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  1. My mistake, the equipment menu uses the term 'landing craft' to decorate/change colours in the orbiter. Any feedback on what I said though?
  2. To UNLOCK lockers. The ones that are specifically locked.
  3. NAVIGATION Add a search bar with filters that returns a simple list for us to choose from. Let us search by mission type, resource type, enemy type/race, enemy level, syndicate affiliation (e.g these enemies will boost your syndicate rep), boss name, dark sector / nightmare mode, mission name (e.g Hydron), events, etc. I think this would be really useful because I'm the kind of person who constantly forgets stuff like which planet the Index missions are on, and there is no way to find it without asking in chat or clicking around (surprised it isn't listed with arbitrations and other alerts). Also useful if I want a specific resource but can't remember where to find it. Could be even better if it could make suggestions like 'You searched x resource, there is a dark sector in that system offering a bonus drop chance' and gives that option to you as well. FOUNDRY Stacking build queues. Some items take one minute to build, but the bp only builds one or ten of that item, or even 5 minutes for stuff like fish bait. We have to babysit the foundry or go and do some missions to pass the time. We should be able to say we want to build x stacks of a thing, and the foundry just keeps on building it until the stack is done. Play/Pause for foundry - if we are halfway through a stack and decide we don't want to wait anymore, we should be able to collect the finished stacks. Rules for foundry building e.g 'if Orokin Cells < 10, don't use any Orokin Cells'. This prevents you from wasting rare resources that you had plans for. At the same time, rules to automatically build certain items if they get below a particular number e.g if energy pizzas < 10 build 20x stacks of energy pizza. VOID RELICS Let us see how many void traces we have without needing to click on a relic. When looking at void fissures in navigation, let us see how many unused void traces we have. Add ability to mark relics AND specific rewards as 'favourite' which appear in their own tab. Allows you to make a list of things that will be vaulted/unvaulted soon, or keep track of things you want to get (currently swing between inventory and the relic screen, physically writing a list of the things I still need). On the 'possible rewards' area, indicate somewhere (maybe some small text on the reward thumbnail) if we already own a possible reward, either a bp or built part, to avoid going back and forth to the inventory screen like above. MODS Add a feature to automatically blacklist chosen mods which are automatically sold for credits or converted to endo. Add a display onto the mod machine which shows how much endo you have total, or make the amount of endo you have a bit more obvious within that interface. I actually really like this display and had to think hard of anything to add to it.
  4. Let us use hacking ciphers to unlock lockers (tap interact button if cipher is in gear wheel, exactly the same as normal opening). Make pet mods work by proximity, instead of needing to wait for them to decide to open a locker. Currently takes maybe 5 - 10 seconds per locker assuming they don't go and do something else. It is better on average to put master thief on your warframe - just run past lockers and spam the interact key to empty out a whole room in seconds. Affinity can apply to the pet for doing the job. Remove affinity drops from lockers, just give that amount of affinity for opening or unlocking them. Give a small amount of affinity for breaking containers, too. Add large/heavy containers which take some effort to break, everyone gets to enjoy smacking them open (4 people need about 10 seconds of shooting or bashing). These containers drop larger quantities than usual (5x - 10x more), with a good chance to drop a rare resource once they break completely. Bits and pieces fly off of them, and it explodes in a grand way to leave you with a feeling of success for having gone to the effort. There are already 'reinforced' containers which contain some specific but useful items. What I'm suggesting is a regular container but much larger (like a shipping container). Remove or improve the explosive containers. I feel they are mostly a hindrance, and seem to hurt the player more than enemies, but could be made quite useful: They could be picked up and thrown into crowds (pickup with interact key, aim and throw with fire button, still needs to be damaged by gunfire or powers to explode). This could have synergy with stuff like nova portals to turn the explosives into ranged status weapons littered around the level. Add more damage types e.g gas and radiation explosives. They could leave an area of effect where they explode, e.g throw it into a group, shoot it, and they are caught in an elemental trap which applies that status. This could give strategic benefit to using explosives around objective points e.g to slow or damage enemies. At the moment they are placed around the edges of rooms or doorways and don't really do enough to warrant getting enemies to gather near them. Add infested type containers which drop rare infested resources like Mutagen Mass. Currently we only get them from: invasions (sometimes infested invasions don't offer it at all, and they offer 1 at a time instead of 3 like fieldron and detonite), crafting (the mutagen samples to craft only come from Eris or Derelict, so people tend to have less of them) Orb Vallis bounties (which is reasonably helpful when they are offered).
  5. The only thing I see wrong with that number is that Jupiter has way more lockers than any other place, so it will turn into a 'farm Jupiter for lockers' weekly. Maybe something like 'Unlock 50 lockers' would take a bit more effort, and also remind people that 'yes, you can unlock the lockers'.
  6. It would be great if the Kavat mod to open lockers worked by proximity, like master thief. Right now you have to get them near the locker and wait until they decide to smack it, takes too long for each locker, and it ends up being faster to just use master thief (can open more lockers faster on average). One thing they should remove is the orange affinity drops (something like 100 affinity) and just give an affinity bonus for opening the locker at all. People were paying like 20-50 plat per 1 amber star for Nightwave, I would say that created massive value for opening lockers.
  7. The only thing I dislike about the system so far is that some of the challenges are linked to things which can only be done once a day. For example 5000 rep for 5 sorties means you have to login for 5 out of 7 days. It would suck to be sitting on 4/5 with no way to finish it, you would need to ensure you had the time or just not bother. A possible solution is that if you have started making progress towards competing a challenge, then it doesn't expire, and you can do it in the new week. This way, people who genuinely are interested in making progress can still do so with a bit more time. Another solution is that challenges don't expire at all, but there is a Nightwave reputation cap (like people have been suggesting) to prevent people from doing it all at once. I do like the idea of adding way more challenges each week, too.
  8. Teshin should appear in missions, like a reverse Stalker, he comes and helps you if you meet certain conditions.
  9. It's really not hard to earn plat. People are always trading for rare mods, syndicate items, prime parts, gems, fish, pet imprints and patterns, rivens (a good riven roll could get you several thousand plat). Spend a few days trading, and you will be able to get anything you want. DE are not greedy. They let people earn the paid currency by playing the game, instead of making it so the only way to get plat is by paying real money. Combine that with a 50% or 75% login discount and you can make your plat last a really long time. The whole idea is to hold onto your plat until you get a discount and make it go as far as possible. It's even better now with Nightwave because the rewards include weapon and frame slots which used to be plat only.
  10. Losing items on a failed host migration is probably the worst bug in the game, especially now that they've released Nightwave challenges where you might lose all your progress in 1 hour Kuva Survival or something similar.
  11. I think the reason it isn't same as the open world is that you could technically just leave the squad once the objective was completed, then there would be no reason to ever 'properly' extract. With one person left in the group they don't have an option to leave squad (only abort mission), and would have to extract normally. It would be like the situation you experienced in reverse.
  12. One difficult side effect of the new melee mode / gun auto switch is that when you are carrying a mission critical item (e.g an excavation power core, or mobile defense key) you will drop the item if you equip your primary weapon by aiming. Tenno could just strap it to their back or chest instead of needing to hold it in one hand, I can't think of any mission types which require you to hold onto an item while completing the objective, you just plug the thing in and forget about it. I decided to post this here since it's a behaviour directly related to the new melee system.
  13. I experience this as well. There is no indication that I have been disconnected from chat until I try to speak again. When I type something that's when it tries to reconnect.
  14. This guy is pretty dead, but that won't stop me from ordering him around!
  15. My feelings about the update: I use KBM controls, and my setup from melee 2.0 is 'E' and mouse wheel were both bound to melee AND quick melee. What I could do is run around and spin the mouse wheel for quick melee, and then use the E key for combo timing and charge attacks/throws. That distinction between charge attacks and quick attacks worked very well for me, and affects my discussion points. 1. I was most excited about the new targeted slam, but so far it is kind of awkward because you have to aim down at a certain angle regardless of your altitude. If you aim too high, you do the mid-air attack in front of you and get no benefit from slam radius, or you aim too low and unintentionally slam attack, killing your momentum. I feel that charge attack timing could solve the issue. While in the air: tap melee for aerial attack, 1-2 sec hold melee for slam, 2-3 sec hold for shoot or throw (glaives and gunblades can still slam, sigma & octanis can throw or slam). Charging gives you time to aim your slam (e.g float briefly and turn around in mid air to change slam direction). If slam attack isn't based on aiming angle you don't need to worry about accidentally doing it wrong because you were aiming 1 degree too high or low. It also means you can do a slam attack while aiming up e.g up at an enemy on a stair case, or do an aerial attack while aiming down. As it is now, you need to look away from enemies to slam attack them unless they are way below you. 2. Auto blocking. After the changes, a lot of people have mentioned that you can't block while running backwards. I tried this myself just now, and I can see this isn't the case. Once you do a melee attack your weapon stays out until you aim or shoot again, and you will auto block attacks from enemies you are pointing the reticle at. It takes some getting used to but I can see how it works, and now I actually block stuff with ease instead of having to equip my melee weapon specifically to block. It just feels weird at first not having to press a button to block. Where the new blocking system gets awkward: - You need to have done a melee attack to bring out your melee weapon. If you never use the melee you will never auto block, even with a melee weapon equipped. As long as you are not shooting, reloading or charging a shot, you should auto block. - If you are aim gliding and you do an aerial melee attack, you have to shoot or aim your gun to bring it back out. Usually you will be shooting at things below you, which means if you try to aim glide then aerial melee > shoot > aerial melee, you can accidentally slam attack and kill your momentum, because you will be shooting things below you, but need to aim up again to aerial melee. - Some combos still rely on the redundant block button, which is now replaced by tapping the aim button (based on what I've read). This makes doing some combos really vertigo inducing especially if you have something with high% zoom like sniper rifles. - You CAN technically glide block with your melee weapon, but you have to intiate your aim glide with the gun, then do a melee aerial attack without letting go of the aim glide button. If your finger slips just a little bit or if your mouse/controller is a bit dodgy, you will aim your gun again for a brief second and need to do another aerial attack to bring out your melee weapon while gliding. - There is no indication anywhere that channeling is active, which means you might be unintentionally losing energy for each auto block. Make auto blocking optional, keep the dedicated block button in. Allow dedicated blocking even with a gun equipped. 3. Parry. Still kind of awkward since it relies on melee channeling, and there is no clear hud indicator to show that channeling is active. It might be better as a riposte/counter to melee attacks e.g after auto-blocking enemy melee, have a small window for bonus damage on your next melee attack. The current parry system is less effective than spam attacking, and most enemies will just continue to shoot you in the face even when you stand right in front of them. Large projectiles should be able to be parried into enemies. This includes bombard rockets, and stuff like opticor shots. There could be a parry mod which increase the damage of attacks parried into enemies, but based on the damage of your own weapon. I believe parrying should not depend on channeling, and should either be built into auto blocking or based on good timing with the block button. 4. Channeling still does not feel useful, and the mods that exist for it are rarely useful on a weapon. It might make more sense if channeling was based on warframe mods e.g efficiency, strength, duration etc. I think you mentioned replacing it with a kind of 'devil trigger' type system? If so, the warframe stats suit that idea pretty well. AFAIK the only channeling mod that people use regularly is life strike (life strike would be a great aura). I believe that existing channeling mods should be refunded into endo.
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