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  1. Enjoy him now before they screw him up. He at best needs tweaks not a rework. Needs better STR scaling for the Mines/Tesla certainly. I like to use Vortex on choke points and often have a tripline before one as its funny to see something fall over and then get sucked into it and make a nice target for my Explosive weapon of choice. Bastille is use more as a area denial trap and if you stand still i will cover you with Tesla. I try to forget the rest of mines exist as they are not that great as is with the lack of scaling. He is best vs Infested but works well enough vs the rest with more thought.
  2. Try everything you can lay your hands on. What some people consider good you might not.
  3. Trinity not so much but the Lady of Rage fairly often. She is still my favorite frame.
  4. Frost Prime. My First prime and also i believe the only one that i have had the Prime of before the normal version, which wasn't hard really as i was fairly new and had made the mistake of starting with the biggest lie and then after suffering a couple of weeks with that frame i bought Valkyr who is still my fav. Many Tower Runs with the friends i started playing with and i had this interesting cold based frame that was quite fun to play. Having such a good solid frame as Frost Prime so early on made the rest of the progression much easier. While theses days he is predominately my Goto for Defensive missions he does have a good all round skill set that's usable in most of anything else. Was the first of my frames to be colour locked ~ his Fashion is great and I'm not changing it.
  5. Deluxe skins tend to err on the miss side of hit and miss and this is no exception to that.
  6. Who then is going to do the rezzing when they all invariably go down?
  7. That its not dropping for you isn't a need to have it removed from a bundle ~ if you really want the item you'll either pony up the plat or keep on grinding. It a few years it may come out as a stand alone reward from baro or nightwave but its still quite "new" in terms of how long its been a thing.
  8. I don't see the need. Sure fine there are people who only play X gender for whatever reason but if that means your not going to play the other half of the roster that's your minor issue. My Favorite frame is Female and i'd still play it if it were Male or even if it were un-gendered.
  9. So you failed to look at the Forum and just made a beeline to general *@##$ing and occasional discussion.
  10. Then go post it in the section for Warframe feedback like every other tenno and their kubrow who think they can "fix" a frame.
  11. She could do with a tweak or two. She still so new that a rework is not needed. The Tweak i'd like to see is that when you activate Aegis Storm you automatically get Balefire out and put it away again when you deactivate it. Also maybe a enhanced effect since you have a second one in AS that does nothing ~ A bigger AoE or such.
  12. Yep. everyone is at heart a bore.
  13. AzureTerra

    Crit Dagger

    Prime Karyst, yes please.
  14. the colours wash off and you cant unsee a bland frame
  15. Don't force a flag on anyone and there will be no issues.
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