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DE, please make the kuva survival nightwave explicit


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3 times this week I've had players refuse to come to the exit during a kuva siphon survival mission. 

When I finally got them to communicate, they stated their intentions to stay 30min. to satisfying the nightwave challenge. 

Would you please put "Kuva Fortress" in the challenge somewhere?

Instead of

"Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival",

would you please make in read

"Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Sirvival at the Kuva Fortress"


Look, it doesn't really affect me.  I'm good.  But I'm starting to hurt for all these guys who are cranking out long times on the survival missions and not getting credit.  


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Oh wow this is a 2019 thread lol. but yeah i went onto a kuva siphon surival today and had to tell 2 different guys who joined at different points it was the wrong mission. There is only one node of actual kuva survial so naming the node would probably be the easiest way of clarifying this. The name distinction of kuva survival and kuva siphon survival really isnt enough on it's own. 

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On 2021-02-20 at 5:18 PM, (XBOX)Helverin said:

Or they take a look at the timer, since Siphon only last 10 minutes it is probably not the right mission. But just renaming it as "Taveuni" in the challenge description would clarify things without any misunderstanding, yes. 

Dont underestimate the persistance of people who dont know lol. Had someone ask how to make the survival last 30 minutes thinking there was some secret way to do it

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