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  1. Sure but have it actually be a Community frame, not restrict the voting to a small gated part of it.
  2. In the past i'd be surprised by that, these days not so much... still better that they do test things after a fashion even if its not the solid testing that one would hope happens before ANYTHING goes live
  3. Latest in a ever expanding line of Do x without the titular Warframe in the game of the same name. may as well rename the game to Spacetweenframe game because its not about the Warframe anymore since they keep being sidelined.
  4. It was an odd quirk when it was on one weapon and then became a nuisance when it was applied to a whole slew of weapons or items
  5. Maybe just knuckle down and do it and then never get another one, form a group from recruiting and burn thru them, i am sure there are people out there that would happily help you burn the thing down of your struggling to kill it.
  6. Unlikely, unless Warframe suddenly stops making them money in a big way.
  7. Wisp is loaded already then
  8. Makes a change from all the X game has Y feature pls add threads you see
  9. Why is it always hand grenades, ask for foot or head grenades and maybe you'll get some traction
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