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  1. That is a very logical exception and I agree that people should be able to opt out. I can only speak from my own experience.
  2. Having an option to automatically equip or remove a dragon key is actually faster even if you do pay attention. There are less clicks involved, and less moving between menus.
  3. In the combo screen there is no icon for a melee attack button bound to mouse wheel.
  4. At the moment there are too many screens to go through when equipping dragon keys and other items. Dragon keys are an item you would normally use on unique occasions like unveiling rivens or opening vaults. They are especially annoying because they apply a debuff just by equipping them, but there are no indicators of that while in the Liset or at the navigation screen. So I've got my riven equipped ('do xyz with dragon key equipped'), I'm excited to get it unveiled! Let's go. Oh damn I'm at the loading screen and just realised I forgot my key or brought the wrong one by accident! Abort > Loading Screen > Mission Summary > Equipment > Arsenal > Gear > Gear (and emotes) > Loop around a couple of times to 'add new item' > Find the key in inventory > Main Menu > Navigation > Select Mission > Loading Screen > and we're back! My Suggestions: 1. Please include a confirmation dialogue to keep or remove dragon keys from your gear. The dialogue should say something like "You have dragon keys equipped which may make your game harder, and are only needed for specific content - Do you want to remove them? (yes/no)". The dialogue could also list what keys are in your gear wheel, and allow you to remove only certain ones if you have several equipped. 1.1 When you equip a riven that requires a dragon key, ask to equip that dragon key in your gear from the arsenal screen. If you don't have one built, you can build one from that dialogue. If you don't have a blueprint to build one, inform the player where they might go to find a blueprint. 1.2 If you have a veiled riven equipped which requires a dragon key, there should be a similar dialogue at the navigation screen to equip that key if it isn't already in your gear. By this point anyone should definitely have the right stuff equipped. 2. If we have a gear blueprint, let us start building the gear from the gear equip screen instead of having to exit from the arsenal, then go to the foundry to build and collect it. (IMO, let us build gear from blueprints within a mission as well, which is automatically collected when we return to the Liset). 3. Each of the dragon keys should be listed together, but right now they are spread out across the inventory alphabetically (applies to a lot of gear items like bait, lures, fishing spears, etc). Please let us sort items by type while viewing everything. 4. Put 'add new item' at the start of the gear wheel instead of at the end. I know you can swap out an item at the start of the list, but they are bound to function keys for convenience - they are things I intend to use regularly. People would have to re-arrange their gear later to get things back to normal.
  5. I find this to be very laggy and buggy. Sometimes it will start putting me into a squad and there is no timer to cancel, or the timer is less than 3 seconds. Like you said sometimes you have to click then leave again and again, seems like it would be easier to just have a toggle to be host or not.
  6. I had a pistol and thrown weapon equipped. When I went into bleedout it equipped the thrown weapon in a pistol grip, but I could not attack. Weapons were Lato + Falcor. It may have been a lag issue, I had joined someone else's Lich mission and the game was very laggy for me. Not shown in the picture, but we also got to 00:00 time remaining, but support modules kept on dropping.
  7. Right now we can host solo, friend only, or invite only games, but become a public host if there are no joinable sessions in progress on our mission of choice. Can we also have an option to host public sessions, even if other sessions are in progress? Sometimes we might want to start from the beginning of a mission but are happy to have others join us. For example, I don't mind joining boss missions in progress because sometimes I can hop in before extraction for quick parts, but sometimes I want to farm something like Argon Crystals, only to join a survival or defense mission and find everyone is leaving.
  8. Can't you keep playing even if other people extract? I guess this wouldn't solve the issue if enemies and fissures stop spawning on some mission types. I agree there should definitely be an option to host a mission.
  9. What happens if you remove redirection (or any mod I guess) and try to swap it back into umbra?
  10. TheMostFrench

    Combat Issues

    Have you tried re-binding your equip melee key? Does it happen with different combinations of weapons (no primary equipped, no seconary, neither, both)?
  11. For Vauban appearance slots, the Ephemera slot says 'LotusWarframeCustomisation' when I equip no ephemera (it should say 'None').
  12. It's been great to see the changes to Vauban, he's one of the frames I really like the concept of. Photon Strike is very cool and really fits with the idea of a tech-utility frame, and changes to Bastille being 'hold to collapse' is great. The issue I have with Vauban is he's still too fiddly. There are too many abilities that are kind of cool but don't do much. At the moment, Bastille and Tesla Nervos do everything a player needs, while Overdriver is a nice tool, and Photon Strike has some cool moments. The problem with the mines is they require concentration away from the action. You cycle through and realise 'oh I had the wrong one chosen' and have to cycle through all of them again to get the right one. By then you don't need the mine any more. How I would alter Vauban: Remove Minelayer. Instead, each ability can charge up to 4 drones like Tesla Nervos: - Tesla Nervos stays the same and is a good first ability for CC and damage. - Get rid of Tether Coil and Vector Pad. IMO they are the least useful abilities, and bastille is superior to Tether Coil once you get it. - Minelayer changes to Flechette Orb, this drone can seek out enemies and explode, doing a blast proc and firing out projectiles. - Photon strike is tap to cast where you aim, or hold to charge and release drones. The drones latch onto enemies and become targeting beacons for Photon Strike, it fires at a targer after a couple of seconds. Now there will be lots of Photon Strikes going off around Vauban. - Overdriver is now passive, any friendly in range of your drones gets buffed. This is meant to encourage Vauban to keep casting drones.
  13. During Rising Tide, Nekros' shadows of the dead might summon interference drones which get marked as kill objectives, despite being friendlies. edit: They don't stop the count down timer.
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