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Update 11.6.0: Drakgoon







Drakgoon Flak cannon available now!

Send volleys of hot shrapnel flying and dominate the enemy with the Drakgoon Flak Cannon! Fire it in wide bursts to target multiple enemies or take aim and attack with a powerful, concentrated shot.



-  Increased stagger threshold and made stagger only occur on big hits instead of on accumulated damage; this should prevent situations where Quick Thinking would save you only to let you get knocked down and killed again.

- Changed enemy scaling for Endless Defense missions at high levels (now wave 100 enemies should be  around level 200 instead of 8000).

- Removed the Candy Cane Scythe from the store.

- Improved Faction invasion momentum by periodically increasing score for leading faction by a small amount (since numerous stalemates have emerged which interfered with the flow of the system).

- Implemented Shadow Quality option for DirectX 11; also made it apply in places it did not previously. Changing this option now takes effect immediately (ie: no game restart required).

- Made all Warframe components sellable (1000 CR each).

- Changed Lotus transmissions to reduce chatter: added delay to Mobile Defense reminders, Heavy Unit transmissions now have a 2 minute cool-down and can occur at most 3 times per mission.

- Loki’s Invisibility no longer reduces the volume of dialog and music.

- Changed logic that determines visual representation of damage mods on continuous-fire weapons (eg: Synapse, Ignis, etc).

The frequency of damage numbers used to be limited by using a minimum damage threshold. Since damage mods increase the rate at which damage accumulates, this would cause damage to be inflicted more often though each damage event would not necessarily be larger. This led to people thinking the mods did nothing because they didn't notice the increased rate at which numbers would appear (an easy mistake for low level damage mods). Similarly, headshots would make numbers appear more often but not necessarily create bigger numbers.

Now continuous fire weapons now limit the frequency of damage numbers by using a minimum time between impacts, regardless of how much damage has accumulated. This gives us a lot more control and should make things more obvious for players who are applying damage mods (it's easier to notice that numbers are 5% larger in magnitude vs being generated 5% faster)”



- Fixed issue with going past Wave 100 in Endless Defense resetting enemy levels and interfering with spawning.

- Fixed another potential cause of the Fog Epidemic of 2013 and 2014.

- Fixed Unranked mods not being tradable.

- Fixed Platinum earned through trading not being usable in Dojo.

- Fixed kills made with Ember’s Fire Blast not always counting towards your stats.

- Fixed Clients seeing gore when they have the gore turned off.

- Fixed Penta energy colour not always applying to grenades.

- Fixed issue with Rank 3 Weapon Mastery Challenge/Achievement not being updated immediately.

- Fixed enemy warning transmissions playing when spawning turrets & cameras (the Lotus would say “Robots approaching!” when it was just cameras).

- Fixed excessive footstep sounds in cases where animation had to catch up with movement.

- Fixed issue in dojo where a player on the kneeling pad could slide off and be unable to stand up.

- Fixed fire-rate stats in the arsenal for continuous fire-weapons so you can correctly interpret the magazine size.

- Fixed issue with Volt being unable to melee if Overload was active or lingering.

- Fixed issue with Reactor Room door floating in dojo.

- Fixed issue with Polish translation of “Continue” and German text on Mercury overlapping UI.

- Fixed game crash when rebinding controls.

- Fixed Dojo crash related to large dojo’s building an elevator late in the dojo’s progress.

- Fixed crash caused by change in audio device.

- Fixed various crashes.

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*Crashes sideways into thread*


*Sprints out through the opposite wall*


*Pokes head back through hole*

Also, thank you for making warframe components sellable and fixing invasion stalemates. God knows I needed that >.> Still waiting on Detron resolution, though.

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