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  1. Do you wear glasses or enjoy wearing them?, I know certain glasses can reduce the sickness.
  2. I got to agree with this, they've been showing us "fake" trailers sense the original Railjack Trailer came out and when RJ did drop, it was an horrible mess, there is no way that this trailer we got, is any different. On top of that, keep in mind that they have "promised" that the new war was supposed to be out via 2019 and lied about the RD until this year. So, the fact that they are pulling the same stunt, as the update will be either delayed yet again to 2022 or released when they go on holiday and leave the update to be a mess, so your prediction isn't just that my friend, it's just the plan old truth. Also Surbusk, don't waste your time on trying to prove a point with "Gate Keepers" as I do think they are called (not sure if there is an other term). As they all just will try to find a excuse to make you look wrong, cuz they can't handle being wrong themselves.
  3. Fair enough, but please tell me you'll play music when you learn how to drive 🤣
  4. Well, considering you play without any type of game sounds (why), then it's no surprise that any type of sound you hear will sound "unknown" to you. However with that being said, this sounds more like one of the Radio Lines that play, near the end of it, just at the end of the transmission, the Infested can be heard screaming. "Command, we've breached the ship. What is growing all over the walls and floors? Disgusting! It looks like it's... alive? [pause] No command, no sign of any personnel. Requesting orders. How do we proceed? Hold on a second... I think I heard something. [infested scream and several gunshots]" So, no, this has -nothing- to do with New War "Hype". Edit: Cuz, for some reason, I can't send you the link to sound file itself, ya'll gonna have to do find it yourself: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter/Radio Look for the line I gave you.
  5. Good luck with that, as they'll just do something again that will break it. I say don't try to at this point, let the game do what it's want, if it falls apart, then well, what can you do?. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Love the website!, is it all possible to get a Dark Theme, for us darkness lovers?
  7. If this is the case, it will be a PR nightmare and part of me wants to see the final nail in the coffin for such. I'll grab my popcorn
  8. That is true, but no one wants to bow down to the "overlords" and even dare install such a terrible thing, I mean, who knows, it might have a virus in it or sell your information /s
  9. Sorry, I was asking if I still need to USE epic game, the answer to that is yes, but I noticed that they are now on steam, so that was a Int-Buy for me, anything to stay away from that trash epic game
  10. Uh, what do you mean by that?, I assume you mean the fake Demo, they like to keep doing? (cough cough Railjack)
  11. What about Excal Umbra?, cuz unless this is a post that indirectly cries for a "Buff Prime", this post isn't gonna last a hour. But I digress. There is nothing wrong with the "Poster Boy" of Warframe, if you hate one of his powers so much, replace it, we have a thing for that. There is nothing that can be done without making him more stupidly over powered then he already is. (or used to be, given his exalted blade).
  12. For me it has to be Yareli, Grendel, Hydroid Come to mind right away, terrible design, terrible concept and poorly executed, Zephyr and Atlas could be better with a rework, but for now I guess they are in a decent place, but if we talk about outside of gameplay?: Hildryn, Nezha and Yareil are really terrible concept, powers are great, the overall design of their "theme" laughable.
  13. What I'm worried about, I am only MR 21, last time I checked and I don't know if a certrin level of players are going to be punished for not wanting to bother with the MR Tests or as you said: New Players. Although to be fair the change itself is nothing, I rather have my Gear not "un-rank" each time. that will be a better QOL, not a yet another beat around the bush or bandaid fix.
  14. Yeah and "Yareli" is for "that" side of the fanbase Not a shocker that she's all bark and no bite for a frame. (although fitting given her theme)
  15. I don't want to die of a heart attack playing this game
  16. I like the idea but it seems more of just a "give Mesa more DPS" then anything else. I don't see nothing wrong with Ballistic battery (even tho it's been a while last I touched mesa). Although that seems to be a common thing with Warframes, The newest frame will always do what a old one can do, but better. I will love to see Shooting Gall changed to something like this tho, as the spark or wisp tends to not play well in solo. But then again I'm the type of player that removed her 4th, so. However the downside, seems more of a pain in the ares, then a way to try balance out the power (and hard to code, no doute) what was you trying to base this off?, cuz I swear there is a movie I seen when someone did this. Edit: If I wanted to make BB more appealing, I'd make it work how Hawkmoon works in D2
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