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  1. Instead of outright banning someone who has a Saryn or other nukeframe equipped, giving them the opportunity to change to something else would be better, don't you think? You're arguing for 'exclusion without explanation' - that person might also enjoy the kind of gameplay you enjoy, but was using Saryn to do some affinity farming. Whoops, they forgot to change to literally any other frame before looking for a group. There is more than one valid form of gameplay in Warframe depending on what someone wants to achieve. So you more or less agree that it's not that big a problem, an
  2. There are a bunch of issues IMO, please read them all before thinking about a reply. 1) What happens on the navigation screen where it says 'x number of open squads' on a mission node? How will this number ever be accurate when everyone has different blacklists? 2) Consider if one host has no blacklist but there is a host migration, and the new host DOES have a blacklist - Will other people be kicked off the group if they are on the new host blacklist? If yes, what if they were in the middle of a survival or defense wave? Do they keep or lose all of their items? If no, do they have t
  3. Came back to this thread because it turns out the Klebrik Scaffold does exactly what I'm looking for, I just hadn't taken the time to explore most of the Operator Amps yet - it latches onto enemies and can bend a short distance around corners. The Klebrick Amp beam is in the screenshot for anyone who hasn't seen it. The red beam has latched onto the enemy and bends slightly, letting go of them once they get out of view. I took the below footage recently of the Phage. One issue I have with it is that you pretty much HAVE to aim down sights for it to be useful. I can
  4. Quoting this because it can also happen the other way around, where your downward aiming angle is limited, and the camera flips upside down by aiming up. It seems to depend on the angle of the Archwing Slingshot (if the target is above or below the Railjack? How steep the angle is?) I have a similar video in one of the bug hunter threads, but I could aim up to about 45 degrees. One way it can be 'fixed' is by dying in mission.
  5. I was doing some missions with a public group - we had just entered a new node, but everyone left after it had loaded and there was a host migration. My AI crew filled the empty spots and I continued playing alone. After I finished that mission I went to navigation to choose a different node, but got a popup message 'This Railjack belongs to another Tenno. Please return it to the Dry Dock.' Had I been flying some else's Railjack the entire time? I hadn't paid enough attention to notice different stats, I just flew it to the objectives and let the crew do the shooting. It's clear that the
  6. Set to invite or friends only, start a mission, then send out invites. That seems to be the only other way I know of to definitely be in your own ship.
  7. That really sucks. The bug hasn't happened to me yet, but the first time I did the mission I wasn't exactly sure what to look for at first, so I ran out of time.
  8. Just to be absolutely sure it's a bug - Only one vent becomes marked at a time, you can only destroy the vent marked with a yellow box icon, and then another one somewhere else gets marked on the map - the unmarked ones are invincible. Is that what is happening? The marked vent can't be destroyed? Or no vents are marked at all? I recorded this video to show the difference - the first two pipes are marked one after the other (they blow up), the third one I shoot at down below isn't marked and that's why it won't blow up.
  9. I'm pretty happy with the Command Intrinsic - I assigned some crew as gunners, they got in the turrets and shot enemies for me without having to be asked. I made one of them an engineer and they repaired the ship without having to be asked. I was able to focus on playing the game solo without having to stop and babysit little things constantly. It is off to a really good start. --------- I have the same feedback as many others, and a few other points: - AI Pilots fly around aimlessly, they could benefit from orders to focus on targets so that a player can launch a slingshot or f
  10. My feedback: - Exploring things like Orokin derelicts in space is very cool: having unique, optional things to find within missions which are also WORTH looking for really makes the Railjack experience shine. It makes the Warframe universe feel larger, more mysterious and gives a space for more visual storytelling - this is something I had hoped for from before Railjack existed (the ability to fly the Orbiter between planets and just find things in space). - As a lot of other people have said, attaching a regular mission type onto a Railjack mission isn't that interesting, and
  11. These are mostly good ideas. The new concept seems to be Railjack Mission + Normal mission. It takes longer -Railjack already had (has?) basic extermination where we fly around and kill enemies in space, at least in the Grineer sections, I haven't looked at any of those sections since the new patch. -Some kind of survival mode using the railjack would be good. It might need a different name to differentiate it from the indoor survival: something like 'swarm' or 'horde'. -A capture mode would be really good, so would a scavenge mode. It definitely fits with Corpus since they valu
  12. My understanding (I could be wrong) is that they are still holding the default weapon as a preview, it doesn't mean it is actually equipped. Just take them into a mission and see what guns they actually use. If they use the ones you gave them in game, then only the preview mode is broken.
  13. Bugs encountered so far in solo play: 1) I used omni teleport to return to the railjack just a second before the enemy crewship I was inside of exploded. When I arrived back at my railjack, the screen faded to black, as though I was transitioning back to outer space, and it stayed black. I could still walk around the railjack interior but not see anything, I was also able to look at the map and tactical screen, but couldn't see anything else. I used the tactical layout to teleport to another position within the railjack, and then I could see everything normally again. 2) Not sure how
  14. I believe that is the default weapon for Red Veil syndicate members (they come with you if you solo a syndicate mission). I have a couple in my crew and once you give them a different primary weapon they use that instead during missions, but the default weapon can still appear in this preview screen.
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