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Official LEGION OF TAU Weapon Concept Contest- with grand prize! WINNERS ANNOUNCED.


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Greetings, Tenno! At long last, the Tenno Reinforcements competition is live!

Do you have great ideas for weapons? Do you have an unbelievable amount of creativity locked away in that head of yours? Is your imagination bottle-necked by a lack of artistic skill?
Then this is the contest FOR YOU!

In the Legion of Tau Weapon Contest, the only thing you have to do is come up with great weapon designs for completed artwork! Below you will find 4 weapons created by myself. They are nameless, without stats, without any gameplay mechanics applied to them. It is up to YOU to assign these weapons with functionality.

Name one, two, three or all of the weapons presented by me and name + explain how they work in combat. The more descriptive you are, the better. If you want to attach lore to them, go for it! If you want to explain the minute intricacies involved in one of the guns' reloading animations, go for it! Just remember that the main focus of the competition is the weapons' actual functionality. Please make sure you specify which weapon you are naming and designing when you make your writeups!
To clarify, you can name and make a writeup for ALL the weapons, but you can only win the best design for one of the four. TL;DR: There's no downside in making a writeup for every single weapon, it only increases your chance of winning!

There will be 4 winners total- one for every weapon. Only one of the winners, the top dog will receive the grand prize ($20 Dollars on Amazon!). However, each of the winners will be immortalized on the main Legion of Tau  post, with their weapon design fixed to the artwork, and credited in the main post!
The winners will be decided by a panel of judges comprised of several close friends of mine who also play Warframe. You will gain bonus points for creating a weapon design that accentuates the visual appearance of the firearm/blade, and additional points for accurate, acceptable stats. Even more points will be awarded to those who put in a lot of effort- people who make long, interesting writeups! Lastly, a name is also important for the weapon. Come up with a cool, interesting name, and explain your rationale behind your choice for bonus points!

If you have any other questions about the contest, feel free to ask. Contest entries end on July 31. Winners will be announced by August 5.

Alright, now, let's get on to the designs!













Best of luck everyone, and remember to be creative!

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Name: Ikazuchi (japanese for Thunderstrike)
Type: Two-handed Nikana
Attack Speed: 1.05
Channeling Damage: 2.5X
Channeling Efficiency: 100% (5 energy per strike)
Critical Chance: 18%
Critical Damage: 2.5X
Status Chance: 18%
Damage: 80 (5 Impact, 10 Puncture, 40 Slash, 25 Electricity)
Special: Killing an enemy will charge up one of the rings on the weapon‘s back. The rings charged will increase the weapon‘s behaviour when utilizing channeling. Upon entering channeling all rings are consumed and a buff is applied depending on the amount of rings consumed.

On top of the highest mountain on Earth fierce lightning bolts were often observed to strike the mountain. The Ostrons of Cetus were making up the most terrifying – and often extremely weird stories – about why the lightning bolts were constantly striking the mountain. Hok once did an expedition there and was able to approach the mountain on a clear day. The ground was cracked and the sand had melted into turqoise glass because of the lightning strikes‘ heat. In its center, like a spider within its net, a strange sword was sticking inside an Eidolon Teralyst‘s severed head. Who it belongs to? Unknown, but from that day onwards, Hok took it to enhance his expertise for weaponry.

0 = No effect,
1 / 2 = +2% flat critical hit chance status chance increase per ring for 5s during channeling only
3 / 4 = +3% flat critical hit chance status chance increase per ring for 7ss during channeling only
5 = +4% flat critical hit chance status chance increase per ring for 10s during channeling only

So on max charge you will get +20% additive critical hit chance and 20% additive status chance on your weapon. Together with the base stats will this create a 38% value in both that can then further be increased with mods. However you will need to channel, so it will perhaps have some nice features with the final state of melee 3.0.

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Name: Blastoma (reference to an auto-immune caused form of cancer)
Type: Secondary (3-shot Burst-Mode)
Fire Rate: 3 per second
Magazine Size: 21 (no spare ammo, archwing-type reload)
Reload Delay: 30s (1s upon picking up a cyst)
Projectile Speed: Fast
Critical Chance: 3%
Critical Damage: 2.0X
Status Chance: 20% (30% within cloud)
Damage: 120 (40 Corrosive, 40 Gas, 40 Viral) upon exploding
20/s (10 Corrosive, 10 Viral) within the cloud remaining
Special: Shooting the Blastoma onto an enemy or onto a neutral surface will create a 5-6 meter wide cloud. The explosion creating the cloud will deal damage and standing within it will deal less but has a higher chance of applying status effects. An enemy killed by the Blastoma will spawn cysts on death that can be picked up to set the recharge delay to zero.

Where there is life, there is death and the both can be extremely delicious. Helminth, the infested entity living in the Liset, was constantly striving for new ways of maturing. „We germinate, for the Master... within the Master.“, as he would state. Within each enemy a thousand of dangerous viruses and germs were residing but unaware of their purpose. This weapon was created by Helminth to awaken those, to wreak havoc from inside an enemy by using their own immune system against them.

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Name: Vikasati (Sanskrit for 'evolve')

Type: Semi-auto (visually fires an energy burst, similar to a mini opticor, but much smaller.)

Fire rate: 1.5

Reload: 2 seconds.

Accuracy: 50

Crit Chance: 25%

Crit Damage: 3.0X

Status Chance: 10%

Damage: total: 120. 20 Impact, 20 puncture, 20 slash 60 of an element decided by the special.

Special: Similar to the Hystrix, alt-fire switches its damage type. Unlike the Hystrix however, switching its damage type does not cause forced procs, it actually changes the damage type of the elemental damage. The gun rewards headshots (or equivalent) by producing an elemental effect based on the damage type chosen. Fire causes a 240 damage explosion over 3 metres (with fall-off). Electric causes a 60 damage burst that chains between targets within 7m up to three times (a maximum of four targets), without losing damage that stuns the targets. Toxin dissolves the target into a toxic puddle (similar to the Napalm Grenades) for 10 seconds that deals 30 damage per second (total 300) and inflicts toxin procs. Cold produces a 6 metre explosion of ice that severely slows enemies by 75%. Starting element is defined by emissive energy colour. Switching ammo type causes the 'revolver' section to rotate (being the 'chamber' for the adaptation effects). All effects are affected by mods.

As the Sentients adapt, so must we. As the Sentients subvert, so must we. This weapon was designed to achieve both ends. Using a sentient core, this weapon steals the Sentient's own ability to adapt and grants it to the wielder, allowing them to alter the damage and effect of this slow but deadly and precise rifle as needed. Use fire to detonate target's skulls, electric to spread damage across a wider area, toxin to lay down deadly pools and cold to stem the tide. A mighty companion against the Legions of Tau.

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I don’t really have a definite concept, but I do have an idea for the Sentient Melee weapon. 


I think that the Sentient Blade (my name for it, for future reference) should be capable of not only perceiving the environment but also commenting on your “performance”. 


From the the old man in Bastion, to the Transistor from Transistor, I always liked having a third party offer commentary on your fighting skills.

His original “personality” would be Sentient, and he often says things like “that looked like it hurt, didn’t it.”, but he could also come with four unlockable personalities. 

For example, you could unlock the “old man” (a tip of the hat to Bastion) personality, who would say things like, if you mess up with wall running: “And then he/she (depending on your operator’s voice) falls to his/her death. I’m just foolin’.”

Also, if the blade is currently equipped, Ordis will warn you (at least once a day) that the blade is not to be trusted.

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Name: Soshi (japanese for element)

Type: Polearm

Attack Speed: 1.0

Channeling Damage

Channeling Efficiency: 100 (5 energy drain)

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Damage: 2.5×

Status Chance: 100%

Damage:  100 Puncture

Special: When this weapon inflicts puncture damage, this weapon also inflicts a random elemental damage type (fire, ice, blast, ect.). When channeling and this weapon deals puncture damage, this weapon also inflicts three different random elemental damage types (example it can deal fire, electric, and radiation damages.) at the same time.

Lore: A Corpus experiment to try and counter act the Sentient's adaption ability resulted in the creation of this weapon. (thats really all i got on this weapons lore)

So this weapons playstyle would be based on inflicting multiple status ailments on the enemies.

(best mods for this are, healing return, condition overload, ect.)

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Name: Nera (Italian for black, more on why later)


Once upon a time, when the system was still ruled by Orokin, some warframes were sent to Deralicts as a form of harsh ''training'', or punishment. These abbondend by light places were much more horrifying then the ones we know today, for they were stained with far more blood, non of which was that of the Infested. In near present time, a group of more grizzled veteran tenno opperatives crash landed in one after an attempted escape, from a hot pursuit by the Nightwatch Corps. Even the most elite Grineer dared not go near that place, who can blame them, legends say it to be the first and biggest hive, of the Infestation. Nobody knows how and they fear to speak of it, but our team of opperatives made it out, even more miraculously, with souvenirs. These...weapons are thought to have originally been different, but can no longer be called mutalists, they have completely rebuild what they have devoured, down to the last molecule. In this entry, we will talk about a pistol some speculate to have once been a Lato, code named - Nera.
The Nera, fires concentrated nano spores, all coated in...void dust. Our science team believes that to be due to, if it really were once a Lato, it being a tenno sidearm which layed close to the body of it's previous owner, somehow letting the Infestation syphon the void energy out of it's warframe and into the weaponized mass which it became. Because of this, while it can supply it's own source of nano spores, continuous usage will eat at the operator's vitality. However there is a...kind of bright side, since it appears to act as a symbiote, rather then a parasyte. Testers say that ''satisfying'' it by hitting targets in their weakpoints, makes them feel an adrenaline boost, empoweing the user's AMP for a short duration. As an added bonus, if the void dust makes contact with the eyes of the target, it appears to have a strong blinding effect.
Due to many health concearns, lab testing has been halted untill further notice, but if very strict regulations are followed, tenno who wish to field test the gun, are welcome to.

Type: Semi-Automatic (Nano Spore Dart) Pistol
Noise Level: Bellow Average (not silent)
Fire Rate: 5.00 per second
Accuracy: 20
Magazine Size: 10
Max Ammo: 180
Reload Speed: 0.8 s
Damage: 30 Viral | 15 Void
Total Damage: 45 (66.67% Viral)
Critical Chance: 20%
Critical Multiplier: 2.8x
Status Chance: 15%

Extra Mechanics:


Reloads (Enveloping Darkness): Reloading this gun costs a small amout of hp points, from the Operator.
If it is reloaded while Passive 1 is active, the Reload Speed will be reduced by 0.05 seconds for every instance of the buff, tottaling up to 0.2 seconds. The Magazine Size will also be increased {upon reload} by 5, if two instances of the buff are active, and 10 if all four are.
Passive 1 (Cursed Darkness): If a shot from this gun strikes an enemy weakpoint (head, banshee's sonar and ect.) it will become exited and buff the stats of your Operator's AMP. This buff can be stacked up to 4 times and is refreshable. When 4 stacks are active, hitting weakpoints will heal the Operator for 2% of their hp.
Passive 2 (Blinding Darkness): If a shot hits the head, the enemy will stagger and be blinded for 1.2 seconds. During this time, they will be open to finishers.
Name Explanation: My reasoning for calling it Nera...well I just realy like Italian, ok? Also, the void dust would be so dark {cannonically speaking, I am not here talk about how you will fashion frame it} from sitting in a pitch black deralict since Orokin times, that it would be literally like shooting pure darkness at your enemies. 




PS: With me calling it a Lato in some places, I later realised it looks more like an Infested Pyrana...I am sticking with the Lato though.
PS2: I am entering just for the credit on the main forum thread (and because I really wanted to think of something when I saw that infested secondary), if I happen to win the Amazon Gift Card, please select someone else to give it to.

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Name: Bulwark
Type: Scythe
Attack Speed: 0.95
Channeling Damage: 1.5X
Channeling Efficiency: 150% (2.5 energy per strike)
Critical Chance: 14%
Critical Damage: 2X
Status Chance: 25%
Damage: 130 (80 Slash, 40 Heat, 10 Impact)
Special: Performing attacks with the Bulwark will leave behind trails of energies that will attract nearby enemy projectiles instead of going towards the Tenno. Upon performing a charged attack all caught attacks are being released in a shockwave that is released in a cone into the attack direction. Depending on the damage absorbed the release cone will have range between 4m to 10 meters and a cone angle from 10° to 40°.

They destroyed it, my precious Zanuka prototype on Jupiter. They destroyed the Raptor factory. And now they even dared to hijack my Ambulas units?“ Frohd Bek was extremely discontent about the recent developments within the Sol system. The Corpus were having a tough time after Alad V turned out to by a traitor, after Nef Anyo seemed to care more about his semi-religion than about the Corpus themselves. Instead of developing more and more offensive weapons Frohd Bek decided to create heavy combat arms for his footmen that were supposed to defend his precious factories from Tenno invaders. Sadly though, Tenno had quickly found and adapted their technology for themselves.

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Name: Trauma
Type: Semi-auto sniper rifle
Fire Rate: 1 per second
Magazine Size: 4 (8 spare ammunition), requires sniper ammunition
Reload Speed: 2s
Projectile Speed: Hitscan
Critical Chance: 30%
Critical Damage: 3.0X
Punch Through: 1 meter
Zoom Stages: 1.5X Zoom – Increases Critical Hit chance by flat 10%
2.0X Zoom – Increases Critical Hit chance and damage by flat 10%
(the zoom values are low because after all this weapon doesn‘t have a scope)
Status Chance: 15%
Damage: 130 (50 Impact, 30 Puncture, 50 Slash)
Special: While zooming, this weapon will highlight enemies at 30 meters as long as there is no obstruction thicker than the weapon‘s punchthrough value. Whenever an enemy is hit by the rifle but not killed, it will be stunned for 2s and will be unable to move. If said hit was a critical hit or a headshot the stun duration is doubled. Also any damage dealt to a stunned target is tripled.

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Name: Indominex

Class: Heavy Blade

(I'm relatively new to exact stats but I will give as accurate an idea as I can)

Basic Concept: A mid-speed battleaxe Heavy Blade designed around a Radiation/Slash status profile, ideal for fighting heavily armored foes, but falls somewhat flat against shields (what a first - a Corpus weapon that isn't designed to be great for fighting Corpus!) Probably invented to fight Grineer and Sentients.


Attack Speed: Roughly on par with Galatine Prime

Critical Chance: 18%

Critical Multiplier: x2

Status Chance: 25%

Damage Profile: Slash and Radiation based, roughly 60 Slash and 70 Radiation

Special Property: Killing enemies with this weapon applies stacks of a buff, Surge Capacitor, stacking up to 15 charges. Buff expires if not used within 5 seconds, with the duration refreshed with each new kill, even if stacks are full. Performing a spin attack while Surge Capacitor is active will immediately discharge all stacks of Surge Capacitor in an radial plasma wave, dealing base 100 Radiation damage per stack to all enemies in a roughly 15 meter radius. Performing a slam attack while Surge Capacitor is active will instead slam the small reverse blade of the weapon into the ground, discharging the buff in an explosive pillar of plasma, dealing 250 Radiation damage per stack, in a roughly 5m wide by 20m tall cylinder extending upwards from the slam epicenter.

Description: Developed with the express purpose of chewing through hordes of armored foes, this highly experimental Corpus battleaxe's subminiature nova reactor lends its wickedly-sharp carbotanium blades a deadly aura of radiative hyper-plasma.

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For this Weapon, I'll need to describe the Special first. Bear with me.


Special: This weapon doesn't fire shots like a normal weapon. Instead it produces a maggot that, depending on the current status, infests and produces one of three effects. It can be set to a infest a small area and produce a turret (like a Sentry Gun from TF2), infest a wide area an area to produce a carpet like Nidus's 4, produce an AoE CC and Damagezone or infest your Warframe and produce an 'auto turret' around yourself. Each one has different stats. Note: Punch through only affects projectiles from the infested areas, not the maggots. It should also be noted that the gun uses a recharge, taking 30s to do so, and producing another area cancels the existing one. The Turret and 'Carpet' have 1000 health, and the auto-gun has 250 taken before your health.


Accuracy: 100 (fires a projectile, so it's liable to miss moving targets)

Fire Rate: 2.00

Damage 150 Toxin.

Reload/Mag: N/A

Crit Chance 20%

Crit Damage 2.0X

Status Chance 5%



Accuracy/Mag/Reload: N/A

Fire Rate: 5.00

Damage: 30 Toxin.

Crit Chance: 5%

Crit damage: 1.5X

Status chance 20%

Radius: 5 metres max.

Special (really just mechanics): When fired it will either attach to a wall or the floor (not both) depending on which the maggot strikes. If on the floor, it slows all targets that touch the target are slowed by 5%. Every 5 seconds it will grab an enemy and tie them in place for 5 seconds, trying to go for the enemy that has been touching it the longest. Alternatively if it is on a wall it will be able to grab enemies as soon as they come within 5 metres of it and hold up to 3 until they die. The damage when on a wall is dealt from a cloud that floats 2.5 metres away. 


'Auto turret'

Accuracy: 20 (fires hitscan)

Fire Rate: 2.50

Damage: 45 Toxin

Crit Chance: 10%

Crit Damage: 1.7X

Status Chance: 10%

Mag/Reload: N/A

Dissipates after 15s

(Note: this one is potentially the most powerful as it is basically a very mini iron skin + extra DPS, so it has that extra limitation.)


Less a weapon, and more a vector for Helminth itself, this tool enables you to spread your own infestation. It can produce an infested turret, infest an area to slow targets and deal AoE damage over time, or your infest own Warframe to assist in defending yourself for a limited time.

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Unnamed_Infested_Revolver.pngWeapon Name:Ancient feast

Born from the bodies of dead Ancients unit this weapon have 3 mod of fire  and Rage Mode 

First Mode automatic fire uses Insects as bullet


Trigger Type    automatic
Ammo Type    Special
Noise Level    silent
Fire Rate    10.0 rounds per sec
Accuracy    50
Magazine Size    50 rounds per mag
Max Ammo    150 rounds
Reload Time    1.5 s
Gas damage    50
Total Damage    50
Crit Chance    25%
Crit Multiplier    2.5x
Status Chance    25%
Punch Through   None

Passive:Killing units with this drop Ancient orb type 1 

Second Mode  Fire Snipe Insects

Trigger Type    Semi-auto
Ammo Type    Special
Noise Level    Alarming
Fire Rate    3 rounds per sec
Accuracy    100
Magazine Size    3 rounds per mag
Max Ammo    50 rounds
Reload Time    0.5 s
Viral damage    50
Total Damage    50
Crit Chance    5%
Crit Multiplier    1.5x
Status Chance    5%
Punch Through   None

passive : this weapon deals very low damage on any part of body except head first bullet hit the head stagger the enemy and take 25% off his head pure damage the 2nd hit stun and take another 25% the 2 insect bullets in his head will merege after 1 sec his head explode killing it and dismember his body droping an Ancient orb type 2 and More Insect bullets

Third Mode Shotgun

Trigger Type    Duplex
Ammo Type    Special
Noise Level    Alarming
Fire Rate    2 rounds per sec
Accuracy    100
Magazine Size    6rounds per mag
Max Ammo    50 rounds
Reload Time    2 s
Viral damage    1000 Magnetic 500
Total Damage    1500
Crit Chance    25%
Crit Multiplier    3x
Status Chance   25%
Punch Through   None

Passive: killing units will drop Ancient Orb type 3 no headshot multiplier for this weapon 

Ancient Orb 1 when filled its bar give Toxic Ancients aura  buff has increase toxic and gas damage and resistances to it

Ancient Orb 2 when filled its bar give Ancient healer aura buff grant 90% damage reduction and status immunity

Ancient Orb 3 when filled its bar give Ancient disruptor aura buff which has  chance when killing enemies to get energy

while under this buffs for 30 seconds any killing happen drop Rage orb which fill the rage bar when filled the weapon and u get enraged

Rage Mode

weapon change to 4th mode

in this mode u fire powerfull projectile no ammo needed which will kill enemies in 2 shot first shot releast insects to the heads stuning them and 2nd shot will insta kill them same as 2nd fire mode but u health will drain when u in this mode and drain faster when u shot enemies until it reach 1 hp u  cant heal in rage mode if u want to stop it u change to primary or reload melee will not stop Rage mode

All stats is subjected to change









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Hello i am a friend of gamerovertron and i have an idea.

For the Sentient melee i name it the Itskraka (roll the R)

A large Two handed slightly curved greatsword capable of hitting up to 3 enemies at once. The design first thought up of when the legion of tau started up. it was made for a discontinued sentient type that had the power to swiftly slash its enemies with this sword. This particular model of the Itskraka was taken by rogue sentients and modified to be wielded by anyone or anything making it far less powerful than that of the original variant.


Mastery: 9

Slot: melee

Type: Heavy Blade

Attack Speed: 0.9

Finisher damage: 250

Channeling Damage: 2X

Block Resist: 75%

Disposition: (no data)

Impact: 30

Puncture: 40

Slash: 130

Total: 200 (Slash 65%)

Crit Chance: 50%

Crit Multiplier: 2X

Status Chance: 15%

Slam attack: 270

Slam Radius: 4M

Slide attack: 320

Wall Attack: 280

Polarities: 2 Naramon Pol, 1 Vazarin Pol

Stance Polarity: Vazarin Pol

Introduced: Update (No Data)

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Namening system/philosophy:


While comparing other sentient weapons' names, I came to a simple conclusion, not all of them follow the same naming system.

The Jovian weaponry follows the Corpus naming system (techy words and science-related portmanteaus), the Fortuna weaponry names are portmanteaus of Sentient enemies and the Corpus suffix -cor.

The War deviates a bit from the pattern in the Stalker's armory (negative emotions) but probably its name was given by Hunhow himself, as a statement or message against the Tenno. The Tatsu was named similarly as the Tenno weaponry (A verb or adjective translated into an Asian language. Not all the Tenno armory follows this rule).

I decided to make an amalgam out of the War and Tatsu naming systems (the statement and the Tenno stylization).
Because this is not a Staker weapon (obviously), the name isn't going to be in English.
Out of all of the Asian languages already used in the Tenno arsenal, I chose Chinese because the weapon looks like a Chinese sword (though it also looks like a messer for me).
Although not intentionally, the statement or message sent to the Sentient is one of mockery, dishonor, taint, and corruption.
Wūdiǎn [污點] is the translation of taint (verb) and infect (a synonym of corrupt).

I named the weapon WUDIAN to keep the characters simple.


This Machete was forged out of a fallen Zordalyst polearm. The blade is a symbol, a mockary to any sentient who stands against the Tenno in their search for peace.

MR: 14
Type: Machete
Attack Speed: 1.10
Channeling Damage: 1.5x
Block Resist: 85%
Base Damage: Impact b10, Puncture b 15, Slash b 20, Magnetic b 30
Total Damage: 75 (Magnetic b 40%)
Crit Chance: 15%
Crit Multiplier: 2.5x
Status Chance: 20%
Stance Polarity:https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/8c/Zenurik_Pol.svg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/20?cb=20150301001231

Special Property: Kills with the Trayulyst create charges that can be released as a disruption slam on slam attacks which suspends enemies in a 5m / 10m / 15m radius for 3 seconds. The charges are stackable at a max. of 3 charges (6 kills, 1 charge per 2 kills).
[Charge Tooltip/Name: "Terraformic Disruption"]

The Trayulyst's blueprint can be earned as a drop from the ZORDALYST on Tau.

BLUEPRINT: 50,000 Credits64 | 1 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/516490294351495178/516729570838446081/Wytch_Core_Icon.png [Wytch Core] | 10 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/516490294351495178/516729832495644672/Zeoultik_Icon.png [Zeoultik] | 50 lunar_argon_official.png [Specdredge] | 25 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/516490294351495178/516729397072363520/Tau_Shard_Icon.png [Carcidiode]

Final Notes and Edits:


Renaming this thing was a pain in the [CLEM] but I feel satisfied with myself.
Although I don't like using Asian words for names, changing its name from a ridiculous reference to KOTOR II (Darth Traya, the Lady of Betrayal and her academy) to a name with propper fundaments behind it (or so
I believe) feels so good.
Either way, I had fun with this weapon.


  • Fixed a formatting mistake in the damage icons.
  • Renamed from Trayus(lyst) to Wudian.
  • Added the philosophy behind the new name.
  • Added "Edits and Final Notes/Comments" box.
  • Added crafting materials icons.
  • Changed quantity of Carcidiode needed for crafting.


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This unorthodox polearm was originally designed as an excavation tool with the intention to melt thick layers of ice and snow in the Venusian landscape. Anyo Corp. repurposed this tool as a combat weapon after the sudden rise of a reborn Vox Solaris.

MR: 11
Type: Polearm
Attack Speed: 0.833
Channeling Damage: 1.5x
Block Resist: 85%
Base Damage: Impact b 15, Puncture b 7.5, Slash b 22.5, https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/88/Heat_b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/18?cb=20140124221428 45
Total Damage: 90 (https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/88/Heat_b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/18?cb=20140124221428 50%)
Crit Chance: 15%
Crit Multiplier: 1.9x
Status Chance: 26%
Polarities: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/b/b2/Madurai_Pol.svg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/20?cb=20150301001230
Stance Polarity: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/6/60/Naramon_Pol.svg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/20?cb=20150301001230

Special Property: Kills with the Krestacor creates charges that can be released with a slide attack or a charged attack. Krestacor can hold up to 4 charges.

  • Slide attack: The Krestakor releases a heat wave dealing https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/88/Heat_b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/18?cb=20140124221428100 Heat damage in a 5m/10m/15m/20m radius with a 25%/50%/75%/100% chance to proc https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/88/Heat_b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/18?cb=20140124221428 heat.
  • Charged attack: the Krestacor releases a blast in a 25m, 55° degree cone in front of the player dealing 125%/150%/175%/200% https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/f/f0/Blast_b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/18?cb=20140124221425 Blast damage with a 100% proc chance.

The Krestator's blueprint can be researched from the Energy Lab in the Dojo.

BLUEPRINT: 30,000 Credits64 | 10 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/d/d9/Fieldron64.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/32?cb=20140515152125 | 50 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/b/bb/HespazymAlloy.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/48?cb=20181110083752 | 100 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/6/6b/Cryotic.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/43?cb=20140903201131
RESEARCH: 10;000 Credits64 | 25 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/0/08/FieldronSample64.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/32?cb=20140515152125 | 10 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/8e/AxidrolAlloy.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/48?cb=20181110083732 | 15 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/d/da/LatheCoogulant.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/48?cb=20181110092931 | Prereq: Kreska


There is no "X" in the Corpus alphabet as you noticed. According to the wiki, you can use "KS" instead 😉



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Posted this a long time ago so...


This gun has a personality that is bad both ways down the barrel. Nidus' signature weapon. Use with caution, Tenno.

The name is a play on "Lex Specialis" ("Special Law" ("Special Lex") ) -> "Lex Pestilentialis" ("Plague-Law") further truncated to "Pestialis".

  • Appearance: Consists of a block of Lex-turned-infested bone covered with crawling flesh. The trigger and trigger-guard are bone-growths in the shape of small ribs. The ironsights are two fishbone-like growths that are tall and lean outwards, but converge and lose height as they approach the tip of the weapon. The receiver oozes shimmering fluid; instead of a laser scope, underneath the barrel is a bioradar comprising several tendrils that glows brighter and more vividly the more enemies are alerted, which means that a player using this gun will have their threat level raised.
  • Primary fire is semi, as is with the Lex. Has no ammo reserve, only a clip; for ammo, leeches a preset amount of health every time you reload, at a fixed (flat HP rate (or not)+a fixed percentage of max HP with mods)/bullet reloaded. Reload animation has the gun's clip burrowing into the warframe's wrist, similarly to a syringe, to draw flesh, bone, cartilage for ammo. If emptied with regular fire and if player health is too low to reload a full clip, no ammo will be drawn as a safety measure. There is no "partial reload".
  • Players who are downed will not be able to fire more than one shot per clip and will have a regular reload time.
  • Headshots have a 50% chance to refund the shot to the clip. Finishing headshots do not expend ammo at all. If a player is downed, finishing headshots will preclude the need for reloading.
  • Base damage is 135 (5 over the vanilla Lex), with a 20%/40%/40% impact/puncture/slash damage balance, as opposed to the Lex' base of 130 with 10%/80%/10% I/P/S balance.
  • Alternate fire (burst-fire mode) expels a bony growth that expends the entire remaining clip. Every individual shot remaining in the clip adds +1 to the 0-starting multiplier applied to the base dmg of 25 toxin. (Affected by +dmg mods) Enemies killed with alternate fire emanate a toxin-damage cloud that damages enemies who step into it. It dispels shortly after the body despawns. The duration of this cloud post-despawn is affected by status duration, while its damage scales with the node's base levels. (The cloud is not affected by +dmg mods) Enemies who despawn will explode into a puddle of mutalist MOA tar, which will strip regular ferrite armour through low-dmg corrosive procs.
  • As a living weapon, the Pestialis has a Bad personality, and using alternate fire will force a reload regardless of player health, so abusing or being headlong with it can lethally drain your health.
  • The Pestialis would be the only weapon requiring DNA stabilisers. When DNA stability drops, the gap between current stability and maximum stability is added to the 100% that multiplies the base HP reload cost. At 95% stability, it would require 105% HP that it would require at 100%. At 45%, it would take 155% of the base value.
  • As a risk-factor, when the Pestialis' DNA stability plunges into the negative, it activates its immune systems and its fight-not-flight reflex. Another flat percentage of the frame's max HP is added to the equation to raise the risk. At -10%, the cost is (100%+110%+x%), where x is predetermined and invariable.
    • As reward for the risk, the Pestialis raises its damage and crit and/or status chance non-linearly and as DNA decay progresses. At -95% DNA stability it would enter its most extreme risk-and-reward model where both critical chance and base dmg would skyrocket, as well as gas cloud power and tar duration, but every reload would take (295%+x%) of the base reload cost that is in effect at 100% stability, which is itself a simple percentage of the frame's max HP.
      • At -100% stability, the Pestialis will enter a dormant state. It can be equipped, but its base clip-size will be reduced to a base 0, thus preventing usage until DNA stabiliser is applied.
  • Passive: headshots have a chance to draw health orbs from enemies. This chance asymptotically increases with every kill and resets upon health drop.
  • Crafting should require a common Lex, a helminth cyst on the equipped warframe, a fair amount of plastids, and fieldron (to explain away the secondary fire mode).

The purpose of this biopistol is similar to the Hema, but more extreme. It is intended to reward careful and tactical play (hence the gas clouds and the tar puddles) while punishing mishandling and headlong behaviour (hence why headshots and finisher-headshots have degrees of ammo refund). Its ability to slow down and significantly poison and/or strip of armor a conga line of enemies before they even reach engagement proximity is offset with its health-leeching, and makes it suited for teamplay and unfriendly to spamming its tactically powerful secondary fire mode.

To be frank, I have no idea what its base stats in respect to critical chance/multiplier and status chance should be. I only conceived this weapon in hopes of extending the Lex family, which is woefully underpopulated when so many other Tenno-faction weapons have 3 variants (the Sybaris, the Lato, the Braton, and the Latron all come to mind)

(Paper-and-pencil concept art pending)

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27 minutes ago, evilChair said:

(Paper-and-pencil concept art pending)

Reading comprehension:

On 2019-06-26 at 5:21 AM, Almighty_Jado said:

Below you will find 4 weapons created by myself. They are nameless, without stats, without any gameplay mechanics applied to them. It is up to YOU to assign these weapons with functionality.


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FINALLY! HAHA, Mission Accomplished! Alas, I wish more of the others had inspired my desire to create, but, can't exactly force the creative spark unless you want a half-arsed guttering mess, eh?

(Completed circa 7/26/2019 at 14:14.)

Designation: Synesthezoid (From the mental illness known as Mirror-Touch Synesthesia, where the afflicted emphatically mirror other's emotional responses and physical responses as if they were their own, and -zoid, indicating a flagellating reproductive cell, partially relating to the weapon's many swaying spore sacks and partially to the medium-swimming spores they generate.)

Weapon Designation: Secondary, Pistol Type


Manufacturer= The Myconians hand-crafted the original model for ceremonial purposes. The current, considerably more lethal model was born of Tenno “ingenuity”.

Statistical Breakdown: 

Damage= 37 Puncture.          

Projectile Type= Projectile (Spine)

Accuracy= ??.

Fire Rate= 4.0

Critical Chance= 7.5%.

Critical Damage= 2.0X

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 24%

Magazine Size= 4 empath spines.

Reload Speed= .4 per round, 1.6 in total (Hold spine up to the seeking tendrils that emerge after a spine is projected, tendrils greedily pull the spike into the empty hole with a sickening “schuck” sound, assume firing stance. Each spike will sink fully and immediately into the weapon towards the internal “projection chamber” as each shot is fired, starting from the top and working downwards.)

Trigger Type= Semi-Automatic.

Mastery Rank Requisite= 2

Polarity= None.

Acquisition= Tenno Bio-Research Lab, cost to be determined by masters of balance greater then I.

Special Trait(s)= 
Sympathetic Spore Linkage:

On striking a target, the spike will remain implanted in an enemy and begin projecting a constant field of spores (At the same time, one of the top five tendrils will shine brighter and begin subtly swaying in the direction of the target.). If a foe is in the presence of the field when a status effect is triggered upon the emitting foe, ALL units in the radius receive the same status effect at 1/4th of the original effect’s strength as long as they stay in the field (even if they don’t show the effects graphically.). Each round that is part of the same full magazine will remain active for as long as a new round is not inserted into its corresponding ammunition hole. Spikes fired into the same enemy increase the potency of the effect on nearby enemies, while fields that overlap from different enemies increase the field size for both spikes, allowing one to cover even more enemies.

“Basic” Description:

In its original state, the Synesthezoid is a tiny, feeble thing. Born from spore scrapings retrieved from hive nodes and very carefully shaped by Myconian gene-doctors for their very specific purpose, it is very rare for an outsider to see one without having earned the people’s deepest trust. Among them, the Synesthezoid is used during rituals of “Unified Clarity”, where members shoot the weak-firing weapon into their own skin and allow the accompanying spine to take root there for a time. As an altered tissue sample of a hive node, the weapon constantly emits command-spores into the atmosphere from it's long fishlike spore-gills, using it’s spines as homing points by which it’s flagellating spores can home in on. Rather than command the persons who breathe them in however, the spike has been reprogrammed to temporarily interface with a pierced person’s nervous system, transmitting their general feelings and mood to everyone nearby in the ultimate act of sharing. The spine and its roots are easily plucked from the skin, and the tool’s ammunition is easy enough to clone that the ritual can be continued well into the triple digits among a gathered group, meaning that, for a few short moments, they all have an innate, primal understanding of each other that cannot be found in humankind naturally.

The Tenno’s aid in saving their Triuna from certain doom (extended circumstances unknown) meant that they were more then qualified to receive this gift, but, being unable to partake due to their very natures, the Myconians instead taught the Tenno how to create Synesthezoids of their own, an unprecedented act in all of their centuries-long history that even had several members quietly questioning it. The Tenno accepted the gift, but, lacking any use for it, promptly adjusted the formula for its creation, adding a variety of steroids during its gestation, while also keying in on very specific shareable sensations and neural impulses. The bloated, over muscular, and grotesque result shares only its name with its much more benign counterpart, forcibly sharing the pain, agony, and even tissue states of those wounded by it with its nearby brethren in a hellish display of brutality. Having been rendered unrecognizable to the Myconians, it is unclear just how they would react to their prized tradition having been twisted to a much more martial purpose.

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3 hours ago, Unus said:

FINALLY! HAHA, Mission Accomplished! Alas, I wish more of the others had inspired my desire to create, but, can't exactly force the creative spark unless you want a half-arsed guttering mess, eh?

Designation: Synesthezoid

Well, I know who would win if this was my contest. Then again, you just can't be beaten with the descriptions.

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So. . .apparently. . .I lied, and something sparked off just as I was signing off, might/will edit it a bit more later.


(Started circa 7/26/2019 at 14:14, completed circa 7/26/2019 at 18:05.)

Designation: Olphant (Partially to imply strength and unstoppable power, and partially to refer to the first man to conduct full-recorded in-lab fusion, Mark Olliphant.)
Weapon Designation: Primary, “Other” Type.



Manufacturer= Tenno Labs, in cooperation with their brethren in the Chemical and Energy Labs.

Statistical Breakdown: 


Damage= 550 Heat.   

Projectile Type= Cone (Fusion Blast)

Accuracy= ??.

Fire Rate= 1.5.
Blast Distance (Regulated by beam AND radius modifiers.) 30 meters straight, with a 0.10 meter thickness.

Critical Chance= 18%.

Critical Damage= 2.5X.

"P.R.O.C." Chance= 15%

Magazine Size= 3-rounds-worth fussile material containment core.

Reload Speed= 2.4 ( Retract fuse-chamber from fussile material canister by pressing back two square buttons with index finger and thumb, Unscrew fussile material containment core, exchange canister for fully fueled containment core and screw into place, reengage fuse chamber by pressing top and bottom glow-buttons with index finger and thumb. Assume firing stance as some fussile material crosses the gap and is stored in the secondary containment unit for future release into the fusion-chamber.)   

Trigger Type= Semi-Auto.

Mastery Rank Requisite= 8.

Polarity= Madurai.

Acquisition= Tenno Lab, cost determined by masters of balance greater then I.

Special Trait(s)= 

“Basic” Description:

An innovative solution to a an important problem and a fearsome omen of what could occur if their foes ever pooled their knowledge, the Olphant is a tenno-hybrid weapon that harnesses the power of fusion to project blasts of blinding, deafening, and iron sublimating heat at targets, taking then quickly out of the picture. Conceived as a method of weaning Tenno off “foreign” ordinance by creating something wholly owned by the Tenno, budgetary restraints and limited knowledge on ordinance meant that the Tenno Laboratories in charge of creating the weapon were “forced” to intermingle with their Chemistry and Energy Lab associates in order to make the Project feasible with foreign parts and outsider knowledge. Utilizing Corpus knowledge of energy containment fields and Grinic knowledge of alloys and material durability, the power of a contained nuclear blast could actually be controlled and focused into a man portable gun of non-self-destructive power for the first time. Though not as long ranged as a conventional explosive, the Olphant is most certainly capable of clearing a room if aimed in the right direction and one can handle its prodigious recoil.

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