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Issue with Tennocon 2019 Twitch Drops and Simaris Codes

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Well day 2, still don't get my Ephemera...

Watched show form start to cosplay segment.

P.S - They need to stop using twitch drops on tennocon, never works then too many ppl watching (200-400k), just give ppl codes on stream. Twitch drops for years is a buggy mess.

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16 hours ago, Drakamon said:

Twitch drops have already been completed though, so we just got screwed and won't get anything


and when I check my profile it is giving me an error message


And yet mine came in Yesterday (Sunday) Afternoon. So tell me; 

1) Did you do the diligence of checking before hand? In streams I have seen leading up to this DE has come forward stating "make sure your accounts are linked". I am guessing you checked only after the fact. I am sure a nicely worded trouble ticket with a screen cap of your account will have fix this. As you can see at the end of my response, I have my twitch linked to my alt account, yet I did not get Nekros or the lotus whatchamacallit. Am I panicking? Hardly.  Patience, and knowing in Seven days time if I have not received it, I will send in a trouble ticket.

2) Did you buy the tennocon digital pack?

3A) Did you watch the stream while it was going on, or only show up for the live dev stream, just to get the free Nekros? If the latter, then I am thinking DE should rethink their twitch drops as they are getting people to watch just for the "free goodies", and not for the content.

3B) If you had not purchased the tennocon digital ticket, had not watched the stream from the start, were there just for the dev stream, then how on earth can you say you got "screwed" out of something that was given out completely free?



if need be, I can log in under this account to show that I have not received the Nekros Prime, which again I am not worried about getting as at the end of seven days if nothing has come in, I will send off a trouble ticket.

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I've read somewhere that if you have two Warframe accounts linked to the same twitch account, only the one liked first will receive the drop. I'm not sure though, because this info came from a user, and the official posts say nothing about this. But if this is true, the support ticket should solve the problem.

Edit: just be patient, probably a lot of people are complaining about the drops, so support may take a long time to solve everyone's issues.

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I was doing arbitration and one of the rewords was some super rare mod i forgot which one but it sells for a decent amount of plat so I was pretty happy with it. During exit I noticed that the mod was gone and had been replaced with the seeding step ephemera. Very cool, happy with that also but it was a bit strange.

During a Hydron run today, stalker dropped the smoking body Ephemera and I was psyched since that is the one I wanted the most. Unfortunately it is not what I got. It did not switch during exit as you can see in the pic below but its just not in there with the rest of my Ephemeras. I played a few games and came back to check again, I even exited warframe and came back. It's just not there.



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vor 16 Stunden schrieb Alpaca_McMarshmallow:

Did you watch the beginning of it too, Because if not that's why, the Ephermera was given out during the beginning 30 minutes

Hi like i said, i 'watched' the hole stream (at least my pc runs it 🙂 ). How ever it's ok not to have it, just wanted to notice it.

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So after twich drop, i got 2 nekros prime (i didnt have nekros prime before). I didnt notice at first . After that, i forma one and put exilus adapter to another one cause they have seperate loadout >>> not a visual bug or anything that harmless. Hope this get fixed soon.6SNdzDZ6xKc3I9dXAgGXkxFjo?token=eyJhbGci

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