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  1. Never expect anything with Baro and then your pleasantly surprised when he brings a thing you like.
  2. AzureTerra


    To buff it back to what it used to be all they need to do is bring back the bounce.
  3. Hell no, QTEs are the worst things in games.
  4. This, not that i have had issues with WF not working but a small number of other games i play have over time stopped working for whatever reason on steam and having the the stand alone has meant being able to play them.
  5. If you bought the bundle only for the sigil they yeah maybe you were a bit silly but its certainly no scam.
  6. I love Status weapons, always have yet very few of mine actually have condition overload on them. Really don't need it most of the time for most of the weapons.
  7. Begrudgingly upgraded today. i like having dark windows and that's about it, had to turn off/ remove so much gunk. Thankfully i know people who are handy with code and they helped remove some more of the stubborn things and annoyances and get it looking more proper.
  8. The sheev is a Lino cutter, Grineer are all into the house renovation business
  9. Both are pretty good, it comes down to how else you have modded the gun. If you like Status more then 1 is better but if you like crit more 2 is obviously.
  10. Rivens have a inherent value of 0. Players may make any claims to have such value added to them but it doesn't make them worth any amount of money other than what someone thinks they can sell it for/ what someone is willing to pay. If hypothetically all players decided to stop paying for rivens that were listed over a fixed price (ex: 500p) then all the outlandishly priced ones would come down to that price as noone is going to buy a 5k one. This isn't a nice hypothetical world however and there will always be people with too much money and not enough sense and therefore those that will take advantage of that. Reasonable rivens are bought and sold at reasonable prices all the time, if anything looks unreasonable to a buyer then they are fine as they don't actually need that purple mod to play the game.
  11. Since the middle of 2014 Xcom 2, its catching up in hours played slowly. Mind you i dont know about terms of duration but i would also rate Total Annihilation very high on that count as i played it a awful lot way back in the day and still do sometimes now
  12. The tiny fragment of the playerbase that is on a forum is not a good poll of what the whole base feels.
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