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  1. Its always been useful and now its even more useful since it doesn't arbitrarily lose its damage type on procs
  2. "Totally" forcing you to play a mode you don't like... its such a terrible thing that you HAVE to do these tasks for a reward track that is going to be here a long while, long enough to get all the rewards even without having to do the railjack missions. The only thing forcing you to do anything is your own need to have it now now now.
  3. The US's toddler in charge says a lot of stupid stuff, this is no different. Particular since its all smokescreens to try and hide his failings elsewhere.
  4. Not normally a fan of that armour but it looks good on your Hildryn.
  5. Players will always overuse something, its not designed to be done that way but invariably someone will find that X does things slightly faster then Y and the herd will rush to use it and that will make DE pay attention to why maybe its being used so much and if it is found to be being used to much for reasons that they don't want they will change it (nerf as any change is seen by the herd). Things do get changed because of complaining, if its changed because of some sensibilities were ruffled then that is a bad change vs complainants that something needs fixing for legitimate reasons. Adding a filter to "screen" select weapons and frames is a slippery slope downhill, not a fix.
  6. I try to only do it with frames that have a mobility option ~ Wormhole, Ripline etc. It would be nice if not the big gaping gaps everywhere.
  7. Which he can do by setting one of the three non public squad types. One of which you will never see a "offending weapon/frame" in unless you bring it and the other two you can ask people to not "offend your delicate sensibilities with X weapon/frame" . Its really not that hard to move the mouse up and select the game mode that you want so as to not be bothered by the whims of other players. Nerfing a weapon/frame because its popular/ offending the sensibilities of delicate players is not a valid or sensible reason to change a weapon/frame, it will likely have some changes eventually due to its overuse, that has been proven several times before. When it becomes even slightly less efficient to play with the people who seem to only be able to play that way will change up to the next thing and then we will have endless whining about whatever that new OP thing is. Meanwhile the way to avoid it is there and waiting for these people to utilize as its always been.
  8. Eventually something new will come out or it will be changed to the herd loses interest in it and move on leaving people to play it still but at reduced numbers.
  9. It was a crutch that people got far too used to relying on and now you have to learn how to walk again that it is doing the damage that it should have been from the start.
  10. Game doesn't need any fancy lockout X from mission settings since there is already the ability to lock yourself out from any "nasty kill stealers" that might happen along in a public mission with Solo, Invite and Friends (slightly dubious that one since not everyone in your clan maybe someone you want to play with randomly). I am sure if you took some time and poked about in recruiting you could find like minded people to run with if you have no clan or friends online.
  11. For as little or as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Best bet i have found is to think what you would buy one for if you were looking for a riven and maybe start a little above that and work the price down over time till you reach your lowest sell price and start again. If after a length of time its getting no takers then maybe drop it in price and repeat the process.
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