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  1. That for all the bluster things actually work fine for 90% of the game and the 10% that doesn't is the territory of the metaherd who cant fathom anything that is not OTT
  2. War, what is it good for... Blunt force trauma. Being a Heavy Blade (or any weapon in WF) isn't tied to what Damage it does but to What it looks like, it looks like a Big ass sword (to some degree) and thus its a Heavy Blade.
  3. Your favorite event forma give away will likely come back next year
  4. Forma Star will be back next year (i will laugh so hard if its at the end of next year tho)
  5. DE possibly regret adding forma to the Plague Star event since they have a idiot playerbase that now expects to get them from every event. And has a spasm when PS doesn't run a second time.
  6. The basic full colour picker. I use at best two blues from it and find its an annoyance on the randomly selected picked. I do use it for my new frames to have a starter color scheme of white and blue but that was always there even without fully unlocking it and i should have left it like that.
  7. Because if it exists then someone will have a bee in their bonnet over it.
  8. Yep, just had mine stolen
  9. I'd be happy with just Magnus Prime, its well overdue its turn.
  10. Yes, pointless "achievements" to satisfy those people who need a pat on the head for doing anything even at its most mediocre level. At the very least it should be an option to turn off that useless tat if your not in need of it.
  11. Whenever its ready should be what people expect.
  12. Im sure it all works really well in Warface. Which means absolutely nothing when you try and compare it to another game.
  13. all the whine council would do is bicker and complain about it. People may not like outcomes of on what a frame may do but they will always also be looking for the next "meta"
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