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  1. I hope it blows up, then all the elitist's will have get down off their high horse and go to the fashion relay (stay out of Kronia, its nice and calm)
  2. not worth the bother to do on the high chance of getting a crummy lens
  3. Prob not. not really bothered by umbra unless its something truly new and interesting and not just a twist on a existing bland frame.
  4. As long as they come from somewhere other than the main pool of rivens because it would be up there with getting a lens on the level of crappyness to get a archwing riven from a sortie
  5. Nope, Get the normal one through play and find out if you like it before throwing money down for it
  6. Sobek Fevi-Ignita price
  7. What i do every quest with: Valkyr (now Prime). Only other change is my V.Marelok has lost its slot to the Pandero.
  8. Neutral, Melee is in a fairly good place barring a couple of weapons that need a proper buff more than bandaid mod to fix them.
  9. Many are the days where i throw another cube of gallium on the very large pile when i log in. Small amounts of things like Kuva would be welcome. Really its all just filler between the times you get a plat discount
  10. The Fortress has always been great, what it need is to be greater and have a chance at small caches of kuva being found in it.
  11. My recent kraken riven begs to differ, the kraken is good for one thing and that's building a Kulstar
  12. What we need is a MMM weapon for Archwing, down to having the packs on the wing to launch from.
  13. 1. Air Support 2. Synthesis Scanner 3. Variable (Currently Glyph) but is where traps, Dragon keys etc go 4. Cipher 5. Large Ammo 6. Large Health 7. Large Energy 8. Clem
  14. The Gorgon Family
  15. Not everything is about Status or Crit