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  1. daily rewards waste

    Its a Hey here's a lil bonus thing, better than another lump of galium.
  2. Fragments and Kuria for Veterans

    Maybe have them not be so bright if you have them fully scanned ~ enough that you can see them and point them out for those that maybe don't have them but not a small star going nova. Kuria are fine as they are given they are often out of the way and don't mind them when i do see them (often im marking them in case people don't have them)
  3. It would be good. Plenty of times seen someone standing on Extraction ~ no word in chat but just obviously wanting to go and this would let these people leave and not force the rest to either abort early or keep them dangling at ext (numerous occasions i have just ignored the lone person on ext if they don't say anything in chat ~ say something and im agreeable but if you are going to be mute about why you need to leave then i wont care) Defenses and the like let people get off at points so why not have a function in other endless ~ of course it wouldn't be the same functionality since the others operate differently but a option that opens up at Ext after 5 min and allows for a player to maybe Hack a special console or such to open access to their ship and leave. I say hack as its something you have to commit to rather that merely clicking an X on a wall that could happen with less consideration.
  4. How many here want a Nami Solo Prime?

    Nami Solo P would be very nice now that i have Cyclone Kraken and a very good Riven
  5. How did you get into Warframe?

    Friends i played Eve with kept talking about this game they played with another person they knew and how good it was. So i started and fell in love with it in the middle of Aug 2014.
  6. Yet it doesn't need "FPS" elements added to it. Add Heavy Weapons, not a "class" that gains specific benefits from having heavy weapons. Closest really would be another frame with an Exalted weapon or so.
  7. Broken Trading & Void Runs

    What im seeing here is a "trader" who cant extort large sums of plat for "rare" goods anymore due to greater supply and is salty about it. Under your idea i cant take a friend or clan member in with the hope of them getting something good from my Radiant relic just because "they are not leet" enough to have the Traces to spend on upgrading the relic they have. If you use a Rad Relic on a Public mission you are doing so with the knowledge that YES you may have other people making use of it ts rewards despite them not having or using a similar relic.
  8. Well done, you worked out my broad terms with specifics. Or they continue doing what the have have been thus far and releasing a Warframe based on theme that works and not tied to a "battlefield" role. That other games are doing what you want/expect is probably a good thing, you should go play/wait for them to come out for what you want/expect. This game doesn't need its diverse selection of options pigeonholed into 5 "classes". Ninja, informal a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.
  9. Slash Sniper

    So a Soma with a Zoom Mod?
  10. Items you regret buying using platinum?

    Drakgoon. I was fighting a lot of infested early on and thought that this gun that looked a lot like my Fav weapon from UT would be good... hahaha, its up there with the bad choice of starting with volt as things i would change if i could redone from start. Maybe also unlocking full classic colour palette since i only really use the middle column aside from 2 blues...
  11. Ayy, Forum's fixed

    For how long is another matter, its been bad since the recent changes.
  12. The game has 32 "classes" that each do something valuable (there also is loki but nothing of value ever comes from one) Each Warframe falls into one or more archetypes of what you want as classes. Does it really matter that the "medic" uses a Missile launcher? or that the Heavy Infantry is using a OHK dagger?
  13. Dev Stream 97 : rip ember Deluxe

    An overhyped skin got scrapped. Good riddance to it.
  14. African or European?
  15. Would Dual Companions be too much?

    I think it would be good, take the gun option off the Sentinel and have it as a utility effect companion and combat power comes from the Living companion