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  1. No, Get a organized group/people you trust or live dangerously and accept that a PUG is going to do as it pleases.
  2. No one Kuva Fortress Survival or Defense?

    The population density on the Kuva maps is amazing and people are missing out if they choose not to play on such a great looking map over minor material rewards.
  3. Are Octavia Drops Bugged?

    I remember the hours and hours spent in the Derelict waiting for the Nova part to drop
  4. Please Free Tennogen on PC

    Tennogen needs to be Giftable.
  5. Which frame do you have fun with the most?

    When i want to run loose and move fast Valkyr, when i want to take it slow and careful Ivara
  6. Is %75 discount cuopons removed?

    RNG. I know people have received them back to back and people who only gotten them after not playing for an extended time.
  7. When you Absolutely Refuse to Give up on a Riven

    16 is the highest ive rolled anything ~ i was going to get a good result out of the vectis riven evetually. I tend to buy what what i like the look of rather than suffer kuva farming but its nice now that the Sorties reward it so i can dabble at RR some of my low rolled ones
  8. Patiently waiting so i can use my Magnus/Dakra P
  9. Top 5 Warframe?

    Valkyr Frost Mesa Ivara Nova
  10. Best Mirage Weapon

    Anything that fires a Beam or Projectile ~ Ogris, Penta, Opticor etc Edit: the glory that is Mirage with a Kulstar
  11. Your favorite boss

    Tyl Regor by far.
  12. So Octavia has eyes now I guess.

    Plenty now that have some form of "face" including DE's own "deluxe" skins
  13. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Meh umbra, it can take all year for i care for it to show up. I'm actually disappointed it is a quest and not a login thing since the Login option would make it drag out even more.
  14. Mesa Deluxe Skin

    Devil Ranger is still the best
  15. Switching excal and trin boss drops, good or bad?

    Excalibore is one of the "new player" Frames and if you didn't get it as your start its locked in a rather unpleasant wall for newish players so it seems reasonable