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  1. Arcane Guardian overtuned?

    All i see is O.M.G Mah Tanky frames are not speshal anymore pls nerf. Your Tanky frames are still as good as they ever were, since you know they have that Tankyness all the time not on a 20% chance for a duration.
  2. Y hate using operator?

    I play WARFRAME. not tweenangshtframe
  3. 3 WFs you’d take to ANY endless missions.

    Nova Nyx Frost
  4. Warframe is it dying

  5. they are hoping for the 1 idiot with more money than sense
  6. Prime time and Devstream Unfariness

    Sometimes you miss out on stuff when a company is based one part of the world and you live in another, its fact of life and you'll be better for accepting it and moving one than wailing about how its "unfair".
  7. Day 850 Login is a joke

    Que Que clan living up to the name again
  8. China Server has Primed Streamline?

    Good for them, doesn't mean jack however since its a different entity that does things its own way.
  9. Thanks for Watching Devstream #108!

    The 1% is doing what it does best be a loud minority
  10. Shutdown warframe market

    Trade chat is a mess with or without a 3rd party site being involved. And the removal of it as a option wont help trade recover anyway since its problems lies beyond a mere site that people choose to rely on
  11. Tiberon prime! FINALLY!

    About time it got its Prime. Im not a fan of it but its been in need of a Prime buff for along time
  12. Anyone else get bored of grinding MR?

    "grind" will be boring if you so chose to do nothing but level for the sake of having X MR
  13. Khora/Time etc

    What i don't get is the hype for another crappy excalibore that just has a "dark" name. Khora should be interesting no matter what she actually plays like since she is going to some new features with the changeable damage type and cat summons
  14. Dethcube Rework/Buff Ideas?

    Was hoping for this year to have a Dexcube but maybe next year
  15. Your first prime Warframe or weapon

    Orthos P and Frost P ~ not sure now which actually came first as i got them around the same time