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For some reason, my game won't finish loading after I leave the launcher. The game remains a blank, white screen and refuses to respond.

Any ideas as to why? =(



Edit: Computer restart fixed the issue.

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Fixed duplicate entries for the Gorgon that would appear in player profile after killing certain enemies under the effects of Mind Control.


How about fixing the fact that my profile shows me having an unranked copy of nearly every weapon and frame in the game? Seriously, I went to my profile the other day and the only items it said I didn't have were the syndicate ones!

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So... how long till you fix sugatras being attached to ridiculous parts of about half of the weapons in the game? because you know nothing says "Buy me" like attaching dangly parts to your weapon in places that make no sense... example...  everything at https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/475217-sugatras-and-you-the-misplaced-danglers/

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How about removing Resource BPs from NM Raid from Arcanes slot and either make it drop off G3 or Vay Hek, not replace the most important thing to do raids for.


Thanks, not thanks

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Still no fix for:

*AMD cpus crash and freeze if enable multi-thread rendering (only when hosting) since 16.5

*Mouse sensitivity inconsistent after 16.3:

*Broken camera for Blade Storm especially when not hosting (after 16.6.3):





*The double effect of Reckoning has been fixed,
but still no fix for wrong energy color of flying pulse for Oberon's Renewal (over-written by yellow when not hosting).

*Frost's Avalanche:
A)When casting while hosting the game, killed enemies will be shattered (correct).
B)But if not hosting, killed enemies will stay and block our sight and shots for a long while (incorrect).
   Sometimes some enemies even never disappear and just stay forever.

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After update Chroma's Effigy doesn't consume energy sometimes, fix please.
Also Chroma can cast his Elemental Ward while moving if it used right after Vex Armor (same bug with Oberon: walking ult after smite)

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