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  1. After transference in any game with ping higher than what seems to be 100 theres an off chance the above bug will happen. And what happens is you get completely locked out of doing ANYTHING other than jumping, ADS or ressing and ally. This bug has been here for an extremely long time and Id have thought it would have been squished by now but here I am. The only ways I ever saw to fix the bug is: 1. Die and res 2. jump on a k-drive The enemies if you notice at 0:10 are shooting into the ground which makes it extremely difficult to wind up dying to fix the bug since the enemies seem to think youre in the floor instead. But after all this, the bug is EXTREMELY inconsistent, but if it DOES happen completely destroys the game.
  2. So on a capture, we're always told we're bringing them in for questioning but what are the questions we're asking them and why do we care to ask them? Also for capture, on the off chance it turns into an exterminate does that mean theyre questioned within a millisecond? And if so why do we need to capture them in the first place? For rescue, who the heck is this ally and what have they done for me that id give a crap? And if theyre supposed to be my ally why are they such a hindrance to me finishing the mission by going down from a leaf blowing in the wind.
  3. Well there was a time he was a loot god with his 4 causing literal loot explosions from enemies but then we changed it to a strict 1 reroll. while its nice to have a guaranteed reroll unlike any other loot frame his method of needing the enemy to be grabbed to happen really lowers his use. if the area painted constantly spawned tentacles on enemies in the area instead of being locked in place and needing to constantly be recast to be efficient then at least one of his abilities augments would be better. Now there lies the problem though, his augment is the ONLY appeal he has as a frame, and thats really bad. The same can be said for his 1 and 3, augments make the first strip armor and the second heals yourself and allies. A frame thats made even kinda relevant through augments isnt a functional frame. And if they ever do make him good Id LOVE to see loot explosions again, even if the explosion only rolls the resources once and then just rerolls everything else based on str. ie 1 resource reroll and with high str might reroll for energy ammo etc up to iirc 4 times?
  4. At least the kuva weapons you can leave mid mission and not lose anything, if you leave mid mission for the tenets eventually youd run out of tokens. But like the other guy said, just terrible rng, took me just as long to spawn a single envoy.
  5. 1. I think its fine as CC, dmg to kill would be nice but I dont think thats the idea behind the ability. If there was something like enemies hit with your 3 while in the bubble gets a full dmg slash proc instead of a % slash proc that might be good ie instead of I think its 35% of the total damage as a slash proc let it be a 1:1 slash proc instead meaning if your 3 deals 1000 slash damage an enemy in the bubble will get a slash proc dealing 1000/s damage as a proc. This makes sense considering the limited range of her 3 anyway. 2. I think the double jump should be done away with and instead let her have a charge jump from the k drive which still reaches the same height as a double jump without the hassle of accidently jumping into the ceiling of the map but still being able to reach higher heights if needed. There also needs to be much much more application from the ability in terms of what it does, at this point its a worse warding halo. As far as I can tell running into enemies on it does nothing, jumping on enemies does nothing, the slam attack from it is useless since the slams knockdown range is terrible and from the quest I learned the kill range is practically .0000001m from yourself. I would like to see some kind of interaction with her 1 with this as well such as enemies you run into with the board while 3 is also active receive double is not triple procs in one hit. Jumping on enemies with the board causes either a knockdown or a stun similar to sleep. And just plain running into them causes a knockdown or a stagger on larger enemies. 3. This is just a radial slash proccer nothing more nothing less but if this above happens with it itll be able to be much much more. 4. Feels fairly weak unless if you have LoS and a huge horde of enemies then it can under the correct circumstances deal decent damage. I think enemies caught in her 1 and then caught in her 4 should be stripped of defenses this will help with the damage that she can deal later on. Other than that it isnt so bad that it needs massive damage or range tweaks as far as I can tell
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