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  1. How long is this piece of string.
  2. Go forth and enjoy all the games, take a break from one and come back to it later. Pushing yourself to stay in something you may be burnt out on only makes it worse.
  3. A pistol riven on a brakk yesterday turned into a bronco riven which was a sad waste of a riven
  4. Looking forward to what magic you bring to the Lady of Stealth
  5. Including those aesthetics of a butterfly that's fallen through a rosebush or the tennis ball studded fruit fly....
  6. Rhino is my frame of choice whenever i have to suffer that fight ~ Mag procs what mag procs and Stomp can lock him in to give a easy shot at a open faceplate
  7. Sounds good, i always without fail try to melee something when i have a Javelok equiped and am annoyed when it doesnt work that way
  8. Running a High Consumption weapon a lot then use Carrier. Ive just built a second prime one for the express purpose of having it on two loadouts that are High ammo usage without fiddling over fashionframe when i switch between them (Auto colour match really need to be a thing for Weapons and Sentinels)
  9. Gifting from the In-game Market is all well and good but there should be more options to gift things to players. Baro and Tenngogen are two that have come up recently for me that i really would like to have given some of my friends items from both but cant. Case in point particularly this Baro visit a good friend of mine would have loved to have the Eos armour set but was away and i have ducats to burn but cant trade the armour sets. Similarly with Tenngogen i have friends who'd love them but simply cant spare any money on them where as i can.
  10. Small amount in rare drops from the Aptly Named KUVA fortress would be good
  11. Yet some of their own skins don't exactly "fit" with Warframe's aesthetic.
  12. I prefer my Galton Prime (Braton P/ Galatine P)
  13. fandoms will grab at anything remotely related to their "thing". Octavia has been a name far longer than any show about ponies and is a neat step sideways from octave into a feminine name
  14. Do you think Wraith items should be recolorable? Yes, in part. Keep the Red colour locked but the other be chosen by the user.
  15. Updated Title