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Ivara "Arcuata" - Skin & Helmet - On Steam Workshop

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Hey guys,

Finally managed to finish my entry for Ivara; the "Arcuata" Skin & Helmet.

Arcuata "Arched or bow-shaped":

Ivara leaves her hood for a hard shell helmet and a thicker looking skin.

Tried to keep arched shapes on the helmet similar to her belly-plate, and followed the vanilla skin flow while proposing different details.
Also kept a similar "shaded" approach on the tintmask so that the various colors merge into eachother on most of the body and limbs, while avoided the "untintable" area of the original skin; this one has solid colors on all the parts.


First attempt at making a full Skin+Helmet; hope you guys digs it!




Steam Workshop

Sketchfab Link
Artstation page

Edited by Stenchfury
Adding details and pictures.
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The helmet doesn't look like a helmet, and even then it would look better on something like Mirage...if she was an american football player. It looks way too bulky for what's a sneaky archer/hunter/assassin type of theme, and really not trying to sound offensive, because it's well-made, it just...doesn't fit at all. The body skin kicks ass though, very well-made with the gradiants and patterning, love it!

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The body looks good, but the helmet is... I dunno, it just doesn't feel right. The first image made me think it was something out of Star Wars due to the angle, while the other views make it seem a little more "Mirage-esque".

I'm expecting to get some flack for this, but I also don't see how that helmet design fits Ivara's theme.

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I understand what you mean; well, with the helmet I tried to follow shapes that were already present on the body; as mentioned, trying to fit It as best as I could to the character. But I see how it could feel like a Mirage thing; I guess the color choice doesn't help there :P

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It seems I am the only one actually liking the helmet.

The whole skin+helmet looks futuristic/spacey, kinda like it is from Star Trek.

I saw this first on steam and you did a great work, wouldn´t be suprised if this will be accepted next round.

Edited by Kuestenjung
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9 hours ago, Stenchfury said:

Thanks guys for the feedbacks;

Well i tried to move away from the cloth-like Ivara helmets she already had, and make something that would still fit her trying to mimic his body features; we'll see how that goes...

I am glad that you didn't try to stay with a preexisting theme.  This skin fits more in line with how I play her, which is as an assassin.  It also looks like you made it so we can finally do all Black.  :D

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2 minutes ago, Stenchfury said:

You can indeed do an "all black" scheme if you want :)

You fellow Tenno have my eternal gratitude.  :D

Oh yeah.  I forgot to mention that your skin also enhances one of her better assets.  Dat Azz!  LOL

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