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  1. Cos people are fools. You have listed Three Good frames right there.
  2. Put Kuva in the "KUVA" Fortress as random rewards/caches etc if there is to be any change on where you get it but keep it out general rotation for the rest of the map.
  3. You don't need a "meta" to play. Pick stuff you like the look of and roll with it. Once you have played enough you will have a better idea of whats good and whats not. Just because some people like X weapon or frame doesn't means its the best choice for you.
  4. 1st Try we came in straight from the low level one without knowing it was high level and had leveling weapons but were doing OK till Stalker arrived and made a mess then failed when we couldn't get to a Tower (kept being ported back when ever i tried to head out to the nearest one) 2nd was going ok till my game froze and then left me in a solo squad so i finished it solo, had to spend most of the fight in Hysteria lest i get Port Ganked by a commander 3rd we did it again for a clan member and it was a cake walk.
  5. Nope. Changes happen in all games with an active development. you roll with them or get left floundering. In terms of things ive spent money on nothing has become unusable but just changed a lil, really only change that has happened recently that has left a sour taste is the lack of bounce that the Tonkor has these days ~ used be able to get some nice ricochets going with it but now its bounce once and stop. Still a good weapon but less fun and more similar to the Penta in how it fires now (minus the absolute control you have with the Penta)
  6. Meta is Feta.
  7. I'm referring to the greater sum of what i see in reference to the so call design council ~ not just this lil bout of *@##$iness. That's Augments in general, a lot of Chaff and some that make you wonder as to why its not inherent in the ability.
  8. A name change is due i think for the council ~ The Whine Council seems to fit it better given almost everything i see related to it.
  9. You stop and think: Gee im glad that wasn't a Hellfire again
  10. Because a lot of people really have no clue.
  11. Whats even worse is the people who do it with a Kavat or Kubrow and then its dropping everytime something looks sideways at it.
  12. The Famine is real for the Blue Variety, the gold not so much ~ not helped by the relative lack of new frames/wings compared to weapons
  13. Its not, its about you griping that you cant get a Headshot weakpoint because of a ability that you used. When the Crit weapons will work regardless of that one spot that gives extra damage ~ i merely supplied you with an alternative weakpoint source. I'm surprised that you didn't have Punch-through on in the first place, aside from Explosives almost everything is better when you have the ability to go through obstructing terrain/limbs/creatures.
  14. When presented with "offer" i give what i would pay at max and most time its "not enough" and i move on.