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what is a good way to prove i killed the stalker on the steel path with the dragon keys?


I have not done this yet, but am planning to. How should I show my evidence? I just tried with Nova + Redeemer on Psamathe.

screenshot of gearwheel


screenshot of sygil


Screenshot of end of mission rewards



Do you think that this would be sufficient evidence that I have solo killed the Psamathe bosses with all the dragon keys equipped on the steel path? or should I also look at the games log files similar to the death logger that Semlar made? https://semlar.com/deathlog


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Set you in-game chat with a timer. That way every time you chat it'll set the time. Then screen cap the steel path missions before entering, making sure the screencap also gets your chat timer.  Once you defeat the stalker type  "Defeated Stalker" screen cap the moment he's defeated and make sure the chat timer is in the screen cap as well.

Hope this helps. 

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