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Ghoul Event - POE


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During Ghoul Event, I just found out that you can grind Neo R1 in ghoul event bounties, when player got the Neo R1 then next bounties they leave the area and mission failed, repeat again 2 time and getting other Neo R1. I think Neo R1 should remove from ghoul event and put in fissures run.



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28 minutes ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

sadly that's another potential outcome with public groups: players leave once they get what they want. happens all the time in ESO, host migration nearly always happens after round 8.


This complaint is about people doing the first part of the bounty over and over to farm a specific common drop, but with a pre-made squad who all agreed to do this. 


Source - I was part of the squad and OP messaged me saying we were "abusing bounties" and they were gonna let DE know so it gets "fixed" 

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19 minutes ago, Fallen77 said:

At this point they should let all rewards be unknown until the mission is completed like it's done in other places already, so no more issue, everybody has to do the mission legit.

That way you could still do the same thing, at the same speed, you just wouldn't know what you got until you extracted. If failing a bounty would nullify previous rewards, that would mostly hurt new players and people trying to rank up Fortuna. 


ETA: Leaving it as is is definitely the best choice, it allows for good optimizations for people who put effort into optimizing it, and is far more noob-friendly, which is important with missions that you unlock on the first planet. 

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