, I checked out the Featured Dojos on PC. And I came across this in the "Aeon Syndicate" featured Dojo on PC. Now, one of my favourite features in games is when things you collect actually exist in a physical space within the world. I know I can simply just place them down anywhere I want within my own Orbiter, but it doesn't quite feel the same as having a curated place for everything. Two games that come to my mind the most in this regard, is Assassin's Creed (2 and 3, haven't played the later titles so I can't comment on them) And the Skyrim MOD, Legacy of the Dragonborn. Both exist as a completionists/collectionists dream, in which there is locations with areas dedicated specifically to these items you have gained throughout a playthrough. Assassin's Creed being your home, and the Skyrim mod being a new Museum which also functions as a home. These two go above and beyond, as it's more than just collectables, but also weapons, armor and tons of other misc items, but even having just a small fraction of that in Warframe for stuff like Prex would be a huge dream to me. Again, credit to the Aeon Syndicate clan on PC for the above image. I would've loved to take more, but I think it's more beneficial for you and them to check it out yourself, if you can.
  4. They had a whole thing specifically for Operator suits didn't they? I don't think it'd be too hard for them to do. Plus, it'd allow them to apply more ephemeras to companions if they were more modular.
  5. That's kinda my opinion on the Spore Ephemera sadly.
  6. inb4 it's another Deimos and it launches at the end of Tennocon.
  7. This has been something on my mind for a while now. Not as a gameplay effecting thing but, similar to how Archwings are going to become modular in the future, what if Ephemeras acted more like bundles, and we could mix and match pieces of the Ephemeras to use on different warframes/companions, etc? Body slot, Step slot, Aura slot, maybe more? For example, my favourite Ephemera effect in Warframe is also paired with my least favourite Ephemera, if I could use them differently from each other I'd love it. The Ephemera in question being the Spore Ephemera from the Emissary Nightwave. The "Underglow" effect is easily my favourite, but I just don't like the rest of the Ephemera effects from that specific ephemera.
  8. First real change to the system from a gameplay perspective besides the 2014 destruction of the Relays. Would be interesting but I doubt it, DE has spent too much time on Cetus to allow it to be harmed to a permanent degree.
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned it. Whether it be at random, intentional, or just the Sentient attacking everyone at once it feels particularly interesting to me to see the Cetus tower being attacked in the teaser. If you guys remember the story behind the Eidolon(s), it was once part of a great Sentient, after eating the local wildlife that had been around the Tower, it was able to taste traces of Kuva from the tower in said creatures. The Sentient realised it could use Kuva to take back what was lost. And replenish its womb that the travel to the Origin system took from it. Sentients who believe in family over everything else, caused this Sentient to go on an all or nothing attack on Cetus, and failed. Being stopped by Gara. The resulting Eidolons are the headless/mindless fragments of that once great Sentient that failed, wandering around to try and become whole. For the Sentient to attack the Cetus tower, could it be they have the same goals in mind as that one Sentient from long ago? Or is this purely coincidental? Either possibility is interesting to me.
  11. Yeah the Prisma Machete, Carmine Penta and Cadus are all obtainable now.
  12. Uhh...Did you buy a founder account or something?
  13. Interestingly, if the Ancient Healer codex from Simaris is anything to go by, there's already an in-lore explanation for how Infested Liches would work. Apparently the Infestation can "remember" and "replicate" things it has consumed, sort of like how we can Subsume Warframes in our Helminth. According to the Codex, there was two Florists who had a telepathic connection with each other, one of them succumbed to the Infestation and unfortunately, the surviving sister could "hear" her sister all around them before an Infested attack which they survived. Given the Technocyte can also assimilate and replicate non-organic compounds and materials like metal, it could be possible for the Infestation to build some form of enemy who it keeps replacing and it gets stronger. The method to eliminating them, would be to cause that specific Infestation that keeps spawning them, to "forget" how to create it somehow. Making it a Lich we truly can kill, but not defeat. Akin to Shadow of War/Mordor.
  14. No offence but As much as I'd love DE to make Infested based updates, unfortunately I've kind of lost faith in DE's ability to make Infested stories that are interesting, about the Infested. As they always treat the Infested as an obstacle rather than a genuine threat. And when they are a genuine threat, it's normally because of something else, that isn't the Infestation in particular. Last time the Infested itself had some decent lore in my opinion, was back with Simaris's codexes on the Ancient Healers. I don't really have the energy to type out my frusterations with the Infested and how they are handled in Warframe, so I'll just link to a previous thread I made which explains more.
  15. Huh, I was going to question why a deluxe concept skin after her only being out a week, but this actually looks pretty great. Would love to see it in game.
  16. For some reason, this reminds me how I wish Weapon Subsuming was a thing, to use the weapon or weapon skin more universally.
  17. This is something that has bothered me for a while. Is there any benefit to converting a lich at level 1, compared to doing it at level 5
  18. Normally I get in trouble on these specific forums if I don't take someone literally.
  19. I ain't no expert, but from just a quick few google searches, those are completely different to the architecture seen in the void. They barely even resemble it, so I doubt DE based them on that.
  20. I guess, but if that's all the case, why did Ballas only use the Sentient and not the Corrupted?
  21. I think the Cetus tower is referred to as one of the last living Towers, which seems to imply that there are non-living towers. Which I'm guessing is what those in the Void are.
  22. Huh. I always knew this was a thing but wasn't aware there was an official name for it.
  23. I know this sounds odd given many aspects of the Orokin Towers have seating areas and tables, leading you to believe that at one point they were inhabited as areas for the Orokin to live in. But when you start to look at the Orokin Towers functionally, they seem less like homes, and more like deliberate obstacle courses, live fire arenas for the Tenno to train in. An enslaved army under the command of...Neural Sentries...Either AI or Cephalons. Like tacticians of the Tower. Akin to being the eyes watching over the battlefield and commanding units, like a Real Time Strategy game. The place is absolutely flooded with traps, pressure sensitive floor plating that activates lasers, automatic turrets among other things. Death Orbs that suspiciously rejuvinate the energy of Primed Warframes. Then on top of it all, there is countless side areas and puzzles filled with genuine treasures and riches, useful for the Tenno. With all this in perspective, the Towers, or at least those found within the Void don't seem like they were intended for the Orokin to exist in as the entire complex is a death trap. One wrong blue foot and you'll be cut down the middle by a laser or turret. I understand objectively from a gameplay perspective they exist in this manner to be fun to us as players, but from an in-universe perspective, they feel like there were intentionally designed to be explored, solved and plundered for their treasures. Maroo arguably backs this up due to the fact she regularly finds us Orokin Towers with unclaimed Ayatans inside. The Towers exist like temples, and we're some kind of Indianna Jones exploring them.
  24. I hate to give such a bland and blunt answer, but I recommend not fighting them with Oberon if that is the case.
  25. Since the Liches/Sisters are based on the Nemesis system from Lord of the Rings Shadow of War/Mordor games, one of the features in them was you were able to use various enhancements to upgrade them. In Warframe sadly, when we convert them it's just...that. We don't really have any way to interact with them. You can put them on your Railjack but they take up a crew slot and are limited to one role. Or they randomly spawn after you have been downed/revived in a mission. The potential is there, but we don't really have any way to expand our relationship with them. Crew Mates you can give competency points to, color them and give them armor/syandana and even give them one of your weapons. But none of that exists for the Sisters/Liches. I also noticed in the past when I did decide to use Liches as Crew Members, there was huge differences in the health and shields of them. Some Liches had 10k health or shields, while others had as little as 1k or less. Some of the features I'm hoping to see would be: Customisation, alter their colors, look and give them some of our own stuff Enhancement, either through modding, giving them our weapons, or being able to switch out their abilities. On-Call not requiring them to be in your active Railjack crew (Liches/Sisters only make sense as allies for On-Call, but you have to have them in your Crew for it to work.) Side note, but why is On-Call temporary? I can summon specters that can seemingly live forever, but I may want to run endurance or something, and they disappear? If not permanent, at least make them last 10 minutes, so they can be refreshed with the gear cooldown. Some of them have great personalities, but I dislike the abilities they've been given. Even if it was limited to just Subsume abilities I'd much rather use those on my Liches/Sisters.
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