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Tridron Hunting - Chroma who would you want to take with?


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I am also going to be very vanilla and say Trinity, Volt, Harrow.

Without trinity, keeping lures alive is a giant pain (unless you have a super pro squad that takes his shields down and destroys his parts instantly, but it's probably not the case most of the time), plus she is good at keeping everyone alive (bless gives 75% dr, full health and shield, you can spam it, and it happens in affinity range, oberon is just not even comparable).

Then it would be Volt, to increase the speed at which you kill shields, plus he can give extra damage to limbs as well with his shields.

Then it's Chroma, then Harrow. Harrow goes last because, while ignoring the magnetic proc stage is beneficial, his crit buff will only work if you take down the shields fast enough, which may not happen in an average squad, so he is not that useful.

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