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  1. AzureTerra

    Would anyone like to see an Ivara Prime?

    In time she will be, till then i have a loadout that's "prime" in colour
  2. AzureTerra

    What weapons should I use?

    Try them all and find what suits you.
  3. AzureTerra

    The Frame You Want Reworked The Most

    Nyx could use a pass, namely to make her 2 useful and remove a passive that disarms your pets ~ That nice Heavy Gunner eximus that you picked up and gave a big boost to damage now has a lino cutter instead...
  4. AzureTerra

    What if we have Deluxe for Operator....

    Brown paper bag that covers all of it
  5. AzureTerra

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    He will be missed greatly.
  6. What of it. They are not us and we are not them. What they do has no bearing on the global game
  7. AzureTerra

    Rest In Peace John Bain, TotalBiscuit.

    A small shrine out on one of the open worlds would be nice.
  8. AzureTerra

    rework NOVA

    A Augment for M Prime would be good but that is all she needs. Augment wise i'd like to see it Detonate Enemies that are already primed when touched by the wave again
  9. AzureTerra

    Fun zaw names

    Mine are named after the Necromancer Bells of the Old Kingdom Books. Two are other Weapons/Pets Ranna ~ Nikana Mosrael ~ Machete Kibeth ~ Kubrow Dyrim ~ Hammer Belgaer ~ Polearm Saraneth ~ Staff Astarael ~ Galatine Prime
  10. AzureTerra

    Silva & Aegis skins?

    the DotD skin could do with having the Skull shrunk a bit and moved to the center of the shield
  11. AzureTerra

    Fang Prime. Am I Missing Something?

    Never found them to be bad, they work well whenever i use them. Sure im not using them as a melee only or anything but they are simple and reliable
  12. you can read it how you want
  13. Nyx, Valkyr, Frost ~ Offense, Control and Defense
  14. This is a forum, the only reaction is overreaction
  15. AzureTerra

    Punchthrough rework

    Its not something most guns need, its a nice addition to have but its not a thing that needs to be innate on the greater bulk of weapons, there are the choices of having that PT or having something else ~ what needs to change is the addition of a Secondary Dual stat PT mod inline with Primaries and Shotguns, im for changing the MS/RoF to MS/PT.