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I'm looking for some Fun/Annoying builds.


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Hey, i'm currently looking for some fun builds. I feel like having some fun in Warframe instead of Grinding.

I have a few of my own to share, and i hope to get to see some of yours too.

1. Max Range Mesa

How is this fun/annoying?

Well, i brought my friend to Hydron to level up hes MK-1 Braton / Lato and MK-1 BO (Keep in mind he's rank 26 and hes playing since beta, he used hes "newbie" loadout with Rivens for Braton/Lato). I wanted to test out a CC oriented build for Mesa (don't even know why) and i went for a range Build. This is the same thing like Limbo Cataclsym+Stasis, but you won't realise who Stuns (Jams) the enemies until too late. First 5 waves were quite fast, but 5 wave to 10, enemies couldn't even move. Give it a shot, it's pretty fun i'd say.

Mods Used:

Aura: Growing Power

Exilus: Cunning Drift

Normal: Constitution / Primed Continuity / Blind Rage / Intensify / Primed Flow / Stretch / Overextended / Muzzle Flash(A). (3 Formas / Mesa Prime). You can removed Constitution for Augur Reach.

2. SuppDroid

How is this fun/annoying?

Quite simple actually, it's fun because you are trying to be a Trinity on Discount. Quite fun if you feel like being AFK for a while and still be usefull to the team.

Energy Siphon + Coaction Drift for demm energy restore. Curative Undertow for healing, and around 235 range.

Mods Used:

Aura: Energy Siphon

Exilus: Coaction Drift

Normal: Transient Fortitude / Overextended / Stretch / Constitution / Primed Continuity / Streamline / Primed Flow / Curative Undertow(A). (2 Formas / Hydroid Prime)

3. Light Show Mirage

How is this fun/annoying?

This is one of my favorites. Works pretty good solo, but i'd recommend using a Nekros with Despoil and/or Gara with Spectrosiphon. Why Nekros/Gara? Because of her Sleight of Hand augment Explosive Legerdemain. Wait a bit for some dudes to die so that they will leave pickups behind and press her 2 and enjoy the Light Show and the CC that comes alongside with it.

Mods Used:

Aura:Corrosive Projection (Any Dash/Naramon mods work with her, hell use Aura Forma if you feel like it).

Exilus: Cunning Drift

Normal: Primed Continuity / Transient Fortitude / Intensify / Stretch / Narrow Minded / Primed Vigor / Explosive Legerdemain(A) / Hall of Malevolance(A) or Augur Reach (replacing Hall of Malevolence). (3 Formas / Mirage Prime).


These are mine. What cool/fun or frustrating builds you have?


NOTE: Primed Mods can be replaced with their normal counterparts if you don't own them.

I will also apologize in advance if i posted this in the wrong section.

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Just Limbo

How is this fun/annoying? 

Because Limbo.

I didn't play him for like 600hr of game play time until today, because I tried to unveil a riven (complete a defense mission with the objective taking no damage), I had to argue and deal with as****es insulting in chat even if I had 34% range to avoid annoying people.

Calm the f down, people. 

Mods used:

Aura: Whatever. 

Exilus: Whatever. 

Normal: Whatever. (n formas / Limbo Prime) 

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Welp, I've been using a weird Khora build that's been quite... Entertaining 😛

Quite forma heavy but worth IMO

Been using rejuvenation aura but can be changed for anything really. 

Full umbra set

Stretch + rage + flow + adaptation and an handspring for good measure

An extra kavat (any mods that gives life-steal link) 

Anything bellow lvl 80 does peanuts and gets shreked by the cats, healing you in turn. 

Goal: try to get killed wille watching the AI do silly things to your teleporting cat army :3

Yes, I am weird. 

PS: this is a build I made to focus on her 2 and 4, just happens it came out more fun than antecipated so been using it over the standard wipclaw build which I find boring as all hell. 

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Sonicor – Decibelic doom build

How is this fun/annoying?

Put simply, this beast is stupidly powerful for only having 4 mods. If you aim it properly, you can send enemies in any direction at 54,000,000,000 m/s or something with a blast of >185 dB/cm^2 sound. It rarely deals enough damage to kill either, but usually they just end up clipping out of the skybox and... Fall to their death upwards? Usually the gun doesn't kill them, but they can be bouncing off walls or clip half-way through walls and roofs when used in an enclosed area. It's done by enhancing the blast effect of the AOE to the point of it being strong enough to send any enemy that can be ragdolled flying, regardless of level. It's great in solo play, but... It can cause issues if you're in a group. 

Mods Used:

Ice Storm / Scorch / Serration / Deep Freeze (just mod for blast damage. Trust me on this one.)

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Drift Nezha

How is this fun/annoying?

You can move to the point of hearing that wind sound when you're falling from great heights. Fun for running straight but very annoying to turn right or left that you need to master the drift

Mods used

Aura : Sprint boost

Mods : every mods that you can find for sprint speed and slide

- Maglev

- Streamlined form

- Cunning drift

- Armored agility

- Rush

- Speed drift

Don't use fire walker if you don't want to be nearly unable to turn



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High range/duration Frost. Essentially a bootleg Nova in the crowd control department, especially with the Icewave Impedence mod equipped, but it isn't necessary. Use Avalanche, which will be weak due to Overextended, and just walk around smashing snowmen at your leisure. You can lock down entire regions with slows and freezes, but not have the damage boosting capabilities of Nova's Molecular Prime.


Vauban armor strip kit: utilizes his 4th to pull in enemies into a ball, then has his second ability use the shred mine, with enough power strength and corrosive projection aura equip, can 100% strip all armor, with a single mine, to all those trapped in the Vortex.


High range/duration Mag equipped with a solid projectile weapon (not hitscan) like the Supra can turn her magnetize into death balls, which can completely shut down a doorway or entrance that enemies use.

Well, these can be usefull, and not at all annoying....

For annoying....

Max range/dur vauban, make your energy colors as flamboyant as you can, and spam ALL THE BASTILLES EVERYWHERE!

Switch teleport allies off ledges, stripping their buffs if they can't recover in time....

Frost bubbles in annoying spots... same goes for Limbo..... and Gara

Speed Nova can be pretty trolly in the right situations....

Limbo.... Duh....

Radiation hazard sorties are always fun with map wipe frames.

Wukong is fun to zip into <most> spy vaults with Cloud Walker and finish it before the Ivara or Loki can even get halfway through it. Have caught some heat from folks for doing this in sorties over the past few weeks. People don't like it when you do their job for them.

Watch someone take a little bit to try to kill something tough (like Nox's in Hydron) and use Nyx's 1st ability on it right before it is about to be killed.

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