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Hotfix 18.4.8


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  • Reduced AoE range of Staticor charged shots in Conclave
  • Visual tweaks to Staticor
  • Updated Duality’s clone death animation to be less morbid - will now float away



  • Fixed a hole in the terrain that allowed players to go out of bounds on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Fatal Attraction issue that could allow mesmerized enemies to fire at you
  • Fixed Prime Spoilers from being shown to eager eyes  (still spoiling, apparently)
  • Fixed Duality Augment Mod scaling improperly 
  • Fixed visual bug with Staticor while holding a Datamass or Energy Cell
  • Fix for crash caused by Chesa pickups
  • Fixed dual secondary animations getting slowed after using AoE abilities
  • Fixed Staticor’s “glow” offset being inconsistent
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Nice, thanks guys.


Now that some Sentinels receive some love, just wanted to throw this out there:

- Shade's invisibility is still quite wonky

- It'd probably help quite a bit if Wyrm's shockwave caused a ragdoll instead of a knockdown (you know, e.g. against those Heavies who just ignore it while ground slamming)

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Red text told me to try the Chesa changes, but I already did, and kubrow AI is still absolutely awful, so no thanks still.  Half the time it just examines my non-existent shoelaces while I stare out at a room literally full of drops for it to not bring back to me still.


Baby steps on making kubrows viable though, I guess.  Not having to bring every little chit and bauble back to you is a slight improvement.

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