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Subsume joke ability (Bring Back Super Jump)


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I dunno if anyone else would like to see this but I think it would be funny if you subsume Excalibur twice you can give Super Jump to any Warframe for a small amount of resources or even give it back to another Excalibur for nostalgia purposes.

I wish I could let DE know because I would love to see that come back since it wouldn’t really be hurting anyone and I would love to see how it would perform with Overextended and Power Donation equipped lol

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I personally loved Super Jump just because back then, with parkour 1.0 and how you could begin a horizontal wall run and let it go immediately to be flung forward with great momentum, pairing that with Super Jump sent you absolutely flying. Enough to reach each end of the Corpus Dam map, even hitting the ceiling with enough power strength.

I think it's a great idea, though they might need to polish up and slightly rework some old abilities just for the sake of not copy-pasting, and to make sense as a Helminth ability.

It also begs the question, if they add more to Helminth, are they going to lock it behind new ranks, or add it to the existing ones? I hope it's the latter, or at least hope that they track every subsume, infuse, and all the resources we've fed into Helminth. Otherwise, those of us who have already done a ton will get screwed out of the potential progress of it all.

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Not including legacy abilities, stuff like these would be cool:

Wall Hacks-See Through for Xx seconds

Weapon Punch Through +Yy meters for Xx seconds

Upgrade Xx enemies in Yy range into Eximus units (or its opposite power equivalent, Downgrade)

Super Power - Give 1 enemy all of the surrounding enemies' armor. (armor stripping, effectively)

Saddling - Make the targeted enemy your skateboard.

Invade - Become the targeted enemy for Xx duration.

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