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Update 12: Zephyr Rises

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It was not necessary to nerf in in so much stupid way, there can be no excuse for what they did.

Along those pages were suggestions how to nerf/change SG in a sane and balanced way, I personally liked suggestion in this topic: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/117028-balance-adjustments-to-frame-lineup/





Frost [14] -> [20]

Freeze **

Change: AoE that freezes all enemies within 1/2/3/4 meters of the target for 2/3/4/5 seconds or until 10%/20%/30%/40% of their health has been dealt as damage.  Bosses unfreeze upon taking any damage and elites unfreeze upon taking half the standard amount of damage.

Explanation: this gives Frost very reliable crowd control by bringing a small section of the battlefield to a grinding halt.

Projected Rating: 4


Ice Wave **

Change: leaves behind an icy trail that causes enemies that walk over it to be chilled and 40% wider than it is currently.  Chilling path remains for 5/7/9/11 seconds after being spawned.  Allies can slide 70% further when on the chilled path

Explanation: this gives Frost a good way to slow the advance of a line of enemies as well as a team movement ability to a certain extent

Projected Rating: 4


Snow Globe *****

Change: snow globe is no longer invincible but rather becomes a series of ice plates in the shape of a dome.  If an ice plate receives too much damage from enemy forces, it will shatter, leaving a hole.  Dome is composed of 7 plates, each having 500/1000/2000/3000 health.  Each unshattered plate will regenerate 10% of its maximum health per second; when under fire, a given plate will regenerate at 3.3% of its maximum health per second.  Globe rotates around its vertical axis at 2/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 RPM to help distribute damage.

Explanation: I know I'll get raged at for this, but right now, SG is no different from the old Bastille except that it is for use against different factions.  It artificially extends the ability of a team to survive in defense simply because they are invulnerable inside it and it practically mandates that a Frost come along.  This change gives Frost the chance to defend his allies provided that the team is responsible.  Take care of the globe and it will take care of you.

Projected Rating: 4


Avalanche ***

Change: ragdoll-throws any affected enemies.  They become frozen to whatever surface they land on for 3/4/5/6 seconds.  After this, they will slowly unfreeze, bodypart by bodypart (in randomized order, though always starting with the head).  Another bodypart is unfrozen every 3/4/5/6 seconds.  Both legs must be unfrozen to walk, right arm must be unfrozen to fire, both arms must be unfrozen to reload, applicable body part must be unfrozen to cast abilities (so Shockwave MOAS need their legs unfrozen to stomp you while a Toxic Ancient needs its torso unfrozen for its poison aura)

Explanation: personally, I'm very fond of this and think this gives a nice and unique form of CC to Frost so his abilities aren't all the same form of enemy disruption.

Projected Rating: 4


Kit **

Projected Rating: 4


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Small, simple (theoretically) change to defense - the pod/artifact's life scales just like the enemies do as waves go on.  Likely shields as well - they drop fast enough that Mag likely wouldn't become mandatory.  Or crank up the armor since health/shields are visible to make it look less weird than the pop magically gaining life as time goes on.  I'm sure DE could come up with something they're satisfied with.


Thus level 9000 (+1) enemies take around the same amount of time to kill it but as they become stronger relative to the Tenno (who will be the same power throughout) it will become harder to keep them off the pod - in theory.  Could start the pod scaling a certain number of waves in so enemies won't be killing it at the speed of wave 1 enemies and instead at the speed of like, wave 20  or 30 enemies or something like that.


Players getting one shot as enemies scale infinitely is fine, but the objective getting one shot into mission failure just seems kinda silly - especially given how long it can take to reach those high waves.  Without the objective getting one shot, Snow Globe (pre-patch version) would no longer be -required- to even think of doing high waves of non-Infested.

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Sorry to say it this way, but the UI changes are catastrophic.

-Mods stacking: despite the fact that you can choose the number of mods, trying to sell multiples mods, same and differents at once, is a nightmare.

-Ingame UI: the animated portraits are nice, but the UI itself is REALLY hard to read. The stamina bar is too thin, the energy bar impossible to undestand at first sight. I don't want to have to to stare at the UI during a while in order to obtain the needed informations. In top of that, the minimap has its top cut, we can't see the objectives.

The only good thing of this HUD is the life of the Sentinel. For everything elese, the first one was better.

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Update 12 IS HERE!!!


Me when I was reading Update 12 changes and additions. :D 

So thrilled! Can't wait till it all patch up so I can check everything myself. 

Is it only me or some changes were not mentioned (no Hyena model update?no Vay Hek rework?no lenses?)?

Maybe there are no boss reworks O.O  must patch my game and check it asap. 

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Well there is a lot of improvement.


And some minor annoyances.


Seriously 600 armor on a berzerker character that looks like her skin got flailed off... i'm getting really tired about how you guys managed the impossible of messing something as simple as a berzerker type character up. Ember got a lot of stupid changes because Scott thought she was too tanky, but Valkyr being only good as a half hearted tank is perfectly fine?


And then we have the snowglobe change...


But i'm getting too negative here. The rest of the update looks great.


PS: Please don't repeat the "It's the grine-..." joke again. It was fun the first time around, but you are overstreching it.

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New stuff Awesome !!

Just my opinion, however I don't like the separation of the Warframe's abilities being placed alongside the weps hud. I feel confused when I look there instead of seeing all the choices for the Warframe simultaneously.

In general though I like the feel of the layout and it looks a lot more slick.


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First of all, Congratz DE, my friends and me like the new update a lot, and the path the game is taking.


Something that seems to have gone unnoticed so far is a certain performance improvement that at least, my clanmates and me are experiencing. LEss lag and more fluid gameplay.


Thanks for buffing the Flux. Someone here said it was OP, come on flux wasn't much more than garbage. Maybe I can take it further in Survivals along with my Nekros for some epic body splitting & desecrations.


About this

"- Fixed weapon holster positions of many weapons across many Warframes."


Throwing knives still look horrible on Nekros.









You can see this "bulb" that is usually hidden in other warframes, popping out between Nekros' leg and the rings around it - either stick weapons to his thigh or remove those ugly bulbs, which look completely out of place there.

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Just ran Darvo Alert. Its totally awesome!

The full 3d models, the plot and dialog is good.

Corpus snipers now yellow. But do they snipe? A behaviour change maby?

Good first step though.

Mini boss Hyenas were super! Actually the first boss fight ever in warframe that felt like a boss fight!

BUT after I killed them, the game crashed totally, and messed up windows forcing a reeboot.

I surely hope this was a one time thing, since it has never happened before.

New ui, not sure yet.

Allso, power orb drop nerf, or power drain increase on Rhino?

Ran dry many times.

So, both good and bad so far.

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Initial impressions:


Another ability with good utility slapped with a fixed scale that doesn't account for harder hitting enemies and completely undermines how it was used (I don't know how else to address its use, either). Sure, Globe could seriously limit incoming damage. But that doesn't mean we're any better equipped to take out what walks straight through it! Solution? Nerfing Frost's defensive ability in favor of strengthening his elementally based offense?


I get wanting to change frames because they aren't being played the way you envisioned them to be. However, doing so in a manner that strips players of their utility and scalability while promoting enemy scaling just doesn't make sense to me anymore (yes, yes, "challenge").


Alert joining is breaking again. I have to go to the planet and click on the alert. The "Accept" button gives me a nice diorama with no "Play Now" button or matchmaking taking place (I backed out to the main menu after a couple minutes of nothing happening). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


The UI is too spread out, small, and disconnected. Tiny dots under reticle that apparently correspond to ability selection, small team stats, small font size for most text (the 3d effect only makes it smaller towards the center of the screen), no distinct border around the minimap (fadeout looks cool, but it fades out into the same color as "undiscovered"), mission waypoints don't always update in the minimap, and ability info at the bottom of the screen, away from the rest of the player stats.


Darvo's alert. Really? Immediately after the big reveal, I get disrupted, knocked down, and ignited before I have control of my character back. The battle was tough because I couldn't see what was going on due to most of my screen being smothered with disruption artifacts. Parkour enemies? Cool.


Movement in general is still weird. I still vault over objects that don't exist, have wallruns trigger horizontally instead of vertically and vice versa, and it still has a tendency to fail for no reason for multiple players in a session. I haven't come across the "stick the landing and get shot up" animation, yet.


Tesla's aren't cleaning up. The arc and ball stay long after the ability dies.


Removing Corpus helmets is fun.



The game is hiccuping more now. It has this stutter that has increased in frequency since this update. Before, it would only happen maybe a few times a night. I've had over a dozen in an hour.

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First of first thx for update and for your work .

Nice work with visual upgrade nice to see pet Hp bar and small better aim but i still dont see melee weapon lvl up marker in game and if u change mark color separate life support with exit mark  !!!
Also nice to see new enemys and new map type .
when u steal something for other game like interception  pls dont use same name Domination .
nice upgrade for bows (and vulkar , but i think in vulkar no1 can help ) you need to upgrade all snipers minimal 2x dmg than we will get effectiveness in era of Detron and Brakk .
Good work with laboratorys set Volt and Banshee to create and buy but who will already farmed 10+ hours now for each Frame now others can buy i dont call it fair .

Zephyr look good, i hope dont will fail like Oberon (also good frame but who will use and why if u need destructive dmg Nova is here if u need survive or solo play nyx with tricks is here ,for team play all others usable except Valkyr flying in air movement slowed when hit some1 and rly Dev last hit she doing in air ???! why dont boost up melee weapon and with skill can boost up dmg and immune ???! except Ember i dont get it why she get those big nerf with ulty all other frame damaging all enemy in range this1 randomly do  dmg in range when i see that first time i expect a hotfix or something is probably a bug but i see not !!! if we are in Frames the Biggest question is here the Frost snow globe ... We have 6 rly good frames (which can be used after 30 wave in defense or after 40 min  in survival ) so I THINK OTHER FRAMES NEED TO BE UPGRADE AND NOT THOSE NERF DOWN   !!!!

Same like weapons dont nerf down op weapons upgrade low ones ...with snowglobe now in pluto when i drop down after 2sec casting time i die togather with my snow globe so in those 4 sec i better hide next time and shooting under cover LOL now with that nerf we losed another good frame if u give us 35 000 dmg to absorb in 60wave that is 2 shoot still useless but with 3500 hahaha that must be a joke and if we are with endless defense if are endless why still end at 100 wave we are created it there are screenshots and videos on forum after 100 wave u cant boost up dmg and health enemys cant lvl up ?????

Also we need Heroic mode defense or exterminate or any mode where are starting with 250 lvl + no have revive all day can create 1 time and if u finish u  can chose big revard 20 orocin cell 5 rare 5 forma 100 000 credite 1 complete forma or something like that but we need something hard hardest for core gamers bcs we have all mods all frames farmed out all maxed all weapons maxed so give us something pls .

Dont miss understand me Warframe is the best concept i ever see rly good hibrid game with amazing awesome graphic
 with low pc requrements in my guild have founders to support you all and one of the best gameplay of all games in the world small more upgrade and marketing millions will play .

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Loving the new UI, finally we can see party members health AND the chat at the same time! :D One thing of note though: The number indicator for amount of energy you have (while in a mission that is) partially clips off the screen while moving, especially while jumping. Might want to tone that effect down a tad as it makes quickly gathering the information on screen a bit awkward.

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*drowning myself in greedy milk*

Hey DE I swear you guys better be taking a damn nap

Also due to that night of "meanwhile at de headquarters" thread something tells me that next devstream will be an interesting one

Also...dafuq with all these rages on the new update I know you guys weren't in our hype thread last night so I'm assuming you just want attention by being a total pain when you have absolutely no right.

IF YOU RAGE ABOUT THIS UPDATE HIW ABOUT YOU MAKE A F@&&$#%g game and see how hard these beautiful developers work to make us happy


I am also keeping the wraith coffee maker

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