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I solo pretty much everything, had fun capturing an eidolon yesterday for the first time.


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I mainly play on Xbox. Soloed pretty much the entire star chart save for a few nodes that I either just haven't bothered to finish yet (archwing) or that I joined a public group to get help (interceptions mostly) until I found out about specters. I'm still working on getting corrupted mods from vault runs on orokin derelicts, 


and made my first amp for my operator

recently which made me think about going on an eidolon hunt.

I tried a few times and simply failed. Tried some new strategies and found that for a capture solo I'd probably need to use Oberon (Prime) to keep the lures alive (I don't have Trinity), and a sniper of some sort for better damage. I decided to build a Lanka and put 3 forma on it for a "good enough" build. Went out and captured one but it took me pretty much till just before sunrise. I died 3 times and it was pretty inefficient, but was a fun challenge.

Things I learned afterwards:

-Apparently you only need 2 lures to capture one. I had 4 with me and yeah, they sometimes got in the way.

-If you have a sentinel with you, don't have it equipped with Shield Charger or any other mod that can replenish your shields. Trying to get energy from Hunter Adrenaline with that equipped was a pain.

-same as previous point, equipping a decaying dragon key might have been a good idea.

-as Oberon I need to make better use of Hallowed ground (ie. actually use it) so I can get the Iron renewal buff from Renewal

-possibly change out a mod for another +armor one if Iron renewal isn't enough


Anyway that was fun for me. Thanks to DE for a great game.

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Congrats to you man, keep at it and try for that next milestone.

This is coming from a guy who's been around FAR too long.

My personal best is a Solo Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst capture. Twice in a night. With 5-ish minutes to spare.
But man, did I sweat for that.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

That's great but remember, this is a co-op game meant to be experienced with others, don't solo just for the sake of proving something to yourself

If a player wants to do that, even in a game designed to be played with others/friends, I think that's great.

In the end, even if it is about proving to yourself you're powerful enough on your own to do it, that just makes you stronger overall when in a team. I don't see a reason why solo play should be frowned upon at all, because for some of us it's literally all we can do sometimes. (bad Internet connectivity, scheduling issues with your clanmates/friends, etc.)

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I was in the same position. However I was so adamant that I would not do anything with Eidolons. Mainly because I'm a solo player. I felt I didn't have the gear for it. Recently hit I believe 800 hours in mission time and all 800 hours has been solo. From the entire star chart, Derelict vault runs, arbitration, sorties, the 15 Teralysts I went through (5 for Paracesis and 10 so I could get a 223 and gild for the mastery).

My first Teralyst was a nightmare. I knew the concept of what to do, but equipment wise I was lacking. Tried Oberon but kept dying. Never really been a fan of that frame. I had a Lanka with 4 mods on it and no forma. Not a fan of snipers. Also equipped was a 111 amp. Took me 35 minutes to capture the Teralyst on my first attempt once I got the lures😂


Second attempt, took Rhino for Iron Skin and Roar. Grinded for a couple hours to put 5 forma into my Lanka. Still the same amp, got it down to 15 minutes per Teralyst.


I had built the 223 as my celebration for hitting rank 3 with The Quills. Gilded and this made getting rid of shields a little bit easier. Lanka could break limbs in 3 shots typically. Wasn't really that fun for me though, just did the bare minimum needed and haven't had interest in going back to do it more. Maybe one day I'll go back or try to go after the second Eidolon.

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Thanks for the comments. Brandt1 that's cool thanks for sharing. I'm currently using a 212 amp. Will probably make a 223 once I gain another rank with the quills. For the time being I'm probably going to stick to farming lenses from ostron missions since I need them to craft better ones so I can work on my focus tree. I'll probably start to group up to do the vaults since soloing them is a pain, though the kavat scans and mutagen samples are helpful. I'll eventually go back for round two on the Teralyst and see if I can cut some time off my previous attempt, and since I need the drops to rank up Quills faction.

I typically solo because I don't consider myself good at shooters and feel I would hold others back that just want to get things done efficiently.

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Just some tips in general.

- Locate the Eidolon from distance and waypoint it, then grab your first lure. Make sure you're familiar with the lure spawn points (lake to the left, grineer base to the left of center lake, grineer camp across center lake to the right. References are from Cetus gates). Once you engage the Eidolon, make sure you waypoint it.

- Just collect the 1 lure to start, either fully charge it up to start or get 2 volms into it. Most lures will have 2 voms nearby, just make sure you disable or capture the lure before killing them so they're not wasted. Grab a second after the 2nd or 3rd limb goes down as voms become more common.

- Shattering Impact mod and Corrosive Projection aura. Stick this on your melee and hit the Eidolon before you drain shields to strip armor, but don't remove it completely. Either use a long range melee (33 hits) or with a sarpa ~6 times with all shots landing. They have 200 base armor, and the mod removes 6 base armor per hit. You only need to do this once.

- After each limb goes down, cast hallowed ground if you're Oberon, stand on it and stay in frame and soak 2-3 hits to fully replenish your energy. You won't be able to soak all of the hits so make sure you jump into operator mode and go void mode to immune the remainder damage. Might take some practice but it's effective once you get it down. Just make sure you have enough hitpoints.

- Once you get them, Arcane Nullifiers equipped on your warframe can make you immune to the magnetic proc so you don't need to cast hallowed ground. These drop off the Teralyst both in capture and kill. Good to use on any other frame as well.

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