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PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes


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Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 


New Weapons: 

Stagger targets with blasts from this Corpus engineered plasma shotgun. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation. 
This scoped pistol analyzes strikes, learning how to damage its targets most effectively. Achieve maximum damage output after five successive hits. 
Each successive kill from this massive electron hammer builds an electron charge that is unleashed with slam attacks. 
Newly discovered composites are what makes this striking Arca Armor set possible. 
Arca weapons represent the bleeding-edge of Corpus research and fabrication. This bundle includes the Arca Titron, Arca Plasmor, Arca Scisco, and the Arca Armor set.

Find the Arca Plasmor and Arca Scisco in the Market or research them in the Clan Dojo Research Lab.
Find the Arca Titron (and Blueprint) in the Market.

TennoGen Round 9:

It’s time to upgrade your Arsenal with 11 new community-created TennoGen items. 

TennoGen Bundle XII 
Equinox Insomnia Skin by prosetisen 
Mag Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 
Saryn Amalgama Skin by prosetisen 
Nyx Carnifex Skin by Vulbjorn the Walrus Rider 
Nova Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 

TennoGen Bundle XIII 
Nezha Devine Skin by polygonmonster 
Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury 
Hydroid Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 
Ash Tsukuyomi Skin by Yatus 

TennoGen Bundle XIV 
Naru Syandana by malayu and Jadie 
Scapulis Syandana by lukinu_u

General Additions: 

  • We’ve added a quick revive option when running non-solo missions! If you’re downed you will now be prompted to hold the corresponding button “to respawn” during the bleed-out state.
  • If you chose to quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out, you’ll respawn in 1 second.
  • If you chose not to use your quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out or before a teammate/Sentinel revives you, the standard revive option will become available. 
  • The quick revive option is also available to you in Solo missions if you have a Sentinel equipped with the “Sacrifice” mod! 
  • Added Spring-Loaded Broadhead to the Conculyst drop table and buffed Mod drop rate to counteract the dilution (the rares are still the same chance but the uncommons are now slightly easier to get).
  • We have added the display of the Melee Combo Counter when playing in Dual Wield mode!
  • Mods dropped by the Razorback Armada now properly list their drop locations.
  • Added Baro Ki’Teer’s relay location and time until his departure to the Navigation Panel and to the Alert Menu in the World State Window.
  • Added continued polish for the new player experience. 
  • After defeating Captain Vor, we now block access to Navigation Console until all Lotus transmissions have completed and the Quest Complete screen has been shown. 
  • The Solar Map now only blinks the "next quest mission" node in flashing blue during Vor's Prize instead of all "unlocked-but-not-completed" nodes. We also tuned the blinking interval down to 1 second for Vor's Prize (instead of the default of 2 seconds) so these nodes are even more prominent.
  • Added some under-the-hood diagnostics to better assess chat connectivity issues. 

General Changes: 

  • Oberon’s Hallowed Ground Grass and Prime ferns will now match your Accent color, and the ferns will get your Energy color in the middle of them for 2-tone fashionframe.
  • Reduced the frequency that Quick Thinking can stagger lock a player. This is actually undoing a bug fix where Quick Thinking wasn't staggering players as often as it was intended to, but this is the new intention now! 
  • Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Improved vegetation pigment to avoid gross looking solid color, fog and Depth of Field tweaks for huge view distances.
  • Removed duplicate (and broken) Kuva Siphon Codex entry.
  • Optimized specific materials to improve rendering performance; the Void and the Kuva Fortress saw the most improvement but materials throughout the game were updated.
  • Optimized Rhino’s Iron Skin shader to reduce the per-pixel cost by about 10%.
  • Optimized ambient sound performance in the Grineer Fortress and Lua tileset. 
  • Optimized firing sound performance of the Boltor.
  • You can now charge throw the Orvius while in dual wield mode to trigger the same special function when throwing while channeling. Teshin would be proud.
  • Adjusted the AKBronco Prime’s Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage to match the Bronco Prime. 
  • Increased AKBronco Prime’s magazine size from 6 to 8. 
  • Decreased AKBronco Prime’s fire rate from 8.33 to 5.5.
  • Lessened the spread from the Heavy Caliber mod when used with the Scourge, Ferrox, and Javlok. 
  • Javlok alt fire changes: 
  • AOE explosion happens 1 second after impact. 
  • Consumes ammo and AOE damage is increased by 20% per round in mag when thrown.
  • Explosion FX updated to better reflect the AOE range.
  • Ammo pool reduced to 300.
  • Improved handling of corrupt cache when transitioning between levels.
  • Adhesive Blast is no longer equipable on the Javlok and the Scourge.
  • Made small performance improvement to the Kuva Fortress tilset. 
  • Increased Bronco Prime Status Chance to 30% to match AkBronco Prime.
  • Made improvements towards load-times. 
  • Adjusted the release time of charged throws for all thrown weapons in Dual-Wield mode to improve collision.
  • Removed unused tint masks from a bunch of materials to make them render slightly faster.
  • Improved the variety of cycled Sortie missions types.
  • Removed the explosion delay from Javlok's spear when thrown fully charged. Quick throw retains the delay to facilitate getting out of range before it detonates.
  • The "Hacker" mission challenge (hack 1 console) will no longer appear if the mission has no consoles to hack. Additionally, it can no longer be rolled in Survival, Hijack, or Defection, because those mission types give you a console to hack for free at the beginning.
  • Removed mission challenges from Junctions.
  • Removed the "Stealth" mission challenge from missions where you're not likely to be able to complete it:
  • Will no longer be rolled for any Infestation mission
  • Will no longer be rolled for the mission types: Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection
  • Will no longer be rolled for public matchmaking missions, since other players are likely to go loud and alert the enemies
  • Removed the "Style Kill" challenge (get 5 kills while sliding) in Archwing missions.
  • Maroo will patiently wait for the Stolen Dreams quest to be completed before she starts offering you weekly Ayatan Hunt missions. 
  • Optimized character lighting performance in the Earth Forest Defense tileset (among others).
  • The mission voting screen in endless missions will now proceed immediately if the squad vote is unanimous. 
  • Removed periods from all Challenge descriptions to make them consistent.
  • Reverted a performance improvement that unintentionally made it easier to walk and stand on smaller enemies. This was causing unintentional difficulty when meleeing smaller enemies. 
  • Upon dying in the Simulacrum your Warframe will insta-Revive instead of having to initiate the Revive. 
  • Removed the Captura Arsenal console from Captura levels, due to it looking out of place. You can still access the Arsenal from the menu. 
  • Improved objective marker pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
  • Rearranged quest order in the codex to help guide newer players.
  • Excalibur Proto and Nyx Nemesis Skins have received the PBR treatment! 
  • Overhauled all aspects of physics engine for general optimization. You shouldn't notice anything, but since we literally touched all aspects of physics we are hoping you can keep an eye out for odd new behavior. 
  • The Knell's headshot buff now decays only 1 stack at a time and lasts for 2 seconds per stack for a total of a 6 second decaying buff.

Hydroid Changes and Fixes: 

  • Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities.
  • Improved the targeting of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage liquid fury. 
  • Improved the cast FX detail on the Kraken spawned from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
  • Fixed Trinity’s Energy Vampire affecting Hydroid when in Undertow. This was never intended as channeled abilities do not benefit from Energy Vampire.
  • Fixed Hydroid's Undertow puddle doubling as a kiddie pool and allowing players to enter Archwing Submersible when jumping into it in certain cases.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow allowing Atlas to spawn infinite Rumblers.
  • Fixed being unable to use the Captura camera menu while in Hydroid’s Undertow.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm Kraken appearing lower for Clients.
  • Fixed a rare issue of bad Undertow offsets occurring. 
  • Hydroid has received the PBR treatment! 
  • Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188 (at Rank 30).
  • Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged.
  • Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle.
  • Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health.
  • Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool more submerged enemies, more damage! 
  • Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies.
  • Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies.
  • Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up.
  • Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces.
  • Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm.
  • Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
  • Fixed being able to Transference to your Operator when in Undertow. 
  • Fixed Undertow’s Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
  • Fixed certain enemies not working properly with Undertow FX (Nox for instance).
  • Fixed using Hydroid’s Tidal Surge while in Undertow causing extra Energy to be consumed for the distance traveled.
  • Fixed Clients using Hydroid’s Undertow potentially becoming visible and vulnerable.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow water volume replicating for Clients.
  • Fixed players affected with Radiation seeing a bunch of 0s when shooting Hydroid’s Undertow with no enemies in it.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment not applying to enemies in Undertow.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Curative Undertow Augment not healing the caster or any allies when the caster is a Client.
  • Fixed duplicate Hydroid Undertow ripples.
  • Fixed Undertow suspending pickups in midair.
  • Fixed Undertow rapidly draining Energy when falling.
  • Fixed a large Energy consumption spike when Hydroid’s Undertow puddle settles if moving while it is settling.
  • Fixed idle animations playing while in Undertow when equipped on Hydroid.
  • Fixed ragdolled (but not dead) enemies in Undertow getting ejected from the puddle.


    • Fixed another instance of the Jordas Verdict being unplayable due to the Jordas Golem not docking properly. 
    • Fixed Clients being unable to pass the ceiling door in the Jordas Verdict Stage 1.
    • Fixed Mesa continuing to wall run if wall running when Peacemaker is activated.
    • Fixed the Ki’Teer Syandana having the wrong applied texture.
    • Fixed an invisible wall causing a progression stopper in the War Within quest. 
    • Fixed Kuva Siphon markers appearing prematurely. Will now only be visible once a player is in the same tile as the Kuva Siphon.
    • Fixed Kuva Siphons breaking when a Host Migration occurs at the start of the mission.
    • Fixed NPCs not moving to collect the Index point pickups in The Index.
    • Fixed Maroo & Clem missions not showing up in World State Window's Alerts section if no randomly-generated Alerts are currently available.
    • Fixed Codex attribution of Mods hidden in Caches.
    • Fixed the Lua Security Eye dealing no damage on direct hits.
    • Fixed Orokin Derelict Sabotage Caches not giving any rewards.
    • Fixed AI vaulting and falling through the level in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
    • Fixed Toxin Resistance Mod not being tradable. 
    • Fixed Mutalist Alad V boss transmissions popping up while playing Eris Exterminate missions.
    • Fixed Archwing Power UI displaying the incorrect Powers if the player is Equinox
    • Fixed sometimes remaining in the squad Chat after leaving the mission.
    • Fixed having to restart Vor’s Prize from the beginning if you AFK during the tutorial. 
    • Fixed Client Operators being invisible in transmissions.
    • Fixed Ivara's Cloak arrow dome not cloaking Operators.
    • Fixed an orange square appearing in the Void Sabotage Portal.
    • Fixed a section of tree missing collision in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
    • Fixed some Corpus tileset glass being near invisible.
    • Fixed Operator abilities not working if a scanner is used before entering Transference. Additionally, fixed being unable to use scanners after Transference. 
    • Fixed Operators jittering around when using scanners.
    • Fixed not being able to use gear item hotkeys as your Operator. 
    • Fixed Operator reticle not being visible when a scanner is equipped. 
    • Fixed Iron Skin on Rhino Prime being incorrectly colored. 
    • Fixed Pandero’s alt fire bullets shooting from the holster position after a melee slide attack. 
    • Fixed missing environment elements in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
    • Fixed getting stuck in a repeating shooting animation when swapping to a Gunblade in the middle of a charged attack. 
    • Fixed Nyx being able to sometimes cast Chaos on Mobile Defense terminals, causing it to spin around.
    • Fixed a seam appearing in the Corpus Ice Planet minimap. 
    • Removed rock that was blocking a doorway in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    • Removed Archwing from one of the Kuva Fortress extraction tiles.
    • Fixed the "forget what you're doing and kill everyone" objective randomly kicking in during Invasion missions (the faction you're supporting probably isn't going to be happy about paying you to kill their own troops...).
    • Fixed Inaros’ passive breaking when having to revive.
    • Fixed crates from Vor’s Prize unintentionally spitting out Void resources (e.g. Argon Crystal).
    • Fixed Operator getting stuck in a t-pose after Void Dashing in The War Within quest.
    • Fixed receiving the "Player has joined/left the game" notifications in every Chat tab.
    • Fixed the Lunaro ball appearing in the Navigation screen after viewing Conclave loadout.
    • Fixed an issue where various glow FXs wouldn't appear to apply to attachments in certain cases, most notably on the Kavat's head.
    • Fixed players not being able to revive when their Sentinel uses Sacrifice.
    • Fixed several weapons using the incorrect model mesh when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
    • Fixed Clients not being able to see the Arcata in Lunaro Captura Arsenal.
    • Fixed Warframe Ability stats not being properly updated when using the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    • Fixed some dead ends in the Corpus Gas City tileset being missing on the minimap. 
    • Fixed Syndicate Medallions (and perhaps other booty) spawning inside a wall in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
    • Fixed a case of taller enemies getting stuck under low hanging rocks in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
    • Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Earth tileset and Lua Spy mission tileset. 
    • Fixed jumping off the map as Operator in the Corpus Outpost tileset killing you and then soft locking you if you try to switch to your Operator again.
    • Fixed PhysX effects from Acid Shells not working on certain enemies. 
    • Fixed the Law of Retribution "arming tritium battery" UI stopping progressing if a player looks at the mission progress.
    • Fixed overlapping text in the Arsenal when Modding weapons with high damage numbers.
    • Fixes towards Challenge title inconsistencies. 
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors only creating 1 Lenz explosion instead of 3.
    • Fixed mission loading screen Liset movement not accurately reflecting the movement of other squadmates.
    • Fixed the Telos Boltace pull not working for Clients.
    • Fixed black squares in place of certain walls/exits appearing in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    • Fixed Relic selection screen popping up when going to a quest node through the World State Window if there's a Void Fissure at that node.
    • Fixed Baro K'Teer's Inbox messages being sorted as if they were sent a long time ago.
    • Fixed some Survival and Spy doors not displaying properly.
    • Fixed Large Corpus Spy door frame lights remaining yellow after being hacked.
    • Fixed rejoining a Jordas Verdict mission after experiencing a UI error when attempting to revive, resulting in the UI breaking again.
    • Fixed Limbo’s Catacylsm not putting Defense objectives into the rift.
    • Fixed the "rank bonuses" list in the Warframe Upgrade screen missing the bonus for your Warframe’s current level.
    • Fixed "WARFRAME" showing up in the most used Warframe section in Player Profiles.
    • Fixed Chat clearing when trying to send a message with more than 5 Rivens linked.
    • Fixed Volt’s Transistor Shield Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
    • Fixed getting kicked from Vor’s Prize for taking too long to complete a mission (i.e. if you sat at the “choose your Warframe” screen).
    • Fixed Ordis’ transmissions appearing to have incorrect FX.
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not making the strap on Lenz's quiver go invisible.
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not matching set holster customizations.
    • Fixed Chroma’s Dynasty Skin blocking parts of the Esc menu.
    • Fixed seeing sniper scope in photo mode in Captura while resuming time. 
    • Fixed being able to get Equinox's skirt on other Warframes in Captura.
    • Fixed disabling the Sniper Scope UI option resulting in Sniper sights not only appearing, but also lingering indefinitely until the player switches weapons. 
    • Fixed Clients not having unlimited Focus ability usage in the Simulacrum.
    • Fixed Vay Hek not entering his Terra Frame phase if he hasn't been encountered the right number of times on the way to the boss room.
    • Fixed the Operator Focus gauge visually not displaying for Clients.
    • Fixed HUD showing incorrect Health/Shield values for Operators.
    • Fixed ability UI not updating when switching between Archwing and ground.
    • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker disabling custom reticles for Snipers/Knell/etc. 
    • Fixed being unable to enter Archwing in the Tyl Regor boss fight as a Client.
    • Fixed Stealth Affinity buff display not updating past 100%.
    • Fixed players seeing a white Health bar/Revive symbol/generic name over reconnected players.
    • Fixed new players seeing the incorrect number of Revives remaining before completing Vor's Prize.
    • Fixed Clients not seeing the in-world markers for Ayatan Stars and Datamasses.
    • Fixed the Scanner sometimes not functioning accurately when swapping between Scanner and weapons.
    • Fixed the Arsenal context action appearing in Captura.
    • Fixed Rhino Prime's Iron Skin using your chosen Energy color instead of your chosen Accent color. 
    •  Fixed some invisible glass in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
    • Fixed the Operator not being able to spawn Specters.
    • Fixed being able to 'swap weapons' as Operator on the Landing Craft.
    • Fixed an invisible material above the Jordas Verdict Stage 2 elevator that was blocking movement.
    • Fixed range mods not affecting whips when invisible.
    • Fixed an issue where Nami Skyla and Nami Skyla Prime were displaying different Riven dispositions.
    • Fixed the Jat Kusar charge attack exploding in your face if invisible.
    • Fixed instances of Ballistica Prime not properly spawning ghosts.
    • Fixed the color of the Prime Ballistica ghosts flickering for Clients.
    • Fixed Ballistica Prime not unfolding correctly if no primary is equipped.
    • Fixed incorrect glass material in several tileset.
    • Fixed level holes in the Corpus Outpost and Orokin Moon tilesets.
    • Fixed minimap issues in the Corpus Outpost and Ice Planet tilesets.
    • Fixed “building” VFX appearing on crafted weapons waiting in the foundry.
    • Fixed several emblems that were appearing too bright or too transparent.
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck ascending the ramp of their Liset.
    • Fixed issues with item linking containing Cyrillic letters in non-cyrillic languages. 
    • Fixed issues with some Credit based Inbox messages not instantly increasing Credits. 
    • Fixed various issues with Arcanes and some Conditional Mods not having proper line breaks. 
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Purity' trigger from New Loka not lasting the intended length in all trigger cases it now lasts 30 seconds. 
    • Fixed the Pakal right shoulder Armor clipping into Nyx’s arm. 
    • Fixed the Embolist chest piece clipping into the Nyx Immortal, Saikou, and Athena.
    • Fixed an effects-leak that could occur if Mag was killed at the right moment while casting Polarize.
    • Fixed getting locked in chat when opening a chat linked Riven during the End of Mission screen.
    • Fixed Synthesis Targets sometimes not spawning in The New Strange Quest due to a broken path in one of the procedural levels.
    • Fixed Maroo and Clem’s mission description not being in uppercase in the Alert Menu.
    • Fixed offset issues with Syandanas on Mag. 
    • Fixed sending a Friend request via chat not updating the Pending friend list.
    • Fixed an issue where weapons that have a girth to their effective range like the Opticor were not hitting enemies in the correct order (sometimes missing nearby enemies but hitting ones further along its path).
    • Fixed a case where opening a chat link while in the store would cause the fade of the main store list to be set incorrectly.
    • Fixed not being able to view new users joining a Chat channel while the scrollbar is at the bottom without scrolling up and back down.
    • Fixed Hydroid Prime’s mesh having holes.
    • Fixed a variety of localization errors.

    Conclave Additions, Changes, and Fixes:




    • Disabled Headshot Multiplier on all AoE attacks in Conclave.
    • Fixed a bug where the Castanas damage was being displayed incorrectly in the Conclave Arsenal.
    • Added an 'Alliance only' matchmaking mode in Conclave.
    • Removed Corrosive radial AoE from Scourge in Conclave.
    • Scourge's bullet attractor now lasts 3 seconds in Conclave.
    • Increased the damage for all Bow’s charged shots in Conclave. 
    • Increased the damage for all Sniper Rifles (apart from Lanka) in Conclave.
    • Increased the damage Castanas do on impact in Conclave.
    • Increased the damage of Hydroid's Tidal Surge in Conclave.
    • Reduced the damage of the Tenora in Conclave. 
    • Reduced the damage of the Stradavar’s full auto mode in Conclave.
    • Reduced the damage of the charged throw of Orvius in Conclave.
    • Reduced the duration of Hydroid's passive in Conclave.
    • Reduced Energy drain of Hydroid's Undertow in Conclave.
    • Reduced the mobility of Hydroid in Conclave.
    • Hydroid now loses Energy when shooting the center of Undertow in Conclave.
    • Fixed the Castanas not doing damage when detonated while airborne in Conclave.
    • Fixed Banshee's Sonar in Team-based Conclave overriding team-markers, resulting in opponent team seeing red markers for each other.
    • Fixed Castanas, Talons and Ogris projectiles being destroyed in flight doing 4x damage with 2x radius in Conclave.
    • Increased the damage of the Snipetron in Conclave.
    • Decreased the damage of the Snipetron Vandal in Conclave.
    • Fixed trying to use Mesa’s Waltz Peacemaker Conclave Augment causing you to get locked out of doing anything until Energy runs out or you die in Conclave.
    • Renamed the ‘FREE FOR ALL’ option for matchmaking to ‘PUBLIC’.
    • Removed player’s ability to shoot into Hydroid’s Undertow since players don’t get sucked into Undertow in Conclave.
    • Fixed a UI error that allowed you to see the names of your enemies through walls as if they were your teammates in Conclave.
    • Fixed using the Viper with the Skull Shots Mod or a Grakata with the Brain Storm Mod, activating the headshot bonus with the final shot in your magazine resulting in the weapon to fire much faster than intended in Conclave.
    • Lex headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x in Conclave.
    • Fixed an issue with the Hirudo innate abilities not working in Conclave.
    • Increased primary fire damage of Euphona Prime in Conclave.
    • Reduced secondary fire damage of Euphona Damage in Conclave.
    • Reduced the radius of Nezha's Warding Halo in Conclave.
    • Reduced the damage of Pandero alt fire in Conclave.
    • Nezha's Warding Halo now only damages on touch and does not continue to damage targets that stay within its radius in Conclave.




    Hotfix #1 Sept 21

    • Fixed under the hood Chat issue for Moderators.
    • Fixed chat scrolling lockup.

    Hotfix #3 Oct 12

    Console Tenno can acquire Twich Drops for the duration of the Twitch Drops campaign! See here for details:

    Hotfix #4 Oct 13

    Small hotfix to fix being unable to move the Prominence Totem decoration after placed in your Orbiter.  

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    13 minutes ago, (PS4)MJ-Cena7 said:

    Any news on when we will get the rest of old tennogen 


    When we have news to share we'll be sure to let you know! 

    13 minutes ago, (PS4)MJ-Cena7 said:

    And why we didnt get any this time......     oh let me guess PoE  -_-

    This update came with 11 Tennogen items from Round 9 listed in the OP:

    TennoGen Bundle XII 
    Equinox Insomnia Skin by prosetisen 
    Mag Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 
    Saryn Amalgama Skin by prosetisen 
    Nyx Carnifex Skin by Vulbjorn the Walrus Rider 
    Nova Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 

    TennoGen Bundle XIII 
    Nezha Devine Skin by polygonmonster 
    Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury 
    Hydroid Graxx Skin by Faven_PS 
    Ash Tsukuyomi Skin by Yatus 

    TennoGen Bundle XIV 
    Naru Syandana by malayu and Jadie 
    Scapulis Syandana by lukinu_u

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    On 9/19/2017 at 10:32 AM, (PS4)Alexgenuard12345 said:

    i have not been given the exclusive broca prominence syandana yet even though i linked my twitch account to my warframe account.:awkward: 

    Are you referring to the Twitch Prime promotion with the Vistapa Prime Syandana? The Prominence bundle is for PC only. 

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