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Modding there's a lot of mods with great potential not being use due to the required mods always taking space ? Do you want to improve the modding system to account for those many mods that aren't being used? Maybe expanding the exilus mods to account for 4 total space rather than one. System for bonus set?

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I agreed.

Sure, we need to be toned down in power to account for all of this (that's a different can of worms), but something I'd love to see personally is a system like this:

Modding section 1 - Output

Output mods -> Here we mod just like we know it today; 8 mod slots where you slap on damage/fire rate/crit/status/punchthrough/radius-boosters/multishot/elemental (and reach for melee) mods on weapons, For Warframes/Vehicles/Companions, it's stuff like health/shields/ability-boosting (including non-Exilus augments) mods. You have 30 / 60 mod points to use here (or up to 40 / 80, like on Kuva/Tenet/Necramechs)

Modding section 2 - Tactical + Utility/Exilus

Here we would mod slightly differently. You have 3 Tactical mod slots and 3 Utility mod slots, sharing 30 / 60 (or up to 40 / 80) mod points. These mod points are NOT the same as the mod points given for the Output mods! Using an Exilus adapter adds 1 more mod slot of each type.

Tactical mods -> This is where you add more situational things, stuff that might help with sustained DPS or inconsistent damageboost, but not 100% reliable burst DPS.

For ranged weapons, think: Reloadspeed, Magsize, Holstered reload,

For melee: Combo efficiency, Energy Channel, Seismic Wave, Finisher-booster, Combo-start (like Corrupt Charge and Covert Lethality - there ought to be a "normal" mod of these too), Guardian Derision,

Arguably, it could also contain situational damageboosting mods. Stuff like Status-duration, Combustion Beam, Concealed Explosives, Thunderbolt, Charged Chamber, Synth Charge, Motus Setup, Spring-Loaded Chamber (and its ilk) etc

For Warframes/Vehicles/Companions: Natural Talent, Drift mods which boost strength/range/duration, situational damage reducers (think elemental resistance), subsystem booster (think Engine for Necramechs) etc.

Utility (or Exilus) mods -> All the remaining Exilus mods which already exist on weapons/Warframes (recoil reduction, ammo max/mutation, zoom, silence, current Exilus-augments etc).

For melee, it would include combo duration boosters, parry width, glaive bounce alterations, glaive projectile speed, Dispatch Overdrive, Parry and similar things. Hek, if Stamina ever were to come back to counter melee spam, this would house stamina QoL mods.

It would also include mods like: Sticky Grenades, bouncing projectiles (like the mod for Tetra), accuracy mods (like Tainted Shell, Guided Ordnance, Directed Convergence etc).


This way, modding becomes more... personal?

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