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Update 10.6.0: The Vectis!


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Update 10.6.0: Vectis!




- The Vectis is here! A classic Tenno sniper rifle, the Vectis is ideal for ranged takedowns! 
- Pumpkin Panic!  Pumpkins have been added to the Solar System – they will appear in many places in celebration of Halloween!

- Added new art for several Sentinel Mods
- Added a lore entry based on “The Gradivus Dilemma”

- Preparation of deploying Gradivus Rewards. 



- Changes to DX9 Rendering. People running Direct X in Multi-threaded mode may notice a frame-rate increase. We are hoping to help performance on low-end PC’s playing Warframe with this change.  See here for more details on Multi-Threaded rendering: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/105651-optional-multi-threading-feedback/

- Jetpacks destroyed in mid-flight will now stop the motion.

- Corpus Dera wielded by enemies now match Clan Tech Dera (alternate between top and bottom barrels when firing).

- Holster Speed Aura moved to alerts, removed from enemy drop table for consistency.

- UI tweaks to facilitate longer Alias/PlayerNames being cropped.

- We now prevent loading into gameplay if user is already in a lobby when new build is detected.



- Fixed and response to complaints that Ash’s Blade Storm will sometimes ignore enemies who are standing right beside the initial target.

Due to people pointing out enemies not being hit enough though their camera "sees" them, Blade Storm will now perform a raycast from the Warframe’s eye AND the camera's view position and if the existing conditions are satisfied on either one, the enemy will be included in the hit list.

- Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos abilities making the targets not behave in a proper manner. Mind Control was not having enemies aggressively attack their own, and Chaos was making the player a target over enemies. The affected targets will now properly perceive their targets.

- Fixed Sentinels hitting themselves when firing inside Nyx's Absorb bubble.

- Fixed teleported players falling through world if they had not had footing on ground.

- Fixed Nova’s Molecular Prime not chaining when the kill is made by a Sentinel.

- Fixed sell price for cipher 10-run blueprints and the clan totems (all should be 200K CR just like regular totems)

- Fixed game-hangs when shooting Absorb bubble with Torid (and possibly other projectile weapons).

- Fixed to the star map not showing correctly when client is disconnected from host during a derelict key mission in lobby.

- Fixed game crash when Reflection Mod parries an Infested suicide runner.

- Fixed for edge case where 5 users could enter a mission together.

- Fixed for crashes in LensFlare when there are no flare paramaters.

- Fixed for dojo room costs being +1 of (Insert Resource/Credit here) when running 64 bit version of Warframe.

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