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What you look in weapon stats?




After playing this game for awhile, I think already know many weapon with many preferences and mods builds. So after I googling it for awhile, I think its interesting many people choose the weapon they like (even though the base stats its not high comparing to other weapon).

So my main question its "What you look in weapon stats?" What you usually look to increase with mods and why? I know it depends on mission or else, but what you usually look?

Thank you in advance for answering this question

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🤔 Usually I'll get the weapon and see what it's meant to do and how it's meant to behave, decide whether I want to use it (short answer; yes), and then tweak it to either enhance its specific design or balance out its shortcomings.

Personally the stats of the weapon are only a guide as far as I'm concerned, something that tells me "This is a Corpus Killer" or "This is a precision crit weapon" or "Fire everywhere, haaaahahaha!!".

The Latron Wraith kicks hard on every shot, which isn't necessarily a stat, so I equip something like Stabilizer if I want to rapid fire, or replace that with something else if I'm fine with spacing my shots a little more. In the higher-level content, I may be forced to learn how to space my shots if I can't fit a Stabilizer alongside the necessary damage mods, which is fine with me. Its particular stat combination means I probably wouldn't take it against the Infested or Corpus (but it may work okay to deal with those robots and their slight weakness to Puncture once I strip them of their shields; I only recently got it so I haven't figured it out entirely yet). It has a not-great status chance, but a pretty okay crit chance, so if I were to take it to the higher-level Grineer I'd probably equip the elemental mods that are strict elemental damage increase, not necessarily the ones that are a little bit of element and a little bit of status chance increase (though that's subject to change), and if I fought lower-level Grineer I'd probably be equipping firerate-increase mods and/or Punch Through and/or Argon Scope alongside my optional Stabilizer.

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For me I check its Crit/Status to determine what kind of mod setup it would start with.

Then the way that it delivers that damage, hitscan bullets? Projectiles? Explodey projectiles? Beam? Chaining? Tentacles?

Then I look at the physical and innate elemental damages it has.

Take the Kuva Nukor for example.

Super high status with Crit that, with the primed mods and arcane avenger, can still be an option. Beam that chains. And innate radiation and (if spawned with the right Warframe) heat.

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I always look for the "Fun Measurement", but I can never find listed so I just go by my gut feeling. Mods make up for a majority of weapon deficiencies, obviously some are head-and-shoulders better than others.

Some weapons are fun because they are crazy powerful, some are fun because they are goofy meme-worthy weapons. Like the Stug.

In other cases, like glaive type weapons, some players love them and others hate them. Another would be Single-Target guns, some like them and some don't.

There is another situation where a "less-powerful" weapon is preferred by players because they have a riven for it that makes it very effective.


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- How its damage is split

-Its crit and status chance

-Its firerate and fire mode (or attack speed for melee)

-Diminution if applicable

Then some test to see its recoil, max ammo and how it is "for real".


There are exceptions but, most of the time, I build on weapons strenghts and add confort mods only when some default make a weapons unpleasant or "unusable" (for example : less recoil on a soma is mandatory for me)

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