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Omg, the build costs for the new operator outfits are ridiculous


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The issue isn't the amount of resources imo, it's the drop rate of some of the resources which they need.  In all honesty I have no issue with slightly higher grind on cosmetics, they add no standing and DE does need to make money somehow and I feel cosmetics is the best approach for getting people to buy stuff with plat. 

Having said that IMO some of the spawns in the game are broken, I did fishing last night and bait wasn't working in hot spots, I didn't have my pobber spawn when I tried to tranq it and in places like the spaceport the enemies just don't spawn full stop some of the time which is a pain if you're trying to get the toroid from there. 

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On 2018-11-21 at 5:10 PM, Hobie-wan said:

Long term goals or purchase with plat if your fashionframe can't wait.

RIght on.

Sick of seeing people complaining about something that doesn't affect gameplay, being expensive, instant gratification....

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