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  1. Baro brought Prisma Naberus on PC

    WTB Naberus Legs and Chest
  2. Baro!!! What have you done!!!

    So im the only one who thought "elf ears" then?
  3. If you think its what you want then sure. I bought Valkyr less than a month after starting as she had a good appeal to me and i was done suffering on volt. No regrets with buying her (still have her even tho i have the Prime now as im loath to sell my most used frame)
  4. Like many things, after Power Metal Songs i like
  5. Plains of Eidolon badly needs vote kick

    What it needs is the option to solo extract from a group
  6. Incursions overwriting Bounty

    We had a Lvl 4 Bounty that had its mission overwritten by a Incursion that happened on the way to and partly covering the Drone Escort we were heading to do. We chose to ignore the Kill all Grineer Incursion and escort the Drone out and then failed the escort for "leaving" the mission area.
  7. You say this now and then one of their terrible deluxe skins will come out wearing cogs/clockwork
  8. Yep, Exceptions being Valkyr cos she's my Most Played and Vauban because i recently reacquired him and forma'd the wazoo out of him to push his %played over the lie that is volt.
  9. Fishing 101 (Active Updating)

    So since the hotfixes Spear Choice matters it seems ~ Went out to do some Lungfishing with the Tulok only to need 2 casts per catch and then i went back out with the Lanoz and was catching them with 1 cast
  10. Shield Aura is now considered an "exploit"?

    using a Aura for what its made to do is hardly "cheese". Just in this case DE have decided that Working as Intended means their Sponge is less absorbent
  11. Fishing 101 (Active Updating)

    Without having used it the stuff for calming the fish sounds like it would be good for group fishing with the other squad members spears disrupting your fish less.
  12. and the dry-streak continues - Rivens.

    So your going to rage quit over a item of loot that comes via RNG from a mission. Your not going to like the PoE bounties then where you can do XYZ for a tiny money cache. Needing to pay to play with people in a free to play game is a silly idea but fits with Micro$oft. I don't do the mission to get a Riven, its nice when it does drop and otherwise im happy with most things that come out of it unless its Lens (gone finally thankfully) and a couple of the other things like Forma, affinity boosters are a little insulting for what can sometimes be a nightmare string of missions.
  13. Would be nice if i had any cores to turn it, seen plenty of them drop but they vanish into the ether before i can pick them up
  14. Finding supply caches for Bounties

    Your looking (listening) for a thing the size of a Watermelon in the area the size of football filed full of plants/buildings in a small window of time, solo i hate these with a passion and a little bit less Duo.
  15. Fishing Fishing Fishing

    40kg Mortus Lungfish