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(Can see the brown better on Cetus)

Color scheme: Black, Twilight dark brown/light brown, Dark Tenno metal, Orokin gold. Gold energy color.

Accessories: Nova Prime sigil (back) Saryn Prime Sigil (front) Targis Chest, Chroma Prime armor Legs, Edo Prime shoulders. No syadana. Gold energy color. 

With my favorite weapons: black energy color, AkVasto Prime, Sybaris Prime, Redeemer Prime all with the best Rivens. 😎 Nothing but the best for my Waifu. 

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Nothing crazy, but I really liked the copper coloring on the metal parts.

Primary: Lotus- Column 1 Row 3
Secondary: Classic- Coulmn 2 Row  8
Tertiary: Classic- Colum 3 Row 8
Accent: Storm- Column 3 Row 1
Energy: Corpus- Column 5 Row 5

Also using the Edo Prime chest piece with the same color choices.

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Added colors since I couldn't look at them at the time of posting.
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The switch version has this annoying color bug that makes other parts of her use the default colors no matter what other colors I used. I tried to get the pose and angle that hide those so...here's the best one I got lol

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