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Hotfix 18.0.6 + [Spoilers!]

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"HOTFIX 18.0.7 INCOMING IN 3 MINUTES. Fixes Warframe totally breaking when unequipping a weapon in the Arsenal."





There it goes =)


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so its harder to get mantis now?


nvm this is a good thing


also still no pbr for misa prime

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Could war please get it's awesome lighting effect back without meeding to swing/channel it only for it to go away after a small amount of time?

I understand some find it obstructive but if you reduce the brightness a little (like on broken-war) it looks just fine. It just looks sooooo much better with it than without. And I like looking cool with a greatsword in my hands. (The base model is fine, but the effect makes it awesome)

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*Banshee's Silence makes enemies target sentinel aggressively, destroying it easily 
*Enemies standing up in vortex, in some cases long enough for them to fire their weapon 
*Syndicate effects that boost shield taking away the effects of cold hazard tilesets (instead of having halved shields, when it procs you will have full shields for the rest of the mission) 
*Carrier will hover pickups in your face even if you don't need them: occurs more often with nova prime and loki prime. This includes energy orbs, and you will permanently hear the energy pickup sound until you use a power to use the energy in your face. 
*Banshee's Silence prevents Maggots from latching onto the player 
*Game refuses to let the player use a mod that is on their sentinel, even if the mod is not currently being used on their current sentinel weapon config. (it will claim both mods are being used by your sentinel at the same time which is impossible) 
*Sentinels still don't gain bonus shield from Shield Osprey Specters
*Attaching a Reactor, Catalyst, Forma, or Exilus Adapter to an item will erase any mods or colors you added to your warframe, weapon, or sentinel if done in the same menu (bug for over 2 years). Example: you swap out vitality for redirection on your frost, then go to your hind and apply a forma, when you go to your frost the vitality mod is back on as if you never swapped it out. (this can be avoided by getting out of the arsenal BEFORE applying a forma)
*Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm causes serious lag problems, often disconnecting clients at it's worst. 
*Dead allies' bodies still attract enemies, diverting spawns https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/530570-ai-spawns-and-dead-tenno/
*Mind Controlled Corpus Techs and Fusion MOAs do not spawn allied units https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/539427-mind-controlled-techsfusion-moas-not-spawning-allied-units/
*Using default warframe colors will make sigils default blue, instead of whatever energy color the frame is supposed to be. 
edit: void turrets actually fire on players now, after a few months of DE's laziness :3 
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