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  1. They are the poster child for Vocal Minority
  2. im guessing that by the end of this nightwave the opposite will be true and the forum will be filling up with "enough of the wolf" threads
  3. the higher the MR the more likely you have resources to burn. I just hope i can get the stupid rep to gild the kitgun i have this week
  4. How do you make a Good Frame better?
  5. if your done then why do you care so much if a lousy post gets deleted
  6. By what standard, player made "tiers" are never a good metric. I can't speak for wukong as i didn't like him and thus didn't keep him but all the rest mentioned work well when ever i take them out. Some of them got a recent look at and despite what the whining minority on here thinks they are largely fine and DE seem to certainly be happy with them.
  7. Attica has been out FAR longer than the zhuge so should get its Prime first
  8. To spite just you apparently. The rest of us manage to play or not play what we find good or not so good just fine. What has put a damper on my amount of play with Garuda is that i am now enjoying Hildryn immensely.
  9. Somewhere between what you think is reasonable and what you'd like/expect to pay for it. There is no set price for them and you can pay too much for very little or get a ripper set of stats for very cheap.
  10. Meh. salty players will be salty over stupidly small things.
  11. Prob due to the intense whinging that arose from them actually putting something "elite" into the elite missions
  12. Has been a lot of fun to play, really the only thing i can quible about is that you have to activate Balefire in Aegis. Really feel it should come out as part of the ability and then you choose if you want fire from the sky as its easy to get going in the middle of combat and wonder why your not a floating fortress of destruction because you forgot to press One as well as Four.
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