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  1. Play solo then. Edit: Alot ruder than I meant to come off as, my apologies. But this has been dealt with. You can just leave the mission and you can keep your progress in an open world. That's been my experience. Could very well be wrong. Either way that's why I suggest Solo, open world missions aren't very hard to begin with.
  2. Doesn't matter if it conflicts with lore, DE does not care. Look at Nidus prime. If it makes them money, Xaku will get a prime sometime down the line. That's always been the plan. All warframes will get a prime eventually.
  3. Not to mention Zephyr is impossible to use effectively. Tornadoes just pull enemies in, yet I'll find so many enemies alive trying to fuse with walls. Ik just play a different frame...but I like Zephyr.
  4. I feel so called out...yeah that's me. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I'm MR25, to this day idk how to properly damage the siphons. Then again I'm not so big on gathering Kuva anyway since I don't really dabble in Rivens. Point is, this is something I should learn.
  5. That's me, I want ayatan treasures. But it's not so important that I hold up progress. For capture fissure specifically, I wanna be in and out quick.
  6. I like how you made a topic like this, only to not engage in conversation when there's flak.
  7. Not after how they butchered red vs blue. That ended up sucking so hard that the only thing they could do was reupload old seasons, which themselves were already all over Youtube.
  8. Zephyr prime with stropha makes all the acolytes look like a joke. They just gotta be near the tornado before you load that sucker up with dmg.
  9. I just want DE to fix stick prime, there's no reason it should have gone from room cleaner, to just another helminth slot.
  10. Best? No way, other frames can do what he does and more.
  11. I would prefer cosmetics remain as they are, there's no need at all to have more power.
  12. Yeah, I always thought that was kinda weird. How can you still give info on something you dont play, which has likely been changed?
  13. This turned needlessly personal, but my two cents...I've been on both sides of this problem, which is kinda a problem, albeit a rare one for me. I've had times where some people run through the level, I come back to my controller and start picking up reactant. Only I didn't have enough, so I left to avoid holding others back. On the flipside, I've sped through a level, got all 10 reactant, and I notice a slower player can't get all 10. I'm the kind of person who will wait for everyone to have all 10 reactant before going to extraction. 5 mins passes and nothing, so they end up leaving. I say it's a problem on DE's part. It's just a rarity for me. This is just my take on it, so just...be gentle when throwing me at the wall.
  14. None of what you came up with is an improvement. Sorry. If my thought out reply and personal experience makes you think I'm mad, then you clearly are just against everyone who so much as argues against you.
  15. Ngl, I did have the first thought thinking warframe was p2w when I first started playing in 2017 on a previous account and dropped it. You'd be right in saying that the market being open to everyone right out the gate sends a wrong message...until you start actually paying attention. When I tried the game again on another account, I realized everything could be earned ingame, without money. The foundry thing is irrelevant to me, I dont mind waiting for my stuff to build, but it's not anywhere near as predatory as you seem to think...because it's an option. You dont HAVE to rush things. Its stuff like that and forma that make DE money. What your presented is literally only a problem if someone doesn't pay attention. Whether it appears right out the gate or 10 hours later, it doesnt matter, at all. Nobody is being forced to use it, nor are people forced to rush the foundry. Why does it matter if it's there anyway? It's not your money being spent, It's not your patience being tested, and you arent the only one playing this game. This really feels like your mad about a problem you made up in your head. A problem that's not even really a problem if it's been working since 2013.
  16. Warframe can't be either of those games. They have a feel that just can't be replicated here. Besides, with the way stances are, I don't have much hope of any new stances being any good, especially with the requirements you're looking for. May as well just go play those games, because that's never happening in Warframe. It's a looter shooter, not a stylish action game. Last thing...nobody at DE is gonna see this. This belongs in feedback.
  17. Yep, that's why I dont engage. If my idea doesn't fit their's to a T, theres no point in participating. I just like to watch as people destroy each other over whose headcanon is right or wrong.
  18. I like these topics, no side can come to a consensus all because DE doesn't want to flesh out their lore. They keep adding to it, and some stuff ends up conflicting with itself, like Nidus prime Etc.
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