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Update 12: Zephyr Rises

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UI feedback in survival so far: Too many reused colors.  Life support drops are now yellow/orange like terminals instead of green and extraction is the same color but blinking instead of the easily distinguished red.  Doesn't make it easy to tell at a glance what is what.  The life support bar now being white surrounded by a bunch of white text doesn't make it any easier check at a glance at either.


Interception seems kinda interesting.  Will need to play more of it.  First Nightmare alert for it should prove interesting.

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NEW TENNO LAB - The new Tenno Research Lab allows you to construct Warframes in a new way - in your Dojo!


So after we end the construct of the warframes we build them in dojo


So now we dont need to replicate it after we build the parts in clan teach


Or we still need to replicate then build in Foundry

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this was a good update. my real complains are the inevitable wait and darvo alert not being repeatable, that was a memorable mission. were those hyenas immune to procs? viral seemed to do nothing to them.


interception was interesting take on MD, not sure if id like it to replace all MDs. the void tables needs to be in game with the chances to drop and it would be interesting to see that number on enemies drops too.


the codex is a much better tutorial tool, the UI has potential and soon we will either get used to it or things will be enlarged, the mods are finally easy to mess with and we got movable polarity without a extra cost on forma.


will the hyena boss be fixed? i heard one of the hyenas is spawned inside the tileset, making it impossible to complete the mission.

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This update sucks like every other. Ui is steel ridiculous - looks like designed by 4 year old kid and it's usability ... Joke!


Along many other stupid things, what have you done to Vortex, next nerf for Vauban? New warframe is just funny, you are loosing this special mood which is steel an asset of this game ... sad.


Disappointment all the way :(

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First off: what a GREAT job on most of the U12 things! :D


but there are a thing that i am not that fond of:

the new UI is great, and the stacking of mods is AWESOME! but... why wont fusion cores stack? if they have the same rarety and fusion level, why not stack them? this would make looking over ALL the mods at once way easyer, and better (in my opinion)


but overall: good job on the update :)

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Now, this tops everything.

I thought: W000t! New weapons to research! Maybe some in the store for immediate U12-fun.

But no.

The wording "Clan Research or Market" hit me hard. But, no hard feelings beforehand, I thought it could be that I do not understand that point. Better check it out myself ingame. Sadly, it was what I had feared:


Now you seem to have the option to BUY weapons or (/and) RESEARCH them!

(I refer to the until now so called "Clan Reasearch Weapons")


NO! What is this!!? 

It seems that it does not matter anymore if you are a player. It is enough to be a customer; a customer who buys a lot of plat and then his kit in the store.


What was the purpose to play as a/ to be in a Clan? To be better organised and develop new tactics, weapons and stuff?!?

Nope; not necessary. Just go shopping, you do not need "to play the game".


I think this is the worst update so far DE. You can do better than this.


El Psy Congroo


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New HUD looks fine but I still prefer to have the older one. The option to switch between the two is needed and the new HUD needs some color changes :P. Now Frost hmm why hurt frost soo much? What you did to his other skills is fine but to give Snowglobe HP and duration thats quite upsetting since his other skills are still not as useful compared to his snowglobe so it will take quite alot more effort just to make this new version 75% as useful as the old, pulling numbers from random. Atleast take away the Duration from Snowglobe.

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" - Saryn’s Moult ability now causes radial damage when it is killed.
  - Valkyr now has 600 base armor.
  - Valkyr’s Hysteria ability now takes weapon damage and crit into consideration

Sweet! Thanks!


" - Frost’s Snowglobe now has health in the following values as upgraded/fused: 1500,2500,3000,3500. "

Crud... in other words "Goodbye Snowglobe"  when dealing with higher level enemies.  I doubt it'll last long, probably best for lower/mid levels now.


" - Tigris now has improved damage, critical chance, and proc rate "

That's nice and all, but unless you're only dealing with a couple of enemies it is still a hassle IMO. What it really needs is a much faster reload time so long as it only holds two rounds by default. Reload is still way too long in many situations to be worth it.


" - Sentinel Deth Machine Rifle weapon now has 5% crit chance.
  - Flux Rifle now has improved damage and proc rate.

Great! Thanks!


" - Corpus Crewmen Helmets now are destroyed after taking an amount of damage, revealing a head that is open for headshots underneath! "

Sounds like fun!


Edit to add: Forgot to say "Thanks!" for the new ability to manage polarities! Love it!

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